Sex Toy Blogger Problems: Internet Comments

There are many sex toy blogger problems that float around, we have all had them from the simple things of not having charged a toy that we want to use to having so many toys to compare but not enough time! Though recently one happened to me that was not enough to fit on the 140 characters that twitter gives me.

My roommate was watching Anime on a random website for such things, when stopped what he was playing to talk to me in the kitchen.

Him: You have to hear this comment.
Me: Okay…
Him: “One time I was swimming in a pond full of dildos and one slipped up my butt.”
Me: ….

I wanted to laugh. Which I did after the look of sheer dumbfounded WTfuckery left my face. But then I paused because I suddenly had ALL the questions. Which where as followed…

If this was a pond, was it natural or man-made? Well clearly it has to be man-made, right? Because natural would maybe suggest another source of water and that would mean there was a dildo river or lake some where, right? Lazy river of dildos and blow up dolls or something? But wait, if this was a pond full of dildos what kind? I mean if it was jelly that is just gross, I mean what the hell is in the water because of that? Wouldn’t they degrade over time in the sun and water? What about silicone or other materials, I mean based on that depending on how full it was if you jumped in wouldn’t you have a Scrooge McDuck moment and just break something on the density of the dildos? As for one slipping into someone…how would that even work? Water is hardly lubricating enough, does that mean that it was filled with lube as well?

As you can read, nothing good really can come from this train of logic. My roommate certainly enjoyed my almost 10 minutes of ranting. Curled up on the couch laughing as I bounced from one thing to the next, dissecting the sentence it seemed down to every detail. But internet comments like this are dangerous to a sex toy bloggers brain I tell you.

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Review: Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-spotter

Having reviewed the Magic Wand Original not too long ago, I mused in there that of course the wand certainly has options for attachments to add to the head. The Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-spotter from Pleasure Works is just one of those attachments and which was sent to me from Good Vibrations in return for this honest review.

The premise of this that you slip it over the head of the Magic Wand and then you can use the wand internally on your G-spot or anally to stimulate your prostate. The G-spotter attachment itself is 100% silicone which makes it non-porous and body-safe.

Pop Top 03

While it is made of silicone it is not stiff, but still firm. You are able to easily with the help of some lube slip it inside of you, but it does have enough bend and squish to it so that it really accommodates many body types. The pronounced curve and flat tip easily finds your G-spot while the a nub on the rim of the attachment also easily gives you clitoral stimulation as well. I was a little worried from the start that the curve would not be enough as I am plus sized and have a bit more around that area, but the flexibility really helped in that area.

Because this is made of a slightly glossy silicone, it does need the use of water based lubrication. As well as giving it a wipe down before use if you are in a place that gets a lot of dust or cat hair, because it is quite the magnet.

Pop Top 04

Insertable Length: 5″

Insertable Diameter: 1 3/8″

So how does it do?

There is no doubt that I love my Magic Wand, regardless of the noise that it makes when I can pull it out to play with I bring myself to some amazing orgasms. So when I got my hands on the G-spotter Attachment I was too excited. The idea of having such intense internal vibrations was had me on pins and needles to have some time alone with out the roommates home.

The second I did, I was not at all disappointed. The silicone of the attachment transfers the vibrations so well, with hardly any dampening or having trouble in actually finding my G-spot. The flexibility of the toys arm makes it easy to bend and move it during use to what you need. Which for my G-Spot was just what I needed compared to more stiff g-spotting toys. Then there is the nub on the attachment, now this might not seem like a big thing. But I have never been big on toys that are supposed to have any kind of dual stimulation. It just does not seem to work for how my build is. I just have too much to work around or it just does not seem to line up. Well let me tell you what, because of the flexibility of the internal part of the attachment this part hit my clit just how it needed to be. I don’t know if I can go back to using my magic wand without it. Seriously 10/10, A+, will use for awesome screaming orgasms again!

Pop Top 01

Now the only downside I found, was using it for anal. The arm of the g-spotter was just a little too bendable to be able to get it to stay still long enough to get into me. I have always tended to need something far firmer for anal or a partner instead to guide it in. But thankfully it is safe enough to use anally, so if you are able and enjoy it, I say go for it!

Overall, I loved the Pop Tops Deluxe G-spotter attachment, it really transforms a normal Magic Wand into something more. So if you are a fan of powerful internal vibrations I suggest picking one up!

You can get it of course at Good Vibes here, along with the Magic Wand Original if you do not have it already.

Pop Top Deluxe G-Spotter provided in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you again Good Vibes!

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Review: The Original Magic Wand

What can be said about the Original Magic Wand, which was once known as the Hitachi be said that has not been said before? Well I am going to try thanks to the good people at Good Vibrations*who sent me one in exchange for this review.

