Review: Cry Wolf

Monique Alexander says she’s been brutally violated, gagged, and left for dead in a cold stone basement. Or was she? By wild luck, her ex-boyfriend hears her muffled cries and rescues her. Or does he? How did he know she was down there…naked, bleeding, and violated? As this darkly sexual tale unfolds we are led to wonder…was she even hurt at all? If so, who is the culprit? The only thing we really know is that payback’s a bitch. Literally. Cry Wolf is destined to become a classic in the Paul Thomas tradition of AVN Best Picture Classics. Hear the Cry. Now.

Features: Chapter Selection, Positions Room, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scene, Slide Show, Previews, Bonus Scenes, Monique Alexander’s Biography,Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information

The Extras: Include a 20 minute BTS, five bonus sex scenes, one deleted scene, a widescreen photo gallery. There’s also a deleted scene from the extended scene with Riley Mason.

Performers: Carly Parker, Devon Lee, Holly Wellin, Jay Huntington, Jayna Oso, Lexxi Tyler, Marcos Leon, Marlie Moore, Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus, Riley Mason, Staci Thorn, Stefani Morgan, Steven St. Croix, Tory Lane, Tyla Wynn.

The Movie: The teaser on the back of the box does justice to Cry Wolf from the beginning. From opening shot we all watched as Danny rapes her. However, it wasn’t rape was it? The story goes back and forth trying to explain what really happened to Sylvia that night. Can anyone be trusted when it comes to compromising your integrity for love, money, and drugs? With all of the unexpected curveballs, Cry Wolf keeps you watching until the end. I am going to do my very best not to give away the plot here for those who do end up getting this. There is a rape scene and choking involved for those that are either offended by it or turned off by the actions.

Cry Wolf opens on Marcos Leon, who plays Roger, a former child star returning home with his date Monique Alexander, who is playing Sylvia. They go inside his mansion and Sylvia’s cloths start to come off before she demands a tour of the house. The tour is quick where they end up in the kitchen, getting involved in a bit of foreplay (fellatio and cunnilingus) before they make their way up to the bed room and things start to go very wrong.

Scene 1: Marcos Leon & Monique Alexander

After giving him a pill to deal with Roger’s lack of wood, Sylvia continues to bait him pointing out his downfalls. He quickly demands that she leaves but stops her in the hall way pulling her down to the floor. At first you think the sex is consensual, but it’s not. He grabs her a few times pulling her into the bathroom and forces himself on her. After all is said and done, he calls a friend named Danny to help him with a problem.

Scene 2: Devon Lee, Holly Wellin, Mr. Marcus

Jumping 6 months back in time. We get Marcus with two women. At first he is just watching them, but soon they take turns going down on him before taking him both vaginally and anally. Afterwards they both ask him if he has any drugs, only to learn he is no longer in that business.

Scene 3: Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus

Danny and Sylvia meet as he is closing up the bar. The two end up going on a date. One thing leads to another and they are back at his place making out. This scene is nice and slow, it really touches on seducing both the mind and body. It seems to stretch over a couple of days/weeks in their life showing them bond as a couple. They manage to go through several positions before he finally cums on her ass. There is use of a condom for part of this scene as well. As the scene goes on Danny and Sylvia are paid a visit by some goons and are taken to his place.The drug dealer Leon played by Steven St. Croix, wants Danny to repay the money he lost to the cops or take it out in trade with Sylvia.

Scene 4: Carly Parker, Jay Huntington, Steven St. Croix, Tory Lane, Lexxi Tyler

While Danny and Sylvia are guests of Leon, there is an all out orgy going on with the women taking hits from what suppose to be coke on a table. It’s hard to make out who is with who here but one of the women gets a bit carried away rubbing some “blow” on her clit. There is some use of a glass toy by one of the girls, cunnilingus, fellatio and multiple positions. It also starts on a table, with them standing on top of it. I couldn’t get over how just…not safe that was.

Scene 5: Jayna Oso, Marcos Leon, Stefani Morgan

Roger opens up to Danny about the moral clause in his contract that cost him his job. Roger was having sex back in his room with the windows and curtains wide open while the neighbors looked on and took pictures to blackmail him. To be honest, it was hard to watch this scene after the opening scene. I just couldn’t get into it because of the character Marcos Leon was playing.

 Scene 6/7: Steven St. Croix, Marlie Moore,Holly Wellin, Riley Mason, Tyla Wynn

After running the women in his own version of Leon Says at poolside, he has his other girl (Craig) do a personal taste test of each of the women. Each of the women has one minute to have an orgasm from him. I am not sure the reason for this scene, other than to lead into the next one which are the same people. Leon has his mouth busy with the girls while the others use toys to get them selves off. There is a brief appearance by Marcus who just comes in to do business with Leon.

Scene 8: Monique Alexander, Steven St. Croix, Tyla Wynn

Sylvia comes to see Leon and make her own deal. He is joined by his girl, Craig, who goes down on Syliva for a bit before she makes her move on Leon. Tyla is seen in the background playing with herself while she watches the other two. After going down on Leon she drags the other girl into the bathroom. When Leon follows we find them in the bathroom and Sylvia has gotten a strap on and is using it on Craig. When she is done with her, Sylvia and Leon make it back over to the bed to finish him off.

There is still much more to this, but no more sex scenes. However, I will say this, the ending has a few twists and turns, but isn’t for those who are sensitive.

Experience: Overall, I really enjoyed Cry Wolf as a sort of psychological thriller with of course, the porn thrown in. The excellent storytelling, was very well written and an engaging film that should keep you glued to the television not exclusively for the sex, but for the plot as well. It was a little tough for me to watch the rape scene at the beginning, but I did like that they made it seem real and that the character of Syliva was affected by it as they show later in the film. After finishing it I could understand how it won Best Film at the 2009 AVN awards.

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