Review: Sportsheets Soft Cuffs

Sportsheets Soft Cuffs, as it says on its simple packaging, are for beginner couples who are looking to bring a little kink into their sex lives. The cuffs, which come in pink, hot pink, red and black are made of a soft faux fur with a nylon/velcro attachment. Though honestly, the ‘faux fur’ felt more like felt, it was soft but didn’t really make me think of any fur I have felt. Two O-rings joined by a swivel clip keep them attached to one another.

Each cuff is 10 inches in length and just shy of 2 inches wide, so they should fit on most wrists (or ankles) comfortably. My own wrists are small so there was a lot of slack on them, I just tucked the ends of the velcro that wasn’t stuck into each of the O-rings to keep them from flailing around. They are also very light, only 4oz which for me was so light that I fell asleep with them on after one use.

Overall I found these are just as they state on the packaging, great for beginners. They are comfortable and very non intimidating. The velcro rips on and off easily that if any issues arise, they can be removed in a pinch. These are great for light bondage play. The velcro I found with a lot of movement came loose on me after a little over an hour.

It also seemed to be a magnet for sweat, but thankfully I could easily wipe them down with some soap and water then left to air dry. I also used just a bit of linen spray on them that I enjoy to keep any of the scent away. So they are very easy to take care of, but I do not recommend throwing them in the dryer because of the metal clips.

Now on to the one big issue I had with these. The metal swivel clip is basically the clip like you would find on the end of your standard pet leash. I figured it would be easy to push down and separate the two cuffs, mine however stuck half way down the middle, which I was able to fix before actually using them with some WD-40 but it was a little irksome that I had to take that to a toy.

The packaging as I mentioned a few times is very simple. It was a small box from Sportsheets with a happy looking male and female on the front of the box, with the female wearing the cuffs in the color that I ordered them in (Black). On the back it showed the other colors as well as a tiny bit of information about the cuffs. One could certainly use the box again for storage but because the cuffs easily fold with no problem if you are worried about being discreet you might just want to ditch the box.

Also right now, you can save 10% if you buy these with the soft blindfold as well as a kit with Eden Fantasys.

product picture
Wrist cuffs by Sportsheets
Material: Faux fur / Nylon

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