Change in Birth Control: My IUD Story

Now that I have gone through the process of getting an IUD, I felt like I should share my experience. So more women who are curious can understand just what they may go through in their process of getting one. Of course, my process and opinions may differ from others so check out other stories from other women so you can get a spectrum of opinions.

What is an IUD?


IUD stands for Intrauterine Device (basically: a device inside your uterus). It’s a small piece of flexible plastic shaped like a T. Sometimes it’s called an IUC — intrauterine contraception. It’s long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods out there. There is much more information about the types of IUDs and information about how effective they are over at Planned Parenthood and they can explain it far better than I can when it comes to the more intricate information about the device.

Why I decided to get one

There are a few factors that go into why I decided on an IUD after being on exclusively the pill on and off in my life. I was never the best at remembering to take it, early morning or night time, I never really took it on time. It would always be around the same time, but they suggest that you take it at the same time for it to work. The other reason was the way the pill affected me emotionally, every month was a bit of a roller coaster for me in how I would react due to the hormones having to go through my whole system first so it would work. In the end, the choice to get my IUD was based on just trying to keep my life simple and have to worry less. Not having to worry for 5 years about having a child? Yeah, it was not hard to make that choice.

The Process

For me it started in searching for a doctor, I was in the middle of moving when I was looking so I didn’t look too hard. It wasn’t until one of my housemates had hers installed (Yes, that is what it is called, an installation) that I realized my insurance would likely be compatible with the same OB/GYN that she was seeing. It took me a couple of weeks to build up the courage to actually call. I kept saying I would but I put it off, though my partner gave me the kick in the butt I needed so to speak about getting it done. So I made the call and then waited the week with wracked nerves. Everything I read I knew what would go down.

Getting to the appointment was simple, and I quickly came to adore first the staff of nurses working. One even had a cup and a few other things near her desk which had some awesome witchy vibes coming from it. My appointment went, well quicker than I thought it would. That was due to the fact that I did my research and knew what I wanted. The other factor making it quick was they wanted to check first to see if my last pap smear was maybe in the window of time that I wouldn’t need another one. Spoiler alert for further down, it was not and I still did.

A couple weeks later, I went in for a pap smear and basic yearly check up. For this office, they covered not only a breast exam but also my STI testing. Which is something that we all in the house get once a year, so it was a way to just get everything I needed to be done in one appointment.

The actual appointment itself went swiftly, we talked about my upcoming installation and a movie that I had plans to go see later that day. From being dropped off to getting my clothes back on it only took about fifteen minutes total. Having a female doctor who just talked to me like a human being was actually what made it so much easier, I didn’t feel like I was being scrutinized or judged like I had been with male doctors. She set up things for them to make sure my insurance was covered and the next day I got the call to set up my appointment for my installation!



On the day of my appointment, I was rather nervous but my housemates who all had IUD’s made sure I was set up with taking something before so I could have a little less pain. I got into my appointment early, the office is not super busy so they sent me back to pee in a cup, just making sure I was of course not pregnant before the installation. Normal checking of my blood-pressure and weight, then it was onto the table.

My doctor was amazing, she talked me through the whole thing. Making sure I knew each step that she was going through. From the simple act of the speculum to how it would feel when the sound went inside. That action felt like someone had grabbed me by my pelvic bone and yanked as I described it later. I kept still, but I knew when the actual insertion happened I needed to squeeze something. The nurse with her was wonderful in letting me hold her hand. When it went it, I there was pain but it was more because of the shock of something happening to a part of my body that I don’t normally interact with like this. But it was over, not that I could move. It took less than 5 minutes for it all to happen, the rest of the time I spent working on sitting up as my body started to cramp and revolt just a little at being invaded in such a manner. They let me take my time in getting back on my feet, wanting to make sure I didn’t go into full shock from the installation.

But at that point it was done, I went home and promptly went back to bed from the fatigue of everything that I went through. Even today as I write this on the second day, I am still dealing with small cramps in my back. But I found two ways to help the cramps, painkiller of choice (Ibprofurin, Midol, Naproxen) and orgasm. No seriously on that second one, before bed, I just grabbed my We-Vibe Tango got off a few times. My doctor warned me against anything that would be inserted for a 24 to 48 hours, but I have quite a few toys for clitoral stimulation so I was on top of it. It helped quite a bit and I was able to sleep through the night thanks to it.

I hope that my experience has given insight into what I went through, please if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments but I always recommend speaking with your doctor about these things as they will be the most knowledgeable! I can only give my opinion and details about my personal experience.


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Top Fantasies of August

My thoughts this month have been devoted to some heavy things. I have been thinking and writing more about a lot of personal things pertaining to sex and relationships in my life with not much time towards the more naughty and pleasurable things. Though this doesn’t mean I am going to leave you empty handed because there does happen to be at least one thing I had on my mind.

