Share our Shit: Support Edition

This week a lot of the ones that caught my eye were on how to support and show more consideration to people not only in our writing as bloggers, how readers can help support us, and how we as bloggers can help one another/our readers.

Chronic Sex – The Revolution Must Be Accessible, Part 2: Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings will be discussed at length, including mentions of triggers such as abuse and sexual assault without details in the linked post. 

Trigger/Content warnings are things that I as a writer with my own triggers am trying to be more mindful of not only for myself but for my audience as well. I found this post to be invaluable not only for learning how to tag things but also a good common amount of phrases to use for warnings.

Squeaky Bedsprings – Got a Friend Who’s a Sex Worker? Here’s How to Support Them.

I have done sex work and I do want to maybe return to it in some fashion at some point, this is an article I know I am going to share often because all of it is so true. It is real work that deserves all the respect of any other job, which is so easy to do.

Hedonish – Chronic Illness, Brain Fog, Success, and Self-Worth

One of the big reasons I am doing the sharing other posts my fellow bloggers make is because of shadow banning. Hedonish is one of those bloggers that is still dealing with it happening. She wrote a wonderful piece this week about just as the title says chronic illness, brain fog, and self-worth. This piece was vulnerable and really made me remember why we sometimes have to share the hard things in our lives along with the good.

Dangerous Lilly – Dear Readers: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Bloggers

Lilly has been posting some wonderful things lately, but this one caught me and I even shared with a few outside of the sex blog sphere because it is so true no matter what kind of blogger you might be. She breaks down really how to help us continue to bring our writing and reviews to people no matter how much or little you can contribute.

Did you see any awesome blog posts that I should know about? Feel free to comment them down below!



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Share our Shit: Feelings Edition

While I am not going to be writing as much as I normally have because I am working dutifully on my new site, I didn’t want to stop sharing some fantastic posts that I have been able to read over the last few weeks. This week gave me some seriously heavy feelings in terms of body positivity and taking control of my own pleasure two things that I have made goals of mine to work on this year.

Ace in the Hole – What I Learned By Tracking My Orgasms

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you have no doubt saw when I raved about Taryn from Ace in the Hole writing about tracking her orgasms via spreadsheet. I had been reading about others doing it, but I will admit that she got me with her addition of a template. But already only in the first few weeks, I am learning so much, like when I hit a low I can go days without feeling up for getting off. I also have toys that I will go for depending on the kind of orgasm I am looking for already when I am not working on a toy for a review. It has become an amazing mood tracker that I love to update more than any app on my phone.

Red Hot Suz – Fat & Fired Up: How Sex Toy Stores Can Be Body Positive

CW: fatphobia, body shaming, slut shaming

My body is something that I often get some serious worries about when it comes to blogging, as a blogger who is fat it worries me that stores and companies may not choose to work with me because of that. But Suz has put together some really good information on how Sex Toy Stores can work on making their businesses better for people of all sizes to shop at (both online and in store.)

Sex, Love, And All The Feels – Manifesting Pleasure in 2018

I read and listened to so many bloggers talk about their sexual resolutions for the year, I always worry about resolutions having to be huge grandiose things. But this article reminded me that sometimes keeping it simple is better. Be sure to give Marie’s video a watch as well, I was very quick to subscribe to her Youtube channel after watching!

Girly Juice – Am I Sexy?: An Ugly Duckling’s Lament

I read this post the day it was published, it was the first thing I read upon waking up and I teared up as I finished it. I quickly shared it with many others because I was having a powerful feeling towards Kate’s writing. I have often asked myself the same question about being sexy, it is something I struggle with seeing in myself when my partners have said it. Even upon going back and reading it as I worked on this post left me with a tightness in my chest as I read the words that I sometimes need so badly to remember.

Have you read anything great this week you woul like to let me know about? Share in the comments or even with me on Twitter! I hope to keep this up during my rebranding so I will always be keeping an eye out for posts during the week!


