So now rape has to be ‘legit’?

A friend of mine sent me this link of Rep. Todd akin who is running for Senate in Missouri. Who apparently after talking to his close doctor friends and I assume his years from attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute has learned a thing or two about women’s bodies. I mean he apparently knows so much that even I didn’t know that some place I had a fail safe against rape. Well rape that is legitimate of course, because if it’s not I assume that my brain doesn’t get the correct trigger and still sends out the baby-making program. But I guess that Akin who is of course a privileged white college educated male, knows better than silly old me a female who got her GED and has been raped. But apparently mine was ‘legitimate’ enough that I didn’t get pregnant. Not that I was sure because I had been so stressed out in the weeks afterwards that my period didn’t come for two months afterwards. But then again, I am a woman and I don’t know as much about my body.

Which is I guess why we can’t harness this amazing power to as Akin put it ‘shut the whole thing down’. I mean think of how much women could save on birth control (which I am sure he doesn’t want us to have in the first place) and silly visits to specialty doctors that are just for women’s health. But I am sure they would find it that we would be using the practice wrong if we did it while having sex for pleasure instead of procreation. Because of course we as women don’t know how to use our bodies correctly.


Alright, that about as far as my sarcasm can go on this one subject. Mostly because, its making me tired that so often my brain ends up sounding like this when another male politician ends up coming out and saying something stupid about women’s bodies/heath/abortion/rape.

Whatever it may be its just getting more and more frustrating to sit here and hear things like this, from people who are supposedly well-educated. These are people who in my opinion should know better because of course they where able to afford to go to amazing schools right? But then I think that when they did go to school it was a different era, so perhaps they didn’t have the knowledge we did back then. But in this day and age, its called checking your facts. Hell even before I started writing this I did simple google searches for things about Todd Akin so that I wouldn’t get any of the details wrong about who he is. I am sure this man has a couple of unpaid interns that he could force into doing something like that right? But then again, I am sure to get on his good side they wouldn’t want to upset him with the truth.

Effects and Aftermath of Rape

Pandora’s Project

Rape Related Pregnancy

Again, all done with simple Google searches to make sure that I had the facts about Pregnancy and Rape. Took me all of maybe 15 min to go over the links that I had found to make sure they where from rather credible sources. Not that hard Todd. And a lot better than relying on a ‘doctor friend’ who I am starting to think may or may not exist, and if this doctor does. Could we please get his name so that the women of Missouri can avoid his practice at all cost?


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3 Responses to So now rape has to be ‘legit’?

  1. ralfast says:

    It boils down to control. They get to define it not you, thus they gain control of you.


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