Review: Luv Pink Paddle

So as we have learned in the past I am a pretty big fan of a good spanking. Be it by hand or paddle, is one of those things that for me is right up there with bondage. Which is why when Erotic Toy Town said I could try out the Pipedream Luv Pink Paddle, I was very excited.

Normally used with a partner, though you can always do it on your own as well, paddles are meant to make more of an impact then just your hands can. Also, with a paddle the only thing that will get worn is your arm instead of your hand which is also taking much of the impact as well. How much you come down with the paddle really determines how much pain you are inflicting upon yourself or your partner. So if you are unsure of how much you or your partner can take its best to start out softly and then of course move up from there.

For more information about spanking/paddling techniques I have put together this list of links for you to check out.

How to Paddle
SM Techniques (Paddle)

Now on to the paddle itself!

The Luv Pink Paddle is named of course for its bright pink color and I assume the black heart indent at the very top on the side used for spanking. The indentation is of course left there to leave an impression on your skin after play. It is rather cute in its design, so if you are looking for that its a plus. If you want something that not so cute and a little more dark, then I would look elsewhere.

The packaging it comes in is a rather large box that looks like its meant to hang on something if being displayed in a store. It has various pictures of the paddle on it as well as the other items that come in Pipedreams Pink collection. while not the most discreet of boxes, it was sent to me discreetly in another box by Erotic Toy Town so no one was the wiser. Thankfully the box can be recycled.

The paddle itself is made of suede, and there is a looped bit of leather at the end to make it easier to hold and to hang. The suded to me seemed to be of good quality, it was soft yet somewhat rough against the skin and didn’t flake. The leather strap on the end of mine was rather stiff and I found it to be super scratchy. Honestly I would replace this with another loop of some kind that was a little more comfortable or just better quality leather. I couldn’t find any loose threads or problems in the stitching before or after use. However a note about suede, be careful with it as it is a very hard to clean but it is doable.

How to Clean Suede

Now for the specs on the Luv Pink Paddle.

Lenght: 13″
Width at widest point: 3.25″
Handle Width: 1.5″

I liked the size of this one, it was just enough that it made it easy to wield and not hit too much skin at a time. When using it this was certainly more of a thud feeling then a stingy sensation that other paddles I have reviewed have had. It was a nice way to warm things up before heating things up. By the time it was being used with full force on me, I have to say it was plesant. It wasn’t leaving me yelling out in pain but I could certainly feel a warmth that was spreading over the areas that had ben hit. For me it wasn’t more than someone could do with their hands (if they have strong hands like most I have been with.) but those who are more sensitive might find that this is just what they are looking for. It didn’t leave any bruising, just a mild redness that disappeared afterwards.

My only downside that I found in using this toy was it left no impression on me. Which is what I was fully expecting it to do with the indentation of the heart on the end of the paddle. I was looking forward to getting a few shots of it, but try as I might nothing came of it.

So to round this out, I find that this is a great paddle for a few things. If you are just getting into impact play, if you are a fan of pink, and if you are looking for a toy that is not too intimidating. If you are used to more high impact play this might seem a little on the light side or if you have a high threshold for pain. Though if you are hoping that this will make an impression that will last…skip this one.

Erotic Toy Town carries the Luv Pink Paddle and its matching ankle cuffs as well on their website.

Thank you to them for providing me this paddle free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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