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State of the Fox: Season of the Witch

2017 has left us and 2018 has just started, but I have been up to some things you see. I know I have been kind of quite save for my reviews when it comes to posting but that is because my 2017 had been dedicated to making a change. So instead of looking back on the year, I am going to talk about what is happening with Fox in the Flowers going forward.

If you follow me on social media (Twitter mostly) you have noticed some changes that have started to pop up from the change in my handle from, as well as starting to refer to myself not as Scarlet but as Meg.

This is due to slowly moving away from this blog as it is, this is not moving away from blogging or even the material that I blog about. It is about moving away from the life I had while running this particular blog, much of it is tied to an abusive relationship that I went through and there are numerous old posts on there that reference it in many ways. But since those times, my life has changed for the better as I have healed and through healing, I have realized I need to step away from the identity I created during that time and be more of who I feel I am.

Because of this, I am going to be rebranding my blog, moving to a domain of my own and changing up a lot of things. I will be up front, I do plan to still work with all of the affiliates that I do now and I do plan to keep writing as a sex blogger. I will still be doing reviews of toys and working on the guides I have made. I am also going to be talking about my life and my experiences when it comes to sexuality and everything that very broad spectrum might cover. I will be going through old reviews and likely editing them to reflect changes that have happened with certain toys over time of having them in my use as well as removing old references that I am just not comfortable having in them any longer. There is so much I have waiting that I have not felt ready to put on this blog because I feel like it at this point just does not belong to the me that I am now.

Content will still be posted, but you will see reviews that I have set times to finish over more personal writing that is being saved for the new blog. I will still be active on my Twitter while I work on things like getting settled with my domain and working on all of the less than alluring back-end things.

For now, let me take this moment to reintroduce myself just a little!

I am Meg! I have been doing this blogging thing for about 5 years now in a total of 4 states but I originally am from the Midwest. I am a cis female who goes by the pronouns of She/Her. When it comes to the spectrum of sexually and I have found that I fall someplace between Panromantic and Demisexual. I am also non-monogamous and currently living with my polyam family. On the kink side of things, I am in a 24/7 relationship with my Sir. Outside of all that, I am what I like to call a Magic Pixie Witch Girl, which is my way of taking back the whole Manic Pixie title in a more positive light.

I hope that you will all join me during this time of change and when I move to the new site continue to follow along! 2018 is going to be quite the ride for me and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

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Review: Tokidoki Unicorn Wand by Lovehoney

I won’t lie, I am one just the kind of person that is happily obsessed unicorns and I am a huge fan of wand vibrators. So when I saw that Lovehoney and Tokidoki had come together to cross those two together, I was sold.

Unicorn wandTokidoki’s Unicorn Wand is part of a whole collection that is done in the cute Tokidoki style, the wand itself is an explosion of color from the tip of the covers soft pink horn to the deep black heart and crossbones of the Tokidoki logo. The wand top sports a normal shape of a round head, with some ridges on the side in bright magenta which allows for broad stimulation and then comes with a silicone cap that looks like one of Tokidoki’s signature unicorn that has a horn which allows for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The neck is bendable to make holding the toy more comfortable. The multiple vibration speeds accessed by a simple scroll wheel that sits in the middle of the wand.  The 6-foot cord allows for it to be able to reach across most beds and play spaces.


The Numbers

  • Circumference: 10 inches
  • Length: 13.2 inches
  • RPM: 5000 (Low Speed) – 6500 (High Speed)

So what did I think?

The first time I broke out my Unicorn Wand I was excited, I wasn’t ready to try the clitoral stimulation yet because I love the build-up of using the wand head to get more stimulation to more parts than just pinpoint. Knowing I could enjoy it, I queued up a really fun scene and settled in. Wands tend to take me a bit of time to get off with due to having a full labia that tends to muffle vibrations even when it is broad enough to give me clitoral stimulation. Before I could even ramp up to the high speed, I found the wand heating up and then it got almost too hot to touch. I stopped it and put it down to switch to another toy already on the edge of an orgasm, but I didn’t want to blow out a toy on my first try at using it.

It was a few days later reading the manual where I read the instructions:

“Do not use the want continuously for longer than 15 minutes and allow the unit to rest for 30 minutes between use.” 

