Review: Noir Beaded Flogger

While I am a serious lover of leather, I am always interested in alternatives when it comes toys that are normally made of leather. So I was very excited when I found out that Sin Free Toys was sending me The Noir Cruelty Free Beaded Flogger by Sportsheets is part of a new line of crulty-free and vegan-friendly BDSM Fantasy line. That Sin Free Toys sent to me to review.

When I got the flogger it came in a simple brown padded envelope discreetly addressed to me. The flogger was unwrapped inside with just a simple tag attached to the handle as seen in the picture. Listing the materials as Rubber, which of course can be made from the sap of a number of plants but it can be made synthetically. However I am not sure just which kind this one is made of. I was worried that the rubber lashes would have a smell to them, but happily they did not. The beaded parts are wooden beads which are connected to the faux leather strap by a piece of nylon. The full toy is about 14 inches long. So it is rather small when compared with larger floggers. Someone with a larger hand might find it harder to hold, but for a smaller hand it fits just right.

Noir Flogger compared size with Naughty Ruler

Now, as for the use of the flogger I found it to be good in one of three ways. When the ends of it caught skin it left this sharp stinging sensation kind of like snapping a rubber band against your wrist. It hurt, but not overly so. Then the rest of the lashes would hit the skin with a sort of thud that was rather dull but if you had enough power behind it could do something. However, that could cause the sting of the ends to be too much it really helps to find a balance when you are using it. I really enjoyed the sound that the beads made during impact, a sort of ‘clack’ noise that you heard but only after the impact was made. It made for being able to count how many hits had been made. The third was running it over the skin was a nice sensation, the rubber lashes where cool and a little ticklish on the skin so it was a nice tease and change from the bit of pain that it was able to inflict.

Some of the downsides that I found where, I didn’t like that it was made of rubber. It tends to be very hard to clean because of how porous it is. For that reason I would not use this on anyone else other than one partner. Rubber can also be known to contain phthalates. Which, while mine didn’t seem to show any of the signs that you can look for such as a chemical smell, an oily feel to the rubber, or any irritation to my skin. I still plan to be very careful with it. My other issue was some of the stitching seemed a little poorly done which made it look shoddy to me. But those where the only downsides that I could find to this toy.

Picture of the Stitching

While I wouldn’t suggest this for more experienced players. I think that this is great for beginners who are looking bring a little more kink into their life. However, if you are looking for a Vegan Friendly alternative that is also made from a safer material then rubber you may want to skip this one.

Sin Free Toys carries the whole Noir line along with the flogger on their site, which consists of the collar, cuffs, tethers/leash. There is also according to the Sportsheets website a blindfold but I did not see it there.

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11 Responses to Review: Noir Beaded Flogger

  1. Sterling Smith says:

    When you’re swinging it how smooth is the flow? I’ve found with other beaded floggers that the flow is broken immediately upon impact due to the extra weight at the ends from the beads. Have you found this to be the case with this flogger? In addition, how many beads are at the end of each fall?

  2. I love the notion of a cruelty-free BDSM accessory – LOL! 🙂 Just kidding. Thank you for this detailed review!

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    Strange , your site shows up with a dark hue to it, what color is the primary color on your web-site?

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