Kink of the Week: Getting Wet in the Rain

It has been so long since I participated in Kink of the Week! I had nearly forgotten it was around but I am so glad I have found it once more so I can participate!

I love the rain, I love storms. I have so many good memories of encounters during the rain.

That first kiss between me and the preacher’s son behind the church as the rain poured down in fat droplets. How I ran home that day my lips still quivering because I didn’t know what to do afterward.

Coming home to a warm shower after being caught in my first Texas downpour, my clothes being peeled from me. He had not been able to contain himself, I could hear the shower running and it stayed that way for quite a bit as I stood in the only spot that wasn’t covered in carpet. He didn’t want to get the whole place wet having.

Being pressed against a car as the rain started to us, lips on mine as we both didn’t want to go inside just yet. The rain started out so soft but it soon turned into a downpour that we ran from, the need for getting out of the rain only boosting our adrenaline more. The second we were upstairs in our rain drenched clothes he had me bent over the nearest thing because he couldn’t take it any longer and needed to have me.

The sound of a storm raging outside after it had cut out most of the power all around my apartment as I sat alone inside of it. The Thunder hard enough to shake the windows as I leaned back against the feet of the couch, letting my head fall back against the seats as the lightning crashed around me and I couldn’t help as I turned the toy up between my legs. Letting the energy of the whole storm wash over me as I came, the roar of the rain covering up my screams so that no one could hear my sounds of pleasure until I curled up on the floor no longer afraid of the torrent outside that was drawn to the feeling of the wetness pooling between my legs. Sated for now until the storm passed and I somehow found myself back in my bed, my window just slightly open as the stray bits of rain that was now coming in cooled me off due to the power in the whole building being out as I fell asleep.

There are more, and I always want to make more. I suppose it is a good thing that I moved to a place that has a distinct rainy season more often than the others I have lived in.

See what others are up to?

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Tantus Sale: Buy 2 get 1 Free!


Tantus has an amazing sale going on for the next week (*Sale ends 7/20/17 11:59pm PST.

Buy two toys, any two of Tantus‘ amazing toys and you will get a chance to add a third toy to your cart for free! Now the free toy is picked out of a list of toys, so what do you have a chance at getting? Well I did the digging and here is a list of these toys!

Ripple Small – Grab Bag

A plug from the grab bag so you won’t know what colors it will be, perfect for a starter butt plug!

ProTouch – Grab Bag

Another toy from the grab bag, this one is meant to mimic the come hither motion used for prostate and g-spot stimulation! It comes with a bullet as well!

Slow Drive Long

A harness compatible dildo and another toy that helps with stimulation to the g-spot or prostate.

Beginner C – Sling

Have you been looking for a good starter cock ring? This one is for you! Just like there normal c-sling but easier to put on if it is your first time using a toy like this!

Echo – Purple Haze

Another toy, who is made for g-spot stimulation from the multiple ridges! I have used the handle version of this and love it! This one is a vibrator and comes with a bullet, also it is in a limited edition color!

Beginner Ball Gag – Limited Edition

A cute beginner ball gag that is made all out of silicone! That means the whole thing is totally washable and easy to sanitize! Plus it is odorless and tasteless so not having to get that rubber taste off your tongue!

Vibrating Super Soft TM C-Ring – Purple

Another cock ring that is great for beginners due to it being stretchy, but this one comes with a vibrating part for added stimulation alone or with a partner.

I hoped that helped you in picking out what you plan to get this week from Tantus! A great sale like this can’t be missed!

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Adventures In Camming: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Cam Work

I jumped into camming back when I was living in Houston a good bit after I started my blog I was in need of the extra money and I had all of these toys that I knew I could use for other reason rather than just review and in play with my at the time partner. I did very little research at the time and just dived in head first, while this wasn’t a great plan, it has now given me some wisdom that can hopefully be used to aid others.



Old picture from my cam days (I miss that bra)


Be Yourself

When I started, I tried to emulate others who already had a huge following or I knew got a lot of traffic. It helped but not as much as I would have liked nor as much as just, acting like myself did. I found that the people coming to the site would stay and chat longer with me and would bring a crowd that was far more likely to tip because I wasn’t having to compete with others who brought the same thing to the table. I spent a lot more time on cam building relationships with regulars who even when I would slip away for private shows would come back when I would return.

