Not So Sexy Summer

Summer is supposed to be sexy, what with the heat and everyone shedding their clothes showing off more skin. But for me I dread it. Not because I hate showing skin, that I really don’t mind that part I rather like since I have become more comfortable over the years with my curvy body. Being able to happily don a pair of shorts and a tank top that shows off my arms and cleavage has been something great this summer. Heck I even bought sleeveless top that I have yet to get a chance to really wear.

Is it the heat? Houston is pretty obnoxious when it comes to the heat, which of course is joined by its good friend humidity to practically sandwich you in sweaty and sticky temperatures. But, having been here a few years I have gotten more used to it slowly but surely. Trust me, the first summer I spent here I in no way believed anyone about the heat. So I thought I would be fine walking from the rail station to my then apartment, it was only a few blocks away. I had done that in Chicago, no problem…no sweat! By the time I got back to my apartment I was drenched in sweat for the first time in my life it seemed. Just head to toe, my shirt when I peeled it off could be wrung out. It was not at all sexy. Though the being curled up naked in my bed with not a stitch of clothing on in the cool AC was pretty awesome. But it’s not the heat that sucks all the sexy out of my summers.

It’s the mosquitos . These little blood suckers are rampant in Houston, especially after it rains. This my dear readers is what happens when you build a city on top of a bayou. You get lots of standing water in places which the little vampires lay their eggs in and one day…POOF millions of them descend upon the city, and most of them it always feels like is on me and me alone. At the moment of writing this have bites on my hands, neck, arms, chest, side, back, shoulders, legs, feet and yes there is even a bite right on my pubic area. Why? Because I dared to wear a skirt out one day and at some point of me either waiting for the bus (as I do not drive) or just even daring to be outside really. One of the little buggers got up it and I didn’t notice. I am not sure what makes me a beacon for them, perhaps it’s where I work (bath shop, lots of pretty natural scents all over my clothes and me after a day of selling) or my own personal scent. But something about me attracts them. Which leaves me an itching miserable mess half the time, which for me its hard to even feel sexy with myself when I have to stop for a moment because something is itching. I have tried bug spray, but because of my job its a rather off-putting scent that I can’t cover up when I am at work trying to sell things that smell good.

Perhaps this is why I just prefer the winter at this point, curling up with someone you want to be with and making some body heat to keep warm. Sure winter clothing isn’t the sexiest but getting out of it can certainly be fun with all the layers. So for now, winter will have to be my go to sexy season. Until I can find my sexy summer days again.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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