Review: Beginner Anal Kit

The Beginner Anal kit comes with three different and very unique plugs made from silicone, which I have affectionately named the Purple Flame, the Pink Caterpillar, and the Black Banana. They are non-traditional shapes that are not only pleasing to the eye but are non-intimidating as well to anyone who might be starting down the road of anal play. The price is also great for beginners because you are getting three toys made of a safe material for the same price you would pay for other toys that might be made of less than desired materials that might contain latex or phthalates.

The slender tips on each of the toys was the first thing I noticed when I started to use them. Unlike other plugs I have tried, I found that the tip being slender made insertion easier, as it was gentle going in. It was firm enough that it didn’t move around too much during insertion on each of them, but it moved enough that it didn’t hurt. With the help of a water based lube they went in very easily. Each one gave a slightly different feel when fully inserted but none caused me any pain or discomfort. The only thing that did irk me slightly was the base, while it was very big and tapered to of course be safe for anal play I found that it didn’t work well with my ampleness to help them sit. Instead my cheeks wanted nothing to do with the large base, so I only found it good to wear during intercourse when it was being pushed back into my body and not for long-term wear.

The Purple flame is the easiest to insert I found. I was surprised when I used it and it slid right in that I had to ask a few times if it was actually in or not. It is about 4 inches of insertable length and is extremely lightweight. The bulge at the end of it is the only thing I could really feel while wearing it, which around was about 3 inches.

The Pink Caterpillar is only around 3.5 inches and is made of three bumps which are about an inch around. This toy, like the Purple one, was easiest to insert, taking it slowly around each of the bumps, which only come out to around 3 inches around. It made also for an interesting feel as it came out which I liked.

Last but not least, the Black Banana. This shape I was wary about at first. How could something like that be comfortable? But I found this was my favorite. Same length as the pink toy, once I got it in me, I found that it sat very comfortably inside. It was a different sensation then something that was a straight shape. This found to be the most advanced of the three toys as you have to work the curve of the toy in to make sure it goes in comfortably. At the curve this one is the biggest, but not too much bigger than the others, coming in at about 3 1/2 inches around.

Each of them came equipped with round suction cup base that actually stuck very well to the glass that I had in my apartment. So well in fact that one spent about three days stuck to my bathroom mirror before it fell off. Because of their size, they are also easy to store and I find that they are great for travel as well.

Each of the plugs, as stated before, is made from pure silicone which is a safe material that can be washed in various ways. Silicone is smooth and not porous, so these can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also use toy wipes on these plugs, which I recommend to use before use because silicone is a major lint and hair magnet. They are not safe for use with silicone based lube.

All three of the toys came packaged in a very simple sealed plastic bag. It was very basic but it did have information on it for what type of lubricant should be used and what cleaning methods to use with the toy. The packaging was very discreet, even if you could clearly see what was inside. However, I didn’t know this right away until a second look at the packaging because of just how simple it was, so that was the only downside I could find about it.

product picture
Anal kit by NMC Ltd
Material: Silicone

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