Doing Good While Feeling Good

It’s no surprise that I love sex toys and that I love shopping for sex toys. But another thing I love is when my purchase is able to give back in someway.

Which is why I was really excited to come across Conscious Contraceptives and their mission!

They were inspired by the ‘one for one’ charity model that was established for Tom’s Shoes, in that a portion of every purchase from their website ( is put towards donating contraceptives to underserved communities not only domestically but foreign as well. They are also partners with US-based and international organizations to promote sexual education to reduces the spread of sexually transmitted infections and number of unplanned pregnancies worldwide.

Currently they are partnered with Support for International Change, which is working in Northern Tanzania to provide comprehensive set of community-based and sustainable services to fight HIV/AIDS.

Though I am sure some of you are saying, “This mission is awesome, but just what do they offer on their site?”

Well not only do they offer an excellent variety of condoms both male and female, as well as dental dams for Oral Protection. They also carry toys, personal lubrication and other bath & body products. They carry a number of products from brands that many of us love and trust such as Lelo, Tantus, Durex, Trojan and many others.

One of my favorite features their ConCon Kits. These are kits that they have put together based on various ‘categories’ such as the Ultimate Orgasm Kit for Her or The More Adventurous Couple kit. Each has a variety of products that they have put together that you can pick from, to mix and match. There are at this time 11 kits to choose from and because you don’t have to get everything just the things you want from it you are really able to make it your own.

They also show their price verse the price you would get it elsewhere, which I love because it shows how much you are saving. The Ability to easily set up personalized, automatic reshipment for those items that you use the most, at the reshipment frequency that is appropriate for you. On top of all this, they also provide discreet shipping (free if it’s over 39 dollars) and billing which these days, everyone loves because no one needs to know what goes down in your bedroom. Unless, you know you are into telling the world!

So why not go take a peek and see what they have to offer, knowing that with every purchase you complete, you are helping out another human who desperately needs our help!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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