Magic Wand 01

It was originally a body massager that plugs into your traditional US outlet. The massager is intended to be used to stimulate the clitoris, but because of how large the head is it doesn’t focus on just that area. It ends up stimulating much of your vagina all at once. There are of course attachments that can be gotten in tandem with the magic wand that will allow you to use it internally as well.

It is rather large and heavy, so most find it good for solo play. Though your partner can use it on you, you just cannot really use it during penetrative intercourse with your partner too well because of the cord and size. However there are attachments that can slip over the head, allowing for insertion.

But those who are power queens with clits of diamond will love the power this wand holds.

The Original Magic Wand has a long plastic handle and a head made of plush rubber materials. Because it is made of rubber it is very porous so you might want to slip a condom or dental dam over it. Or there are attachments made of silicone that slip over that keeps the main head from coming in contact with most fluids. Also while the head is textured it doesn’t add any extra stimulation.

If you are looking for a toy that is aesthetically pleasing, the Magic Wand is not one of those toys. It is rather plain-looking with just white, silver and blue colors to it. The total length is 12″ from the top of the head to where the cord starts. The cord itself is 72″ long so you have quite a bit to move around and play with.

The handle is very smooth and straight, with no real area to hold in your hand. The controls are on the handle and have three settings high, low and off.

Because of its size, the Magic Wand is not that easy to travel with. It cannot be hidden or packed well. But it is somewhat discreet due to the fact that it does look like just your average massagers. Though on the other hand…this is the most iconic of them so a good handful of people will know just what you might be doing with it. I was able to carry mine in a messenger bag meant for laptops at the bottom once during travel, but it does add a certain amount of weight.

To use the magic wand you need to find an outlet, it is only powered by electricity. Once it is plugged in you only have to flip the switch up for high and down for low. To turn it off you just have to set the switch back to center.

Even on its lowest setting the vibrations of the Hitachi is powerful as all get out. This is one of those toys that goes to 11. For those who need only moderate vibrations you might find yourself going numb after a while but power queens will love it. The sound is very loud however and can easily be heard no matter how you are trying to cover it up.

Also, because its corded and has to stay in the wall, it is not waterproof.

Magic Wand 03

To clean the Magic Wand you can easily use toy wipes, or you can remove the head to wash it with soap and water. Then make sure it is totally dry before attaching it again. Though you cannot boil this at all so do not try to!

For storage I was able for now to keep mine in the box it came in. Though over time I will likely just keep it tucked carefully in a drawer as I don’t want to twist the cord.

As for lubes, water based is always best. You could use silicone based lube but if you plan to get a silicone attachment it could degrade the silicone of the attachment because of how porus the head is.

Okay so now that I have gone over most of the details that you need to know about the Magic Wand, what is my take on it personally? I thought that I had a clit of steel before this, normally needing to put most of my vibrators on HIGH before I could feel something. With the Original Magic Wand, even on low I am a happy camper, but when I switch over to high I can get off in seconds and keep the orgasms coming. It does not hold back and does just what I need it to do. Though I can only really go for a few in a row before I start to feel overly sensitive. So I try to use a buffer of some kind if I am looking for a longer play time and not just immediate gratification. That and it is loud, so it is not my go to toy when the roommates are home as I don’t choose to advertise when I am getting off. But when I have the time alone this is the toy that happily grab first.

Overall, if you are seeking power in your play then The Original Magic Wand is the one to go for. There is a reason it is loved by many for more than just getting rid of aching muscles.

You can get it of course at Good Vibes here

The Original Magic Wand provided in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
Thank you again Good Vibes!

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TMI Tuesday: Life Lessons

1. We learn from our mistakes. What sex or sexual mistakes have you made and learned from, What was the lesson learned?

Biggest sexual mistake I have made, was using scented lotion as lube for anal sex. Lesson learned there is, lotion is no in any way shape or form a substitute for lube that is actually MADE for sex. 

2. What risk (sexual or not) would you take if you knew you would not fail?

This one is tough, but I think the risk I would take if I knew that I could not fail would be actually going back to acting. It was my first love in life, but I gave it up because I couldn’t take the risk of failing. That or actually sending out my writing to publishers. 

3. At what time in your life have you felt most passionate and alive?

In my early 20′s, going to Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend and singing at the top of my lungs to songs on the radio in my friend’s car. Windows down with the wind blowing in our hair, being as loud as we wished. 

4. What one piece of advice about sex would you offer the virgin you?

Boys are in no way more important then the bonds you have with your friends. Don’t let him get your brain twisted.

5. What are you avoiding?

Currently sleep, other than that…failure by putting my writing out into the world. So worried about rejection.