Go at Your Own Pace

Seriously, if you don’t think you are ready to offer half a million things, don’t. Not ready to have things like snapchat, KiK or even doing private skype sessions? Don’t. I mean it. It will only make you stressed because you will dread when you have to be on for it. If I had just stuck with the cammming, I would have become more comfortable over time I think, but because I just tried to do it all at once I rode myself absolutely ragged.

Don’t be Afraid to Say ‘No’

Some people are going to ask you for some odd things, things that might be outside the realm of what you are uncomfortable with doing. I found that even though I am plus sized, there was often a large group of clients who came to me for food related things. I struggled to fill those and eventually it is one of the things that drove me away from cam work in which I did requests. Cam girls are allowed to have limits and rules between you and your clients just like any other relationship. If they cannot consent to your rules and limits then don’t be afraid to say no, if they insist that is what a block button was made for. Don’t be afraid to use that either. Losing one person is not going to drive away all of your other clients.

Take Breaks

Sometimes I would work day and night, never getting out from behind my computer in order to try to make tips. People actually start to notice that and it actually drives people away. I would become tired and often run out of things to talk about. Taking breaks meant I could have a life outside of the camming, I could come back later and have things to talk about with my regulars who enjoyed coming to my room to just have chats between fun flashes or me reaching a public goal. When I was too tired I would also often get cranky and enjoy what I was doing less.

Don’t Get Involved

There are going to be guys who want to get to know you, that is great. But at the same time, they are going to want to treat this like an easy way to find a girlfriend. So many times I would find what I thought was an amazing client only to find out that they were trying to save me from having to do cam work. Or try to make a relationship past one on the computer online as a client and cam worker. I am the kind of worker who does give a Girlfriend Experience, but there is a very hard line where the experience ends and that is when I log off. Sometimes the client doesn’t understand that and will try to take it offline, remember to draw that line. It may seem harsh to have to one day block them as well, even if they are a great client but again leading them on in my opinion unless they have consented to that as well is just harsh.



Another Old Cam site Piture (From when I was shy about showing my face!)


In the end what it really comes down to is take care of yourself! Seriously, just because you are doing cam work doesn’t make you any less of a human being. Sure sometimes the people behind your chat room don’t feel that way, they think of you as just nameless pixels on a screen but never let yourself forget that. You are doing this because you enjoy, it doesn’t matter the reasons, you can enjoy it!

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Top Fantasies Of June

This month has been interesting, I didn’t get a lot in the way of review done though that is because of a small bit of fire in my house at the very start of June. But this didn’t stop my mind from wandering once it calmed the hell down, as much as it can after a fire. You would think being in a small hotel room with all of your people is not a deterrent for at least allowing my mind to mind to wander. Finding myself zoning out as I was skimming through Twitter/Tumblr before having a  ‘Well this turns me on today’ moment.


I work in retail, and sometimes we have interesting choices for setting up things around the store. This time some of the set ups had clothes pins holding up shirts. It looks pretty cool, but these clothespins have just sat in our back room. Which lead to me on my break just start to play with them. I knew what clamps felt like from experience on my skin, but I had never felt just simple wooden clothes pins.

Now I have watched many a video in which a female in the video will get strung with these all over her body with a string, only in the end to have them all zippered off. It looks intense, but I never thought I would enjoy it cause I figured the clothes pins were like clamps.

I was wrong. So wrong. I actually find the extended wear of wooden clothes pins to clamp more. I actually found myself having a few on my arm for at least 15 to 20 minutes, the pain was there but it was enjoyable. It only made me wonder what it would feel like on my nipples or even labia. I also had to wonder what it would feel like to have them zippered from, say my back or my thighs as they are both highly sensitive areas of my body. I also just really want to know what the marks left behind by them would look like. Might be a better thing to do during winter so I can wear long sleeves and leggings than shorts and tank tops out!


This isn’t a new one for me, I have mentioned it before in a few places here what with the fact I have reviewed Exotic-Erotics werewolf dildo in the past and have a torrid need for like half the things Bad Dragon stocks as well as a number of other fantasy shaped toys sellers that have newly crossed my path. I have even written at least one story that I have posted here that involve the shifting creatures. This is not including a lot of things I have kept privately.


