Naughty Ruler Review

I was excited to get my hands on the Naughty Ruler Paddle by Ruff doggie styles. While it is not my first paddle, it is the first made of wood that I now own. While I prefer leather paddles for the feel that the impact brings, this wooden paddle is great for using to Roleplay (Teacher/Student anyone?) or if you are a fan of a stingy feeling to your impact play. I also think those who are looking for a wooden paddle to start with will find this as a very easy, non intimidating option compared to larger and thicker wooden paddles.

The ruler is 12 inches long, though only 8 of inches are intended for use as the paddle. Made of a lightweight and soft balsa wood it weighs less than a pound but don’t think that it won’t pack a punch. The wood is quite hard and rigid, so it had no flexibility which when used on the body gives a stinging thud to the skin, leaving it anywhere from a soft baby pink (at the lightest of impacts) to a bright warm rosy red (when impact is the hardest). It also has a very nice clean edge that is great to drag lightly along recently paddled skin to send some shivers over the body. The only three differences it has from the finish of a real ruler is there is no metal guide to either of the edges, on the back it has on it the Ruff Doggie Styles logo with the words ‘Do you measure up?’ on the back, and its a little bigger then your average school ruler in width giving more of the look of a short yard stick. Even with those things it still to me just looks like a ruler that someone has modified for a little fun that will hold up longer then a normal ruler. The only thing I would caution is to not hit too hard with this wooden paddle, it could splinter if used to heavily.

The other 4 inches is reserved for the ‘leather’ wrapped handle, I use the quotes because I didn’t think it felt too much like leather but that is how it is listed on the website. It feels comfortable in the hand; the wrapping is tight so there is no problem with it slipping.

To clean the toy I would suggest using a simple damp cloth with light soap if you wish, as both wood and leather can easily be damaged by too much water. It is easy to store fitting in most hiding places, though I would not call it discreet so it’s not something I would just leave lying around if you have guests who you aren’t comfortable with knowing. Mine came with no packaging other than simple plastic wrapped around the wooden part of the ruler, which I liked.

product picture
Paddle by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather

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