Being Gagged

I have written extensively about gags here on my blog, from the types of gags and of course safety with gags! But I have actually never written about my fantasies with gags. Now I have only used a simple ball gag and improvised ones in the past, but I have grown to have an appreciation for them. The way they muffle the sounds that I make, the way they make my mouth water even more than normal when I have one in. I would often use them during cam to keep my sounds quiet so that I didn’t wake my roommates and it certainly was a draw that brought people into my room. Because who isn’t going to be a little intrigued by a girl on cam where you are expected to be slightly talkative to be gagged? Watching me struggle to not drool all over myself and perform what I was being tipped to do. It was quite the rush for me as well when I think back on it.

Though surprisingly enough, I have only been gagged by a partner once. It was totally improvised and happened in the spur of the moment when we had people sleeping on our couch in the living room. Panties shoved in my mouth with his hand over them, doing everything he could to keep me from waking them.


Plus, if we are being honest here my mouth does look rather nice wrapped around a ball gag. Though I would not be opposed to trying others one day. I have my eye on a lovely O ring gag that I feel would likely be even better with how wet my mouth ends up getting in that state. But I certainly wouldn’t turn down trying others, there are just so many choices which are another thing I have written about in the past. I mean really I just like putting things in my mouth, and gags just seem to help fill that space when I don’t have anything else!

Autumn approaches, so let’s see what the next few months will bring with fall weather and Halloween coming up! I am sure I will have no drought of sources for some fun fantasies if we are lucky!

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Review: Double G Pop

20170824_151310The Double G Pop is not your average toy g-spot toy, that is the easiest thing to say about it even when you first look at it. It is easy to tell that to two acrylic balls at the end are meant to be used to stimulate the g-spot, though the bar in the middle quickly makes you wonder if it is going to give you more than that. Though they say that it is less likely to be pushed out from your muscles than other toys. There is also the bonus of giving your kegel muscles a workout as you contract around the ball.  This will increase the intensity of your orgasms over time.

Holding it in your hand you can feel the cool steel and the weight of the large end tipping slightly if you hold it too lightly. The small end is 1 3/8″ the large end is 1 7/8″. It is suggested to start of course with the smaller side and once your body has gotten used to that, moving up to the larger size for more stimulation.

They also suggest it works perfectly with a bullet or hard vibrator, just placing it along the shaft of the Double G Pop so that the vibrations run up to the ball inside of you. They say you can even do that and lean it against your clit for added stimulation.

Because it is made from stainless steel, non-porous acrylic material and held together with medical grade glue, making it completely hypoallergenic.



Double G Pop with tennis ball for scale



So how did I feel about it?

The Double G with the steel shaft between the two balls is extremely stiff. So for me, the first part of using it came from having to find a position that I could make sure I was holding the toy that using it would not become painful and I could still hopefully be able to get off. It involved a lot of pillow placement and eventually moving down off my water bed to be able to use it on my own. It was very much a Princess and the Pea moment for me or maybe Goldilocks? Everything had to be just right.


Then was keeping the bigger ball in my hand to be able to use it once I could find where it could rest comfortably in my hand I was able to start but did lead to me having to switch hands in between because I have small hands.

At this point I felt like I have done so much prep work just to get off, it almost wrecks any kind of arousal that I might have been having.

Not one to give up I continue! And with a little help from some Sliquid and some really good erotica, I found I was able to ramp myself up a bit! I found that the smooth surface of the ball felt really good on the outside of my labia and clit, warming me up for what was to come before I would, almost literally, pop the ball inside of me. I believe it was really the surface it covered, it wasn’t pinpoint but still allowed for surprisingly soft stimulation. It was at this point when I tried the trick of the bullet. I only had my Tango…and well…it honestly was just too much noise to handle. The exact words I wrote in my notes was: It sounds like the worlds smallest jackhammer, do not want. I also found that honestly, I couldn’t feel any sort of vibration coming from it even testing it later it didn’t pass the nose test for me. So it did not surprise me that I could not feel it.


Then I moved on to trying it internally. It took the addition of a bit more lube than normal to get it in. The feeling was that of a pop much like the feeling I get when using a plug or kegel balls. Though it left me feeling almost empty as I moved the ball around and my muscles tried to grip the thin steel rod. It felt okay against my G-spot but something felt missing. This is where I figured out that I need all of that other feeling to be able to get off. Because try as I might with both ends, I just could not seem to get off.

So this wasn’t a case of the toy being bad, it was that is very much is not made for the kind of stimulation that I need. I did finally just add the bullet to take care of getting off with clitoral stimulation, which around the toy felt nice but there are others I would reach for if I wanted that kind of orgasm.