While that explained everything about what I experienced, it still shocked me. While I can get off in under 15 minutes when I have the time to settle in with some good porn and a toy I like to take my time. Having to wait 30 minutes between uses? Could it even get me off before it started to heat up? Well, this was going to turn it into a test, but first I had to see if I went over the time limit with clitoral stimulation first.

Magic Unicorn Comparison

At first, I was a little hesitant to use the want with the cap on, that cute face looking at me as I felt for a moment a hint of guilt. As I turned it on, I took a quick moment to test the vibration on my nose and with my sudden sneeze, my guilt was blown away. The vibrations traveled through the horn of the cover and didn’t dull one bit. In the 15 minutes before the wand handle started to heat up, I was able to get three orgasms from just using it to directly stimulate my clit. It was certainly a welcome surprise after what happened without it.

It was at this point I wanted to see just why it was that I couldn’t get off without the cap. So I pulled out my Magic Wand, a toy that I had used often. Going between the two of them and it soon dawned on me. The Unicorn Wand has a slightly more narrow wand head than the Magic Wand, the surface area that the Magic Wand head being just that slight bit broader is what helps me. I think this is due to the fact that I have as I have mentioned in the past more flesh around my labia due to being a larger woman which dulls the vibrations no matter what the speed so it now wasn’t a surprise why it was better with the pinpoint stimulation.

Overall, while it didn’t work for me like I would like a wand vibrator to work the fact that I can get super pinpoint clitoral stimulation with the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand makes it a winner in my book. It takes its place alongside my other wands that all do something just a little different and gives me the variety that I enjoy with my sex toys when I am looking for a particular kind of orgasm vs. another.

Shevibe carries the Tokidoki Unicorn wand in the Orginal, Black/White and Multi-color/Black for whatever your Unicorn type may be each for $88 (with free shipping). Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the wand in exchange for this honest review.

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Review: Real Nude Helio by Blush


Ever since I fell in love with my Flurry 02 from Tantus I have been obsessed with dual density toys. But I will agree that sometimes the price point can be a bit of an issue, so I have been on the lookout for dual density toys that are in a lower price range. When my sights landed on the Helio from Blush that is part of their Real Nude line.

Blush uses what they are calling their Sensa Feel™ dual density design, made of 100% platinum cure silicone. It is meant to feel firm on the inside but softer and just a bit more lifelike on the outside. The toy is hand sculpted and while it is, of course, phallic, it isn’t hyper-realistic. The base is both harnesses compatible and has a strong suction cup so it can be used in a variety of ways. They also include a microfiber pouch for storage.

The Numbers

  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 6 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.5 inches

What did I think?

So the Helio is actually the first dildo with a suction cup that I have ever used. I used to have one that was made from some questionable materials but I never used it other than something to draw the attention of people peeking in on my cam shows.

I tried the Helio in the shower first, it has just enough room in it. But when I put it on the wall I noticed that where the stiff core ended the softer material had a serious droop. Trying to reach back to prop the toy up so that I could use it came with the issue of not being able to reach it due to in part my shorter arms and my large ass to try to reach around. Getting frustrated I used it freehand instead, one of my notes after simply stating. I had more fun sucking on it than I did for its intended use. The softness of the silicone was actually a rather nice tactile sensation between my lips and was the closest a toy has ever felt to the real thing.

helio wall

Then I attempted to use it mounted on the wall, but it had the same issue as before just not able to grip it so I could move the angle to get the toy actually inside me. If it was just a little stiffer it would be no issue.

Flurry HelioThis does not mean that it was a failure, I was still able to enjoy using the toy with my hand. The softness a wonderful warm-up toy for some of my stiffer ones. I actually really loved using it in tandem with my Tantus Flurry O2, the two dual-core toys complimenting one another nicely. The slim Helio before the thicker toy gives my body a chance to be ready for more without overstimulating me. I would even suggest that it could be used if you feel like you need warm up before penetration with a partner as well. The soft round head I believe would also be good for anal if being used in a strap-on. Though I did not get to try it in that fashion yet because the limpness of the toy makes it hard to do it to myself.

