Review: Sexy Slave Kit

I was recently sent the Sexy Slave Kit made by Sportsheets from, it was sent to me in a simple box via USPS that was very discreet.

The kit is packaged itself in a simple plastic clam shell package with a paper insert with the information about the toy on the front. It does feature a couple on in their underwear so it’s not that discreet, but you can ditch the paper and use the package for storage.

Front of packaging

Inside it holds 4 cuffs that you can use on both your ankles and wrists, made of a soft red almost felt like material with 44 inch long tethers made of nylon. The cuffs stayed ‘locked’ by the Velcro attached to each of them that allowed them to be changed to fit whomever you are tying down. Because of how long the ties are I had fun seeing what I could do with it. We used the handles at the end of the mattress to simply tie the other down completely restrained with all four cuffs, there was also just using either the lower or upper ones depending on how much movement you wanted them to have. We used them on a chair to tie to the legs and keep the hands down so that the other couldn’t touch. Though my favorite was making a sort of makeshift hog tie out of them, because it allowed me enough slack to feel comfortable because I have rather short arms and legs. So for me this was a fun little Bondage Kit. The only downside to it was the cuffs got a little hot on me, and if I moved too much in them I would start to give myself a bit of a rug burn.

The blind fold is made of the same felt like material that the cuffs are, and is rather light weight. The elastic band keeps it in place from moving though the bottom because of how light the fabric was did sometimes let a little light show in if you moved in just the right way. On my smaller head it seemed to fit just right but on The Boy’s head it was a bit too tight he said after he tested it to wear as a sleep mask. The only downside was the fabric really didn’t breath so eventually it got too hot to keep over my eyes even in an air-conditioned room.

The last part is a small feather tickler, made of red feathers. Meant to created a light sensation with your lover, it was the only part of the kit I really did not end up using save for one time. I am not a fan of softer sensations during sex and it was more of an annoyance than anything. But for those who like a little more tickle and less slap in their play will be big fans of it. For me this has made my cat very happy. She seems to love it as a toy to bat around, it has stood up to her stalking and beating from one end of the apartment to the other.

Feather Tickler

The cuffs and blindfold can be easily cleaned with just a bit of soap in the sink and then leave to air dry. I simply hung mine over the tub to drip dry, they stayed nice and fluffy to the touch.

Overall I found that this is a sex toy for couples  who are looking to spice things up by bringing some light bondage into their lives. Thank you for giving me a chance to review this product!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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