Review: Fluffy Flogger

Recently I got a chance to review the Fluffy Flogger made by Ruff doggie styles. This is my second product from this company and I am happy to say that I continue to love their products.

Beginners and advanced players alike will find use from this flogger. The Fluffy Flogger works well to either ease into using floggers in your play, or for more advanced players. This is a great warm up flogger before moving on to others. It gets the skin warm and red with out leaving any long standing marks on the body, but giving it just enough sting to really waken up the senses. But don’t think that this is all fluff and no bite, if you are standing away and just hitting with the ends of the tails on this fluffy beauty, it can surprise you with a bit more of sting than I thought it would produce. Perfect after the thuddy feeling of getting more of the tails across your back.

This also works great for sensation, dragging it along the parts that you have just brought all that attention to in the lightest of manners, making this a very versatile toy, indeed!

The design of the flogger is very simple, but very sturdy. Breaking it down from handle to falls:

The loop at the end is made of black and white braided leather, about 5 inches long. It is woven into the handle so it is very stable. While I used it, I did not use the loop. It made it very easy to store it hanging up in my closet on a simple plastic clothes hanger with out breaking. The handle itself is wooden, wrapped in the same white and black leather. It has a round part at the bottom and top to finish the handle look.

The falls are two types faux fur and suede. The fur part is nice and fluffy, giving it the look of almost real fur, which I love because faux fur can sometimes look fuzzy instead of fluffy. The suede one is soft as well, but they are thin, which give them a nice sting amongst the softness. They falls themselves are about 17 inches in length.

Also, even though it looks heavy, the whole thing is very light when you are holding it, which helps in wielding it.

Depending on how you use this flogger, you can get a various amount of sensations out of it, from stingy to thuddy. When my partner was standing closer to me, letting more of the falls hit, it would be the thuddy feeling. When they where further away it was stinging, only the tips of the flogger hitting my skin which caused my skin to become red quickly. It did leave marks, but they did not stay long enough to document. The harder you swing, the stronger the thud or the sting can be. So this was a great toy to just vary things up and change every few swings, never quite letting the body get used to one sensation.

Another favorite part was running it over the body after. It left me squirming, thanks to my nerves being worked up from the flogging, which was fun because it helped to bring me down after building me up.

This was very easy for me to store via hanging it on a plastic hanger in my closet. Though, I do recommend hanging it high enough that animals like curious cats aren’t able to start to play with it.

Cleaning was a bit confusing, as the mixed materials don’t lend to the same types of cleaning. So, I opted to spray it with a simple linen spray after cleaning. If you were to get something on it, I recommend using a damp cloth carefully to blot it out. But remember, suede can stain when it is wet.

There wasn’t much in the way of packaging, just a simple plastic sleeve that you slip off, but cannot slip back on so you can’t use it for storage. But I was able to toss it into the recycling so that was good, as no one is going to wonder what a simple slip of plastic might have been for, especially if you have some nosy neighbors. There is also a simple tag on that came attached, but because it was so small I soon lost it, so I cannot tell you what was on it.

With any flogger, be careful when you are playing with it. I suggest practicing on pillows so that you can get the hang of swinging it correctly. Even though this is a rather light toy, remember to play safely and not hit the spine with this toy. It will keep you in the habit of making sure not to do it with toys that are heavier if you move up to them.

Overall, as a far as impact toys go, I love the Fluffy Flogger. It may be a little tamer then most floggers on the market but what it lacks in a sting it makes up for in a great quailty made warm up flogger so that you can really get the body ready for whatever other pleasures or punishments you may have!

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