Review: Insignia Lyla 2 By LELO

The Insignia Lyla 2 is an upgrade from Lelo of their orignal Lyla, a two piece set bullet massager and remote. Meant to be used to tease and stimulate your partner or on your own depending on how you want to play. I received it from Sin Free Toys to see how it had improved from its first incarnation. I am going to break down the toy for those of you who don’t know about the Lyla first, and then go into my comparison.

My Lyla 2 arrived in simple discreet box, addressed to my home from Sin Free Toys. The Insignia Lyla 2 comes inside two boxes, first an outer box and then a very sleek black box with the LELO brand on the top. Inside the box is the Lyla Egg/Bullet, Remote, a silk pouch, packet of lube, charger for the Egg, a pair of AAA batteries for the remote, an Insignia Pin, and the instructions for the Lyla 2. The Lyla 2 comes in three colors Pink (as shown in my review), Black and Purple. I was a little worried at first that something had broken because when I had taken the box out I heard a rattling but that was just because the pin had come loose from its spot in the inner box.

Once I gave all of the instructions a once over to read, and I HIGHLY suggest you do because with 3 different settings it’s a lot to remember how it works until you get used to it. I am going to break it down by each part to make things easier to read.

The Bullet/Egg:

Made of high quality silicone and ABS plastic, the bullet is meant to be used externally or internally vaginally. It is not meant for use anally because while it has a retrieval cord it has no flared base.

The main part of the bullet is about 3 inches in length and 4 inches in circumference and 1 inch in diameter. One end has a bit more a curve to it which I found made it easier to hold when used externally and when used internally it pressed just right against my inner walls. It is made of silicone and houses the main motor for the toy. The cap is made of plastic and removes for cleaning and so that you can charge the bullet.

On the bottom of the bullet is a small amount of raised silicone that shows where the button to turn the toy on is. it can be used with out the remote this way. There is a small light that turns on when you press the button and cycle through the 6 different settings. To turn it off you just hold down the button for about 5 seconds.

When you are charging the massager the light will pulse, and then glow steady when it has reached its full charge. It takes just a little over an hour to fully charge after it has been completely drained and it runs about 3 hours on a full charge without ever losing power or over heating. The manual does say that the SenseMotion Technology works best when the massager is fully charged and the remote has fresh batteries. They suggest charging the unit monthly to improve the battery life.

The Remote:

The remote looks fairly simple, about the size of a makeup compact it is in the shape of a flat, round disk. There is a plastic key that comes with the set to remove the plastic panel from the back of the remote. It took me a few tries to get this right, but once you master it you expose the battery compartment. It runs on 2 AAA Batteries which as stated before are included. To replace it either use the key again or you can use your flattened palm. Don’t use anything else to remove the back panel as it can damage the ABS Plastic finish.

The remote has three buttons, + to turn it on and increase the intensity of the setting, () cycles through the three modes and is supposed to turn the vibrations in the remote off, and the – turns it off and decreasing the intensity of the setting. When you first turn the remote on it will automatically turn on in SenseMotion Mode 1, you can cycle through to Sense Motion Mode 2, then a steady vibration and last to the preset patterns. The remote can be locked by pushing the + and – buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds.

The remote makes the bullet go through about 9 different power settings. From a very low to a very high. Even at its highest setting it was fairly quiet and I could only hear it if I was listening for it or the room was completely silent. The remote also vibrates and was louder than the bullet was. In the steady vibration mode the remote’s vibration can be turned off, you just need to hold down the () button for 5 seconds. The remote instead flashes in sync with the vibrations in the massager. However once the it goes back to the SenseMotion modes, the vibrations return.

The preset patterns, are your normal presets it seems.

Slow Pulses
Faster Pulses
Revving up through each power level (About 1 per second)
slower Revving (About 1 every 2 seconds)
Random (1 cycle about every 4 seconds)

SenseMotion Technology

There are 2 different SenseMotion modes. The first allowing the remote to control the intensity of the vibrations based on the position of the remote. If the remote is laying flat, the vibrations are at their weakest. The more you turn it vertically the stronger they get. Once it is fully on its side they are at their strongest.