But this last month the thought has been on my mind more and more, normally the person is able to assume the form of a human most of the time but can and does eagerly shift to a more hybrid form between both animal and person. But it is that danger of them being larger, stronger, less human and more primal that is the turn on more than the shape of the penis being used on me. It is growling through sharp teeth and even sharper claws that somehow aren’t tearing me apart but instead just teasing that edge of pain. It is being claimed and taken, hard and rough. Sometimes even with some force because waiting is not going to happen they have to have me now. I could go on for quite some time with these thoughts, so much smut has been written in my head and so much has also made it print from my fingers. I think it has to be the top 5 of my fantasies that I have, which one day I will compile.


This one is very new for me, well maybe not a new thought or thing that has been tried, but it is definitely a new one in the sense that I have regrown interest towards it after many years of avoiding it because I thought I could not do it.

But the new thoughts came about when I was informing my housemates that there is, in fact, an International Fisting Day. Which from that slowly had me looking things up more, watching videos that featured it in some way just because I suddenly had piqued my own interest again. I think the most I have ever gotten into me was about four fingers, not of my own but my partners. It is an amazing feeling, though the idea of anything more than that is a good kind of let’s see if we can push this boundary even if it is only for a moment. Because I know my body is likely capable of such thing, I just never have had the opportunity to really try it. That and in the past with getting as many as four fingers, I know I have enjoyed the feeling of fullness plus if my memory is correct those times have been the closest I have gotten to squirting without the need of being edged first. I have decided that it is a situation I likely would have to be tied down and gagged for, though I can also see the fun of being told to keep still especially if I didn’t what that would gain me in being reprimanded.

I am sure as the summer months get warmer I will likely have more things burning at my brain during long nights of trying to find sleep. Though, for now, this is what June has brought me. I hope that the start of your summer brings you some interesting fantasies that you can enjoy alone or with a partner!



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Riskiest Places I Have Masturbated

Now, as someone who has tested many toys and enjoys using them, I have masturbated a lot. While I am pretty good with keeping it a bedroom activity there have been a few times that I have not been able to hold myself back that if I had gotten caught it would have been all sorts of bad. Thankfully, I have a place such as this to tell what are also excellent stories! All of these happened over the age of 18.



Okay, I know for a fact that a lot of people have done this. Yes, it is a very low risk with the ability to just slip off to the bathroom or even take advantage of a break to do this. But at one of my past jobs, it was a high risk.


You see it was a small Kinkos, which what they used to call FedEx Office, so small that the break room was only a closet. Seriously, only one person at a time could be in there but we hung up our things in it as well it was kind of cozy but also everyone had keys. But every now and then, I couldn’t help myself I would be back there bored on a break or wait to clock in because I had left super early because I was dealing with buses and trains for commuting to get around. The urge would just spring up and hell even a few times if it wasn’t for the fact that the lock was super sticky sometimes that gave me a few extra seconds to pull myself together so it wasn’t obvious they had just ruined my orgasm or totally blocked me from getting off. I knew if I did get caught it would likely end up getting me fired, but the risk was super hot at the time. Even led to a couple times having super quick phone sex with a now ex of mind. Since then I have not really done that given my last jobs there wasn’t a lot of privacy on break because of larger break rooms or going out for my lunch break.

The Train

I lived in Chicago or the area near it for a good chunk of my life and so I rode the train a lot especially when I was working downtown and had to commute there from the North Side. So I spent a lot of time on trains, which most of the time are packed to the brim with people who are doing the same. But every now and then, there was a chance that my favorite seat in the whole car was free and the car was also practically empty.


A few of these times, the vibrations of the train car and the wandering of my mind happened. I would find myself with that familiar itch and I had to do something about it. However, this had a few challenges, not only getting caught by people on the train but sometimes between stops while no one got on I didn’t want to risk being caught by someone on the platforms. So I would have to stop just before each stop, which in a round about way was my first introduction to edging even though I didn’t at the time have a name for it. Sometimes this lead to me having to do it later at work but a few rare times I had enough of a chance that I was able to have a super relaxing orgasm before I reached my final stop. It left me coming home in a good mood very often after a very stressful work day.

