My thoughts on Michigan

I played catch up on the news from yesterday this morning, which meant catch up on the story about the two female Michigan State Representitives who were told that they would no longer be recognized because of their protests over a proposed anti-abortion bill.

Now in reading back a bit more I know that one Detroit lawmaker called for a sex boycott. Which, is a great idea but people can get by without sex. Which got me thinking, a protest is good. But there has to be a way to protest in a way that speaks even louder than using sex as a weapon. Essentially they gave the message to Byrum and Brown that they just needed to sit down, shut up, and let menfolk decide what was best. Because you know they weren’t speaking, they where throwing a ‘temper tantrum‘.

Which is when it came to me in that moment of sitting back and just letting it wash over me. Perhaps, that is just what we need to do. Not say a word. Silence. Not at school, not at work, not a peep out of us even at home. Just go about our daily lives but without speaking a word. A day of silence to speak out against our right to speak out against something that so many women DON’T want. It would hopefully not only send a message to Michigan, but could in my highest of hopes speak volumes to other state representatives. It would be using the weapon that they are using towards woman, against them in my mind. It’s an idea I am tossing around in my head now, but I am curious as to who else would get behind a protest of this nature. So I ask those that read this, comment and tell me your thoughts.

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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One Response to My thoughts on Michigan

  1. Sterling Smith says:

    It’s quite interesting and nice to see you taking a stand in political matters. Keep it up. Never allow silence to be forced upon you.

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