Great Gumdrops – Gumdrop Anal Plug

Great beginners butt plug and even for those who need more of a warm up toy during anal play. Wonderful design, colors and seriously inexpensive. Perfect for couples but can definitely be a solo toy as well.

While I am not a beginner with anal play, I am no expert either so I found the Gumdrop anal plug to be a great toy not only for beginners but as a good warm up toy for those who do anal play from time to time. This would be great with a partner or alone thanks to the flared base also being a super strong suction cup. Overall, it is a fairly small toy at 5” in length with 4” being insertable and in width as well as the rounded tiers comes out to 1 1/8″ around.

The graduated tiers I found to be the best part, giving you time to adjust between each one before moving deeper which is excellent for anyone who is just starting rather than one steadily progressive movement in. The rounded tip of the Gumdrop was very flexible as I could bend it till it was touching its own side. Though further down the toy it becomes stiffer, but not so much that it doesn’t have some give to it. This is due to the material it is made out of known as Crystalessence, which is made for its flexibility and moderate softness. That softness actually very nice as it didn’t feel to foreign when inserting as the body adjusted. The flared base is big enough you could use the Gumdrop with a strap-on or any smooth surface. I tested it on glass, wood, and tile to see how long it would hold up. Each stayed secure even after multiple reattachments to their surfaces. It even sticks well to skin as before I used it for any type of play, I couldn’t help but be a little silly and stick it to my forehead because it reminded me of a unicorns horn. I do not recommend doing that unless you are okay with having a huge round hicky on your forehead for a few days.

As for a little bit more on the material it is made out of Crystalessence, which is listed as a type of PVC. You want to make sure it’s kept in a clean dust free place as the material can attract small particles. I learned this the hard way, keeping in out to dry overnight and it quickly attracted stray cat hair so I had to wash it again. However because it’s a rubber type material it just needed a good rinse. I thought that would help with the slight rubbery smell as well, but since using it a few times that has not gone away. It is not something that is a huge downside for me to not use the toy, but for those with sensitive noses it certainly could. But because this is a rubber it cannot be completely sanitized so it is not a toy to share unless you put a condom on it. Also both water and silicone lubricants are able to be used with the Gumdrop.

The toy is easy to store on its own thanks to its size though I would recommend using a lone sock or small draw string bag to keep it from being out in the open air, but it can go back in the clam shell case. Though if you are looking to keep your toys discreet, I do not recommend it as the case was far from such.

product picture
Butt plug by California Exotic
Material: Crystalessence™

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