Holy Giveaways Batman!

There are a ton of great contests going on now and all of them are giving away some awesome products!

First up is DIY Orgasms, who in honor of getting a sex toy review directory up are giving away a $100 Dollars worth of Eden Fantasy gift cards! Which is great because as bloggers from the UK this is a contest open for everyone because Eden Fantasy ships internationally! Now I know what I would do with $100 dollars, which is a a toss-up between either getting myself one big lovely luxurious item or a lot of smaller things. It would be like christmas come early in my apartment.

Then there is Tegan Shepard, who is hosting not just one giveaway but SIX! In honor of her year of purchasing her own domain as well as her anniversary UpL8 w/ @TeganShepard is giving away some awesome things. Everything from a Lelo Lily (from Sin Free Toys) and Ella, A Toyfriend Mini Reble and a what looks to be a rather large prize pack from Dallas Novelty! There is something for everyone in these giveaways, and I am just naming the tip of the iceburg!

And last but in no way least…True Pleasures is giving away a  Tantus Anaconda Dildo and Lube! Have you seen the Anaconda? Not only could you use it for sex, but I am pretty sure if you used it to against someone they would charge you with assault with a deadly weapon! Not really, but I have to agree that it sure does look like a large night stick! Even if I don’t end up winning this, I am going to certainly pick one up of my own soon.

Those are just some of the giveaways going on now. Check out any of the Pleasurist posts for information on more!

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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