Overall Review

The Double G Pop did not hit it off for me as much as I wanted it to. As a plus sized toy user, I need a little more bend or curve to my toys for them to be comfortable to use internally. So if you are also plus-sized you may find this to be the same. If you think you won’t mind the lack of girth throughout the whole of the toy, you also may enjoy it! So while it wasn’t for me, I am sure there are people who will find the Double G pleasing!

You can find the Double G Pop over at NoMoreWetSpot.Com and I thank them for sending me this toy in exchange for this unbiased review!

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Finding My Tribe: My Journey with Polyamory

An idea came about when I was in high school that I wanted to just have my group of friends and we could all be like one big family. Taking care of one another, looking out for each other and just being together and of course living together.  We would often talk and make plans, it all seemed normal. This was far before I discovered polyamory was even a thing.

Like most high school friend groups, we went our very separate ways after school ended and did not achieve our ideas because people just change when it comes time to go to college or do other things as we move into adult life. This didn’t stop me from trying to continue on making my dream a reality.

Polyamory.svgIt was in my early 20s that I would learn about polyamory as a thing and I started to explore the concept intellectually. But I was still firmly in serial monogamy mind set and not fully solid in my sexuality, that kept me from being able to explore the part of me that was curious about what we had just learned. Then my time in Texas happened, which stopped the thoughts altogether. I was determined at that time to try that staying in one relationship with one person thing. It did not go well. From there, I just gave up. I couldn’t quite help it. I was back with my parents. I felt like I had failed. I tried relationships but I was broken, I knew it. I was just trying to survive at that point and I nearly walked right back into the same traps I had fallen for before.

Then in November 2013, my life made a drastic change in the span of one day. I had started the day in a relationship that took a turn for the worst all while I went over to watch Doctor Who, to sleeping on the floor of my recently new friend’s second room of their apartment because the partner I had tossed me out in that night.  From there begins a roller coaster of a new life. I found myself being brought together with people and a new group forming around me. Through many late night conversations, I came to find my roommate (and future partner) had the same feelings I did, about a group that stayed together and helped one another. We both had so many of the same, though some what different goals. I felt like my dream was actually obtainable again. Things were good, we worked like a unit, we took care of one another and it was actually wonderful.

However, things took a turn and a few years later the whole thing experienced an upheaval once more. This time I wasn’t the one to leave, but the roommate who shared the dream I did. I can still remember how my world froze when he told me he was leaving that day. People from miles away coming to get him. I wanted to beg him not to leave, but I held it back because I wasn’t fully aware of my feelings yet. Though I suppose the ink on my arm spoke louder than the words trying so hard to stay caged in my chest. I made the promise that day that we would see one another again.

Again came less than a year later, I remember when he started talking about coming to get me. The situation with the roommate that was left was unstable. I was alone in the apartment between my late night job and her being lost in her new relationship as she drifted away from me. He knew I was starting to slip into a bad place and one night, we just had a date. The very end of February my life was making a change again.

I started to pack, I cannot lie it felt like I was running from an abusive relationship once again. Which in hindsight it was, I would get chastised for not taking care of her pets while she spent whole weeks at her boyfriends who at that time she was pretending was just ‘a friend’ until near the last months they became an official thing. I didn’t even tell her I was leaving until the day I knew that he would be there, I spent the weekend we moved my things out in a blur. I left so many things behind because it was just a small jeep. The only thing that truly mattered was my cat.

I woke up in one state and by night time, I was now in Pittsburgh. Moving in with the same people who had come for him only months before. My life had made a change again and for a short time, I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it.

But then something happened, I got there. People said welcome home and it felt so good to hear those words. I saw my bed filled with stuffed animals and I fell into it. After months of feeling like I was just a burden and a live-in maid. I felt like I was actually in a place I could call home.

These people were a family, a tribe who had come together and I watched them interact. A weaving web of relationships that all were different and wonderful. Slowly I learned how they all made things work on a daily basis and finding my own place. It took some time as I was healing from a lot of things, some days I was better than others. But through all of it, I was encouraged and supported. I watch how the house was rocked with feelings when we lost a litter of kittens and took care of one another when a plague of cold hit us all for a couple of weeks. Nights spent passing the controller to see what weird things we could find on YouTube and days spent keeping the house in order so everyone was able to eat and get to work on time. I found myself fitting in better and better, my relationships with people growing more every day.

According to one of my now partners, when it was asked of the tribe if I should be a part of it, it was unanimous and no one found any issue. I still remember the night they told me during a house meeting. I nearly cried. I finally found where I wanted and needed to be, where I could flourish and my dream that I thought was out of my reach was all around me.

Even though we have moved, I still feel this way. Every day, every time we push through something together. I have never been in a place that I have felt more love and more friendship. They are my family, my people and I am thankful for them every day. I am likely going to write more about them and my life slowly. Feeling more open about it these days, so I hope you my readers enjoy the small look into my life.