6. By what age should you know what you want to do with your life?

I don’t think there is any definitive age that you should KNOW what you want to do with your life. Just to realize that it will come to you when its ready to. 

Bonus: Do you think you’ve experienced true intimacy in a relationship?

I certainly think that I have, in at least a couple of my relationships. It’s hard for me to find, but once I have I hate to let go. 

TMI Tuesday blog
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Review: Best Bondage Erotica 2014

best-bondage-erotica-2014I have to say that either Cleis Press knows me very well, or they have been reading my brain lately as I was sent Best Bondage Erotica 2014 in exchange for to read and review. When it came in my mailbox I was giddy as bondage has been my newest bit of research into ‘things I am into’ so not only did I get to read some amazingly hot stories in this collection but I got some amazing thoughts I would have not thought of before.

I could gush about all 20 short stories in this book wonderfully edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, as one after another I was tied to the in one way or another, held in bondage by the book itself it seemed. So I will tell you about the top three that really captured me.

Rope Dancer by Kathleen Tudor: A circus act in a bar results in an intense one night stand. Being the first story in this book, it really roped me in. From the start of their encounter, the intensity between the two characters in the story builds. As I read I could feel the growing connection that they had with one another. By the end of it, it’s almost hard to shake.

Eel by Annabeth Leong: A slippery submissive who is seeking a Dom who can challenge her rope escaping ways. This one I loved, because it also highlighted for me how submission is not just something that can be given out right, that for some people they need that challenge. And in the same vein that the Dominant needs to understand that sometimes they need to push, but still make sure that is what their partner truly wants/needs. By the end of it, I was grinning with happiness for the two characters.

Dual Mastery by Rachel Kramer Bussel: A very hot and entertaining price, that is also somewhat instructive at the same time. It is seen through the eyes of a Dom who has two submissive with a third-party joining in the groups fun. The dynamic between each of the characters for me showed how honestly healthy a such relationships can be, which for me was one of the sticking points of this story. While I am a fan of couples, getting to see more polyamorous relationships in stories is wonderful.

Over all, this is clearly the Best Bondage Erotica that 2014 could certainly have to offer, no doubt. I would certainly recommend this not only to those who have read a lot of erotica in this vein, to those who were just stepping out of the shadows of other titles. It shows how bondage can be not only light-hearted and fun, but the more intense side of things as well. It has made me want to go back and seek out copies of past years collections  to read as well, and I certainly look forward to 2015.

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Review: 50 Shades of Kink: An Introduction to BDSM

9781627780308_5A few months back, the wonderful people at Clies Press sent me 50 Shades of Kink: An Intoduction to BDSM by Tristan Taormino in exchange to give it a fair and honest review. As always, I have enjoyed many of the books published by Clies Press, and this one was no different.

When I saw that it was written by Tristan Taormino, I had very high hopes that this book would be excellent. This is not the first instructional book about kink that she has written, as she also wrote The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge. Which I would certainly consider that book the big sister to 50 Shades of Kink.

The biggest reason I dove into this book the moment I could was due to its title. Of course it shares part of the first half of its title with a certain popular erotica novel. And has caused a surge of people who are looking to branch out in the bedroom, but have no idea where to start or jump in quickly without looking how deep the pool is. This book is the answer to those issues.

Tristan Taormino has given to the reading world a book that perfect for those who are just starting to dip a toe into the world of BDSM or even are perfectly vanilla that are curious. From the beginning it doesn’t assume that the reader already knows much of the terminology and makes sure to define every phrase or word that may need it. But most of all the book has so much good advice. Taormino makes sure to break everything down into simple terms that anyone can understand. There are also samples provided of contracts and even a limits chart. The latter of which was my favorite, while I have seen ones that are longer and very detailed this one was simple and kept to what more seasoned kinksters might see as the first steps of kink. I approve of this because I know when I started and looked at limit lists I got over whelmed by some of the things that can be listed. Also the simple system of Yes-No-Maybe is easy for any one to follow. This book walks you through it all from just talking to your partner about the feelings you have to rough sex.

When it comes down to it, this is the beginners book that I would point people towards if they came to me now asking questions, much like people did for me in the past. The scene has changed so much since then, but I believe that if I had this book it would have saved me a lot of questions and time in not getting in over my head or going down paths I shouldn’t have. At the end, there is a great list of recommended books some I have read and even some that I have not (but are SO now on my list), that gives puts the reader on the paths that they may want to follow-up on.

So for everyone who has enjoyed reading about BDSM in fiction but has no idea where to begin when it comes to applying it to real life, this one is the book for you. I know this is one that I will be keeping in my rotation to be my friends fairy kink mother.

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