Writing: You’re so Cute

She wasn’t quite sure how she had ended up in her present state. On her back with him straddling her legs and his hand bunched up in her hair pulling it back to expose her neck. Okay, that was a lie she knew exactly how she had ended up like that. They had been watching a movie, curled up rather innocently just watching one that they had both seen many times, when his hands started to roam. His hands always did that when it reached a ‘boring part’ as he liked to put it, while she would have agreed as his hand moved lower she had moved away from it.

Which quickly brought them to the place they where now after a bit of wrestling. Her tank top bunched up under her breasts from all the twisting around, exposing the rest of her body under him. He leaned down to her neck and bit down, making her back arch as much as her current pinned down state would let her. Bitting her lip she bit back the moan that wanted to escape, she wasn’t ready to let him win just yet. However her pride got the best of her when she heard him say “Submit.”

Any other time she would have arched her neck more to him there, but the brat was in full control in that moment and instead she giggled. “You’re so cute…” Those three words earned her a growl against her neck as he came up, staring daggers at her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she thought it would be a good idea to look away, save herself from the punishment to come, but instead she locked eyes with him and they screamed ‘I said it, what are you going to do about it?’

In another flurry of motions with his hand still in her hair he had gotten off of her legs and pulled her over his. Then with no warning or warming her up, his hand started to rain down blows on her ass. The first few smacks she let out a squeak and a yelp, the sting of his skin on hers made her wiggle kicking her legs to get away. But he held her firmly, continuing until it felt like her the skin was on fire. When it stopped everything was silent other than both of them breathing. The silence hung there until she was able to get out a soft. “I’m sorry sir…”

It was his turn to laugh, a chuckle that made her shiver. He pushed apart her legs, easily done now that they where tired from kicking in protest. She could feel his finger run over the growing wet spot on her panties. “If you where sorry, you would have begged me to
stop. You would have said the words that I wanted in the first place, slut. So no, I do not think you are sorry yet.”

His fingers slid the panties to the side, before he slid two of them into her wet cunt deep enough to make her groan as they slammed into her. The hand left her hair and he placed it over her mouth. “Oh no, I don’t want to hear one moan out of you. I only want to hear three words from that pretty mouth. And don’t you dare think of cumming either…” He finished as he fingers sped up, roughly fucking her with them. His knuckles grazing her aching clit and making her hips buck against him. The need to cum was building inside of her, that aching warmth just starting to grow. Her eyes watered as she fought not to let out a moan, squeezing them tightly as her pride held on fast. With neither of them making a sound she could hear how wet his fingers made her, each thrust in making a new noise that seemed to echo in her ears. It was almost deafening but then suddenly he stopped pushing her  on to her back.

Grabbing the soaking wet crotch of her panties he tore them, his fingers he had just used on her pussy finding a place in her mouth when she let out a silent gasp of surprise. She couldn’t help but suck on them, tasting her wetness on his fingers, hoping that her show of obedience would get her some kindness shown. With her legs spread and her attention on the fingers now in her mouth it wasn’t hard for him to easily drive his cock into her. As she felt him enter her, then and only then did she look away from him. But his fingers brought her head back straight as he gave her cheek a light slap before he spoke. “Oh no, you wanted so badly to stare me down before. So now you can watch me use you like a fuck toy.”

He pulled out before again, driving his cock into her even harder then he had been with his fingers. He wasn’t fucking her with her pleasure in mind, that took a back seat at this point. This was for him to watch her ache for what he knew she wanted most at this point. He could feel how wet she was and it was all to easy to fuck her as hard as they both knew she enjoyed. It always made her cum the hardest, but she didn’t know if he would even allow her too. That ache to cum built more and at one point she even let a moan slip from her lips, only to have her jaw grabbed firmly. “No noise, unless it’s what I want to hear.”

It made her whimper out softly. “I submit.” Her voice strained to get the words out alone. Her hand hitting the bed as she gave in verbally. He thrust in once, hard. “Louder.”

“I submit.” She said raising her voice again, digging her nails into the sheets and arching her head to give him her neck. But not looking away from him, he told her not to look away. His hand was in her hair again pulling it and her neck back, exposing even more before his teeth bit into her hard. “Louder.” He growled against her skin thrusting into her again.

She screamed out from the perfect pain of the teeth in her neck. “I

“Good girl, now you can let it all out…but no cumming until I say.” He said as his thrust picked up again, she reveled in every one of them. Each one making another moan build from her lungs as he pinned her down with his hips. Suddenly she could feel him cumming inside of her, her moans begging him to let her do the same. As she slowed down he came up from her neck and looked her in the eyes again. This time they had his own pride shining in them as he smirked down at her, she knew as he spoke she wouldn’t get to cum not yet at least especially when he said to her. “You’re so cute.”

Thankfully, movie night was far from over.

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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