Random Game Sites 

This one starts with a bit of explanation, as a LARPer my games are often held at places that have given us the use of the space. This can be anywhere from a community center to art galleries. But a lot of the time I would get there super early and be all alone. It was very much a what can I get away with and also a lot of this was before smart phones, so I had to pass the time somehow. It didn’t happen too often as I really didn’t want to get caught by other players doing this. But the few times it happened I would have to say it was a rather decent orgasm, only due to the risk factor of actually getting caught. What makes this particularly interesting is I know one of the very first game sites that I did happen to do this in, was also frequently used on weekends we did not play for fetish events. it was one of the first places I ever saw a St. Andrew’s Cross in person though at the beginning I did not know what is it was. It is hard to think of myself as that innocent once.

Also if you have ever gamed with me and are for some reason reading this blog, guess you know this now!

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Review: We-Vibe Tango

I am one of those people who enjoy a lot of power in my sex toys, the more the better. For me, bullets don’t tend to cut it for power when they are working off a small battery and leave me needing to pull out one of my wand toys in order to get the job done.

That was NOT the case with the Tango from We-Vibe that Ignite sent me to review.

tango stairs

Now I have heard my fellow bloggers rave about the Tango and that is why I had to try it for myself. I have not been disappointed by it at all.

The bullet itself is made of slick (pink or blue) plastic and is only 3.5 inches in length. There is a slight flare at the bottom but not enough to be safe to use as any sort of anal toy the flare instead is great for when you insert it into a toy that can fit a bullet (width is O.7in). It has a slight lipstick shaped tip at one end for the ability to pinpoint the vibrations if you are using it solo. Though the vibrations run through the whole toy, it does when used on its own leave me with a little numb feeling from the High and Ultra vibration settings that I feel for a few moments after.

There are no batteries needed as it is chargeable via a magnetic USB charger. Which honestly is the only downside I have ever had with a We-vibe product. The charger if I have not set it perfectly I find does tend to slip if my table jostles or if one of the cats gets up there it easily pops off. However, I do like that it makes the toy waterproof, there for making it an option for a shower toy.

The Tango has 8 different vibration modes, 3 being your normal low-medium-high-ultra speed and the other 4 being different patterns. The 4 other patterns vary between a tease that starts strong and then tapers off before going back, a slow up and down the wave, a strong buzzing pulse and then the high high, low low low of a Cha Cha beat. It turns on and off just by tapping the soft button at the end where it also has the magnetic port, a simple soft silicone button that allows you to go through the different patterns.

The Tango is also super easy to clean just needing soap and warm water. It cannot, however, be totally disinfected other that wiping down with bleach if you choose cause you don’t want to boil it. Like with all We-Vibe toys it comes with a nice silk pouch to keep the cord and toy in when you aren’t using it, which I find also protects the toy from getting errant dust and hair on it when you aren’t using it.

So how did it work out for me?

I started off with the low setting like I do with all toys, and the low setting is pretty high for a low getting me off smoothly so I ramped it up bit by bit. The moment I put it on Ultra just to check I was a little intimidated but like any good reviewer I sucked it up and though I had already gotten off a few times I kept going. Holy shit it is like my Magic Wand has suddenly been pressed right to my clit I nearly had to pull it away but I wanted to ride it out. It surprised me how quickly I could get myself off using just a bullet. From that moment I knew two things I had found a toy that would go into my regular rotation and I had to know how it would fare when I got it into my bullet compatible toys!

box of toys

Tango and Assorted Tantus Toys

Now when the Tango is surrounded by super thick silicone it does muffle the vibration just a little bit but not by much. Even with some of my thickest Tantus toys, it brought a whole new ball game to toys that had once been relegated to just normal dildo use. The Tango has breathed new life into them. The thinner the dildo, however, the more power you get is what I found. My only caution is to put a drop or two of lube into the hole for the bullet, it will make it a million times easier to get the bullet back out of the toy!

Overall I am quite in love with the Tango from We-vibe. It has become for me a toy that is versatile for me. It has certainly made itself a nice little space in my top 5 toys that I think will stay in my favorites rotation.

Not only that but it was my new affiliate Ignite that sent me this toy in exchange for this review! They are a fantastic new site which makes sure that everything that they sell is going to be non-toxic, non-porous and body safe! It saves so much time from having to pour through other sites that might still stock toys that contain chemicals we wouldn’t put in our foods or other things but are in our toys that we still put in our bodies! They sell the Tango from We-Vibe as well as so many others, I suggest checking them out!

Also if you want 15 % off your next order put in ‘scarletrose’ at checkout with your next purchase from Ignite

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