Review: Beyond 3

From the moment I opened the simple box of my Beyond 3 from Ophoria I fell in love with it. The texture and weight in my hands made me smile. What was there in my mind not to love about this toy? It’s waterproof, velvet smooth to the touch texture, 100% Medical-grade Premium Japanese Silicone, Phthalate-free, easy to clean, and hypo allergenic. Everything I like/want/dream of in a toy.

Once I got over my initial new toy excitement I started taking a more detailed look at the toy. It was bigger and a little thicker then any thing I had used before. The rounded head meant for g-spot stimulation looked hard, but actually has quite a bit of give to it. As does the toy, it is very flexible but still is able to keep its stiff appearance. Size wise, the specs come out to the ones listed below.

Beyond 3 specs
length: 9″ (23cm)
width: 1.75″ (4cm) at widest point
handle: 0.75″ (2cm)

Suddenly I was a little intimidated, but still excited. So I settled in to enjoy a ‘sensual toy that would seduce both the mind and body’ (Their words, not mine), but that was certainly not what happened. Normally, my body gets excited enough that I don’t find that I need lube, so my first time I didn’t use it. It seemed to take forever to get the Beyond 3 in, and when I did finally seem to get some place with it. It just hurt.

So, I set it aside and tried it another night. This time, thinking maybe I need to warm up first before getting right too it. I even this time used a little water-based lubricant that I had (Slippery Stuff Gel). But the same thing kept happening, it to me was like trying to squeeze your finger into a ring that was too small. Sure, you could get it on there eventually with a little work but it wasn’t going to feel good when you finally got it on.

The toy itself, is great for anyone who wants to really get some great G-spot stimulation or is looking for a toy that is made with pure Silicone and is Phthalate free. And while it didn’t seem to be the best match for me, I have read a few reviews out there of people who have had great experiences with it. So I suggest checking them out for a different look at how the toy has worked for others!

Hey Epiphora (my personal favorite)


Wonton Lotus (Where I happened to win this particular toy during a contest long ago)

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