Overall, I think that the Helio is a body safe toy that while I was not able to use for its intended use, could be the perfect toy for others. The $38 dollar price point I think would make it the perfect toy for the cam worker looking for a good body safe toy to use on cam without breaking the bank.

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the Helio in exchange for this unbiased review.



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Review: Sola Cue

When it comes to G-spot toys, I have stuck with ones that are not particularly made for vibration outside of my Tantus Vibrating Vamp. But I am always on this journey to find toys that will achieve what is the hardest of orgasms for me to have without a partner.

Enter the Sola Cue with its 5 speeds and 5 vibrations, made of silicone and is 100% waterproof. Wait that isn’t all, this sleek blue vibrator is also rechargeable. It comes with both a USB compatible cord and an AC adaptor. The platinum cured silicone has a satin finish that is smooth to the touch and the shape fits in the hand allowing access to the simple two-button system that allows you to rotate between speeds and settings. Boasting one of the most powerful motors on the market with deep rumbly vibrations that I was ready to put to the test.

Sola Cue Flowers

The Numbers

  • Length: 8 inches (overall)
  • Insertable Length: 5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches (tip)
  • 1.125 inches (shaft)
  • 1.5 inches (base)

So What did I think?

For the short version of this, please see this twitter thread between myself and C.Poly of Poly Love & Sex.

In all seriousness, holy shit! From the first test, I was blown away by the Sola Cue! With a vibrator, I tend to warm up by testing out the vibration on my clit. The first things I notice was yes, it was a nice deep rumbling vibration and moving from low to high only changed how intense of a rumble it was. Pressing it against my clitoris was amazing because of how the bulb-shaped head rested against my body I could feel it stimulating not only the surface but deep along the body of my clit. This alone gave me an orgasm and had me eager to see what happened when I tried it against my g-spot. But with the shape of the Sola and the slight bend that it has in the middle I was able to not only stimulate my g-spot but also rest it in such a way I was still getting clitoral stimulation.

Now you cannot fully bend it so this trick won’t work for all bodies. You want to stop bending when you feel any kind of resistance because you do not want to break the toy.

So then I broke out some of my toys for clitoral stimulation. It worked well with my Tango, Womanizer and Satisfyer Penguin Pro. This allowed me to bend the Sola Cue the other way so that I could add more pressure to my g-spot while it wasn’t a lot it left me with far wetter orgasms than I normally have with anything that isn’t the Pure Wand. Which when I experienced this, I had to grab my steel darling and put the two together.


Pure Sola

Sola Cue and Njoy Pure Wand. Like Peanut Butter and jelly! 


I used the Sola Cue as warm up, letting the rumbling vibrations relax my g-spot and prep it for what was about to happen. The cool smooth metal of the Pure Wand just teasing my clit knowing that the warmth of the Sola Cue when I switch them would be a pleasant change in temperature. By the end of this morning masturbation session, my legs were weak and I was thankful for the fluid-proof blanket I had the forethought to put under me before I started. Even with the Pure Wand alone, it is almost impossible to make myself ejaculate at all, but this combination did what I have only been able to do with one of my current partners. It isn’t the kind of orgasm I can take all the time, but it is by far one of my favorites.

I could go on about how many other toys that this pairs well with, cause I feel like I would be keeping this toy in the testing phase forever. Instead, if you pick it up seriously, grab a handful of your own toys and find what works for you! Each combination has been different for me and I have enjoyed everyone one. Seriously, I gushed multiple times on my twitter about it and will no doubt have more to say there from time to time when I find new things!

The only real downside I had with the toy was the placement of the buttons, the end is where my hand tends to rest during use and sometimes when my grip was a bit hard I turned it off on myself due to how flush the buttons happen to be. But I just learned to adjust my hand little after some use and it was no longer a problem for me.

So if you are a fan of deep rumbly vibrations, internally or even clitorally the Sola Cue is for you. It can be grabbed at Shevibe for $92 and ships for free! Thank you to Shevibe for sending me this in exchange for this review.

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