Review: Teneo Uno by Fun Factory from Eden Fantasys

Fun Factory’s Teneo Uno is a vaginal exerciser. Made of silicone and ABS plastic wrapped around a counter weight inside, it moves and very subtly reminds your muscles to squeeze to help strengthen your PC muscles. While I am no stranger to doing Kegel exercises, I know that I don’t do them every day because it’s just not something that is on my mind to remember to do. The Uno is for me a great way of doing them without worrying that I may forget.

In size it’s really no bigger then a ping-pong ball, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. There is a looped removal cord attached, also made from the same silicone, that is around 3 1/2 inches. Where the cord is attached there is a slight depression in the ball to help with insertion which I found was great when my hands where a little slippery with lubrication. The removal cord stretches quite a bit when pulling it out from your body, however the first few times I was afraid of it snapping until I got used to actually removing the Uno. My muscles did not seem to want to let go of the ball. After I stopped freaking out that I might have gotten it stuck, I learned that I just have to get my muscles to push out while I pull.

The package that it came in was a simple box from Fun Factory showing what was inside. It also came with instructions and a small packet of lubrication. While the Uno can fit back into the box I actually use a small pouch that I found it fits into better and takes up less room. I used the small packet that came with the Uno the first time I tried it. While it was a nice water-based lube, it was a little awkward to use the packet.

Clean up was really easy: being that it made of silicone I just used soap and water to clean it. Because of its size I wouldn’t recommend tossing it into the dishwasher, I fear it would fall to the bottom. As I stated before, I keep it in its own pouch to keep it away from other silicone based toys and for when I am traveling with it. The only real worry I had was leaving it out to air dry, the bright colors and cord made my cat think for a little while that it was a toy for her to play with.

I have worn the Uno on a number of occasions to test it out. I found that I really got the most feeling out of it when I was either at work, which involves a lot of moving/bending/walking crouching, and when I was working out. The more movement, the better. It made the counterweight really move, and I have to say made my day and workout go quite a bit quicker. For me it was not only a great exerciser but a tease as well, ramping up my sex drive just a bit more than normal.

I also tested it out during masturbation, which with a bullet or clit stimulating vibrator, gave me a very interesting experience, almost like when I am using one of my G-spot vibrators that have the bulbed part at the end.

Currently EdenFantasys is selling the Uno and its upgraded version the Duo for 40 dollars together. While I have picked up the Uno I plan to get the Duo eventually as I am sure my body will start to get used to using it. So it is a good way to pick up both and save.


product picture
Vaginal balls  by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone

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5 Responses to Review: Teneo Uno by Fun Factory from Eden Fantasys

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about these exercisers lately. Thanks for the thoughtful review and information!

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