“Is your husband okay with this?”

So this weekend while I was cleaning and finishing up some reading for a review I am doing later on, I was puttering around on Goodreads and checking out what they had to recommend for me. When I noticed that I had a message, that was a little out of the blue but I thought nothing off it at the time. It was from a man who I had added a few days ago, I recognized him from a few of my groups and so I thought maybe it was a suggestion for a book.

It started out very innocently, asking how my day was..okay. Asking how the weather was…okay. Then asking what I did for a living? Okay this was starting to get a little strange. Until it finally got to the meat of it all. He asked me how I was enjoying the book I was reading about toys. Now to clear that up, I had added that I had just finished Sex Toys 101 which I had gotten to review. So I gave him what is a very short ‘review’ of what I thought. Which apparently got into him asking me if I owned any…I answered honestly. Of course I do, I even blog about them! But then oh, this is where it all took a crashing burning halt into WTF-ville.

“Is your husband okay with this?”

I stared at the screen. Wondering what I should say. First off, he was assuming that I was married to a man. Which while I am in a relationship with a man, in this day and age to just assume that irks the hell out of me. Second, I could clearly tell that he was fishing to see if I would say I was single. So, again, I answered honestly.

“My boyfriend is okay with it, why wouldn’t he be?”

He then started into how that was a shame because I was a pretty girl and obviously my boyfriend wasn’t taking care of me if I was resorting to sex toys. I could have lost my shit on this guy, but I just dealt with him calmly. Going on about how they are fun to use in the bedroom with someone who I care about or even alone because we are both busy. But this did not deter him, he kept going on about how I am a pretty lady and how a man should be able to take care of a woman with out help. This is a site for book reviews for the love of beans. Not a dating site. Would he have continued down this path if I had said my girlfriend knows?

If I was maybe single or in an open relationship, and he was honestly looking to have a discussion about books other than the ones I am reading that are about sex toys? Who knows. But the fact that he was picking that one book out, of 3 pages of books that I have read? Yeah that kind of settled just what he was looking for and what he thought of me based on that one book. And while this could have turned me off to listing what I am reading, no matter what it is…it has actually lit a fire under my ass to add all the erotica I have read along with all of the other books I have enjoyed in my many years of life. Because I have said it before and I will say it again, reading is sexy. Assumptions are not.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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