30 Days of Kink: Day 5

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

I nearly skipped this one to be honest, because I couldn’t think of the first kinky sexual experience I had. Truthfully, I have only a so-so memory for some things. But I also hate not doing things in order so I stalled a little on this one. While I don’t think this is my first kinky sexual experience, it is one of the first.

I was with my boyfriend at the time and we had just had a nice lovely shower together. As we were getting dried off he suddenly very playfully smacked my ass. Well one or two playful smacks turned into being bent over the counter of the skin with my nose inches away from the mirror. With him continuing to smack my ass making me look at my reflection while he spanked me. Which, after his hand started to hurt too much he just started to fuck me, still making me watch myself in the mirror. I remember him speaking a little telling me how he thought I looked when he saw my face look back at him in the mirror. Talking dirty enough to make my head spin like a top.

The memories are in a blurry haze of lust, but I do remember how intensely turned on I was during the whole experience. I also remember how sore I was because after that was about 2 more hours of sex before we finally both just collapsed and ordered food. But that is the very first kinky experience that I can remember.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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