The second mode allows the vibrations to increase by moving it. Shaking it rapidly allows it to be at 100% intensity and shaking it slowly makes the vibrations weaker.

Taking Care of your Lyla 2

Because the Lyla 2 is made of Silicone and plastic it is fairly easy to care for. You want to use only water or oil-based lubricants when you are playing with it. To clean you can use water and soap, toy wipes/cleaners, or a 10% bleach solution sanitize. You do not want to boil it or run it through the dishwasher because that will damage the motor.

I found the best way to clean the massager after using it internally was to allow it a moment to soak in warm/hot water. Then washing it down with soap and water before any fluid has the chance to dry. Though if some does dry, I have found that taking a smaller brush to clean (like a tooth-brush) is the best measure for getting things out of the smaller spots where things might hide.

Storage is simple as well. You want to remove the batteries from the remote and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Either in the original packaging box or the toy pouch that is included inside. I was able to fit everything the toy came with in the pouch for storage inside my lockable vibrator case.

Overall my experience was great with this toy, both using the bullet on its own and using the remote. It was silent enough to use in a slightly crowded place with a lot of noise or in a room with a little background noise. If you are going to use it for public play, I suggest using it on the setting that is just controlling it with the buttons of the remote with the vibrations off. Using the SenseMotion features would attract too much attention. And with the vibrations not turning off in those modes it could easily be heard. If its fully charged it is easy to control for about 24 feet (8 yards). I found that it did its job in being able to keep me on my toes about what the person with the remote was going to do with it at all time. Though be warned that after an hour if the remote does nothing the bullet will go out of standby and turn itself off, which is only a real issue if you are wearing it all night or during a long amount of playtime.

Now how does it compare to the first Lyla and the issues people had with that?

(Lyla) The remote doesn’t stop vibrating
(Lyla 2) While the remote can be turned off, its only when it’s on certain settings, making public play hard.

(Lyla) The remote doesn’t work through clothing/flesh/walls
(Lyla 2) I had no issues with it working through things, I was able to walk through all the rooms in my 1 bedroom apartment while someone else used the remote and then outside almost to my mail box before the connection seemed to drop.

Those where the two main issues that I found that users had with the original Lyla, if there are others please let me know and I will be happy to address them. Thank you to Sin Free Toys for giving me the chance to review this product, in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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4 Responses to Review: Insignia Lyla 2 By LELO

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  2. Jeanine says:

    Hi there! I really found your review of the Lyla 2 very helpful. I am going on a trip with my new and very dominant boyfriend and was thinking of buying this as a toy we would both enjoy. Our play would mostly be my using externally… Perhaps placing it in my panties, before we go to dinner. He will so enjoy using the remote during dinner!

    Currently, I use my beloved Hitachi wand applied hard against my clit to bring my hard, rolling orgasms.

    My question to you is how strong are the vibrations in your opinion? Are they anywhere near those of a Hitachi? With regard to the vibration strength, how does it compare to, say, the remote Jimmy Jane equivalent and others on that tier of luxury wireless remote vibrators?
    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. I am a currently unemployed mother of 2, so if I am going to splurge on this toy, I really want to eliminate any disappointing surprises. Thanks again!!

    • Jeanine,

      I have never used the Jimmy Jane or any of the other luxury wireless remotes myself, but having used this toy for some time now the vibrations when applyed to your clit are rather strong on the first setting when its turned up the highest. I wouldn’t say its as strong as a Hitachi as that bad boy is pretty powerful, but its good for going out and using during play.

      I would just make sure that if you get it, when going out I have found that its best to wear it with panties and a skirt. The thicker the material you are wearing over it sometimes the signals don’t seem to catch for some reason (so it wasn’t much of toy to used during our bundled up winter this year). I hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much for this review I’m on a road trip and we are trying to get our Insignia Lyla 2 to work properly but it won’t. The remote is lit up stead but will not do anything (not even turn off) *sigh* this is only the 3rd or 4th time we played with it and it’s quite frustrating to say the least lol I don’t have the manual with me as I felt we had a good understanding of how to use it now. But I’ve run into many issues and in the frustration my memory is failing me lol your review is the most extensive, concise, and helpful one I have found in my 1.5 hours of searching 🙂 thank you!!

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