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Top Fantasies of July

This month has been up and down for me, I started in a new position at my job so it has led to more hours than I spend there and less than I spend at home. Now has that kept me from my naughty day dreaming? Hardly! When most of your shifts are opening and you have only your own mind for any kind of company between customers, it is certain that a few dirty thoughts will slip through the cracks of paper work and other tasks.




I couldn’t help myself using this.


There have been a few times in my life that I have toyed with denial play. Though it has been back in my mind a few times the last few weeks. This may have been because I have been thinking a lot about edging as well and for me, those two things go hand in hand. I like my denial to come with a lot of teasing and that the orgasm at the end is the reward for waiting so long as well as being a good girl in taking all of that teasing be it a few hours or a few weeks. When I say teasing, I mean both mentally and physically. From being touched in ways they know will only amp up what I want to lengthy messages about how much I need it. Mental games always add a certain level of wonderfulness to my fantasies.



Pet Play


This one is a little complicated, you see when it comes to pet play while it is a fantasy I also have a lot of limits about it. For me the fantasy is nice when it comes to wearing my ears and tail, not having to make any kind of true decisions and of course being pet. A lot of it that I am not up for is things like restricting my bathroom use or eating out of a bowl. There is part of me that is curious about doing things like binding one’s hands so that you lose the use of the digits, but I would have to see how that feels in the moment. Another thing I find that brings me curious thoughts is losing my ability to speak, animal sounds are of course okay but not actual words like a human. I think this one comes from the fact that most days, I am at work doing the retail thing I have to talk to everyone who comes in. A period of time that I am required not to speak sounds like absolute heaven to me.

What about you? What have your muggy July nights (or day) been filled with thoughts of? Or have there been ones you have been able to fulfill! Feel free to share in the comments! I’ll check back in with you in August for what has filled my head next!

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Review: Tantus Vibrating Vamp

I remember when I first saw the Vamp, I was living in Houston at the time and I was knee deep in the height of the Twilight phase of life. I wasn’t a fan of the series myself but I happened to have a cousin who was a huge fan, so the second I saw it I was sending it to her. Hell, a few years later I ended up getting her one to replace the rubber/jelly toys that she had. But I never actually had the chance to try it myself until I was able to score myself one from an awesome Grab Bag at Tantus.

Now the way mine differs from my cousins is that the Grab Bag has the option for the Vibrating Vamp. Because I personally need vibration in order to achieve orgasm. So while the price is just a little higher than your normal Vamp, I find it is well worth it to spend that little extra. Also, that meant it would come in a nifty surprise color, mine ended up being very flesh like rather than anything with a sparkle so I think that made it even better for me in the long run.


The specs on the Vamp vs. The Vibrating Vamp are both the same in length (7″), Shaft Diameter (1.7″) and Max Diameter (1.75″). The honest to goodness only difference is the fact that one is a standard dildo and the other has the ability to insert a bullet vibrator. Tantus is also wonderful enough to include a vibe with it, which really is what the add on to the price is for.



Vibrating Vamp and Tango: BBFs 4 Life

The Vibrating Vamp itself I found is very smooth, the only real bump being the ridge of the head which is nice not only against my clit but when inserting it I found hits right against my g-spot really well. The funny thing was that I found it so dense that it was almost too firm to be comfortable for extended use but also that with the bullet that Tantus provides that it was not enough vibration to get me off unless I was stimulating myself in other manners. But when I switched out the normal vibe for my Tango it opened it up to be just the right kind of toy for me that it has become the second toy to get me to have an orgasm in which I ejaculate. Which has only happened with a few other toys or if I have edged myself to a very specific point. Though I am of the opinion that if I ever get a chance to try the Vamp Super Soft as a dildo alone it may have the right density and texture to do it without the vibration like the Flurry O2 to bring me to the same level of orgasm just without the vibration.


Because this is a grab bag toy, there was just one small sort of imperfection with it, which can happen with them. A simple sort of bubble that is right in the head, I checked it to make sure it wasn’t going to tear before use and through many uses it has not even so much as started to look like it will. I cannot feel it when I am using the Vibrating Vamp so honestly, it really isn’t that much of a bother to me.

20170721_171453Overall the Vibrating Vamp from Tantus is made of 100% silicone so it is body safe as always and is a total dream for me to use. Like all the Tantus toys that I rave about. It is perfect for when I am in need of a toy that feels close an actual penis, but still smooth enough that I am not intimidated by veins, bulges and other additions that might have been made. My only real qualm with it is the density, but that can be easily remedied with just changing the bullet out for one that is powerful enough for me! But that is the great thing, it will fit from what I can tell most slender bullets with just a touch of lube to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.



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