Review: Cupid Kiss

The Cupids Kiss, Kiss of Hero from Shaki Toys, was certainly no hero to me. I was a little worried after seeing the size of this toy might not be for me, but I still was determined to give it a try. With a length of 7 3/4″ and a circumference of 5 3/4″ this is a toy that I found I needed to take a little time with but in the end found that I really did not like the feel of the sheer girth. Though it is a strange thing to note, on the packaging for this toy it keeps calling this a mini vibrator.

The shaft has a wavelike texture that slowly grew up it until it got to the base, which when inserted I could feel, being the first toy that I have used with this kind of texture it took a little getting used to be I did enjoy it after a time. The curved tip is slightly spongy and is made for light g-spot stimulation but for me it was too soft and didn’t really work for me there. However, it was perfect to stimulate my clit which because of the size not working for me internally this toy has been delegated to, though not my first pick as I do have other toys that I would reach for first. The vibrations go from very light to quite strong, with different pulsating settings, you have to cycle through them via the push button at the bottom which can make it a little hard to turn off. Some of the higher settings are rather loud and could be heard from another room, while the others could not.

The settings:

1. Steady (buzz)
2. Steady, more powerful (buzz)
3. Steady, high power (buzz)
4. Steady-to-high, repeat (rumbly) (loud)
5. Pulse, medium power (rumbly)
6. Pulse, medium power, twice as fast (rumbly) (loud)
7. Steady, MAX power (buzz) (loud)
8. Cycles through the other 7 settings automatically (rollercoaster!)

This toy is also waterproof, while I did not use it in the tub or shower I did test it while cleaning and there was no issues its use. Other than the rounded base was slightly hard to hold. Speaking of the base, because this lacks a flared base, this toy should not be used anally.

A huge confusion I had in the end was the material, EF lists it as TPR Silicone but the packaging says that it is 100% Silicone. Though compared to the toys that I do have that are legit 100% Silicone, I stand with EF’s call on the material, but if I didn’t have something to compare it to I would have never known. Based on it being made of TPR Silicone, you want to clean it using warm water and a mild soap or antibacterial toy cleaner. I also suggest giving this toy its own pouch; it collects dust/lint/cat hair like a magnet. You also want to only use water based lubricants with the Cupid Kiss.

The packaging was a simple box that while not totally discreet did give me a lot of information about the toy, its use, the batteries needed and how the batteries went in via the flaps on the back. The reason I say it is not totally discreet, is that while it has no pictures of half-naked women on the front of it, the front windows show you the toy and it is rather big.

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Shaki Toys
Material: TPR Silicone

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