Review: Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion

Happy Hooters made by Doc Johnson. As the name and label suggests is a female comfort lotion; intending to make your skin feel soft while also preventing sweat that can happen from the heat, humidity, working out or even for some just being trapped in a stuffy bra all day long. However, it is easily used any place on the body that might sweat when you of course don’t want it too. It is also not strictly for women, I have found at least one man who likes it and has been using my bottle since I purchased it.

The texture is slightly thin, but that wasn’t a surprise to me as I noted the foremost ingredient in the product is water and when a lotion of any kind has water it tends to be on the thin side. After squeezing some out into my hand I was a little worried because my lotion looked slightly chunky so I wasn’t sure if it was going to go on correctly So I deiced to spot test it on my hand first. I found that it left my skin feeling smooth with only a small hint of drag. I could tell the area moisturized but it was more like velvet soft then silky soft.

Upon trying it under my breasts, I found that it left them with the same feeling moisturized but not to the point that it was shiny.

The smell was soft and pleasant, a slight floral and aloe smell to my overly strong nose. The scent was not overpowering on my skin, nor could I smell it under any perfume or other lotions that I wore over it.

After the spot test on my hand, I gave it the full test under my breasts. I put it on after a shower once I dried off. It sank into my skin easily and I found that it even seemed to sooth a slight bit of redness that I had been dealing with upon putting it on. It was a little easier to get my bra on with out having to worry about it being sweaty which was nice. Though the real test came when I got outside into the Houston heat, I even made sure to carry the bottle with me just in case it didn’t work and I needed to attempt to reapply.

The hour I spent outside in the heat bouncing from bus to bus, was a success as was my 8 hour shift at work. It wasn’t until I was leaving that I noticed that sweat starting to come back. So I simply went home, showered and reapplied before I went to bed. I have to say I am impressed with how long it lasted on me.

The bottle arrived wrapped in a simple plastic envelope that I just recycled. The bottle it self is a simple black squeeze bottle that stands on the dispenser so it is easier to get things out. Just do not have too firm of a grip when you open up the cap, or it will squeeze out.

The instructions on the back are fairly simple: Apply approximately a quarter sized amount to desired areas after bathing or as needed. Reapply if necessary.

The bottle isn’t the most discreet, what with the words ‘Happy Hooters’ on the front in white and pink. But it is small enough to fit in a large purse or anything larger that you might find you need to carry it in.

As I was curious about what each of the ingredients did in this product I went searching for them and wanted to make sure I shared my findings. I did this as I normally use products made from natural ingredients and wanted to make sure what I was putting onto my skin was going to be safe. None of these listed popped up as anything that is harmful.

Water (Aqua)
Tapioca Starch – Viscosity Increasing Agent
Isopropyl Palmitate – Binder; Fragrance Ingredient; Skin-Conditioning Agent
Tocopheryl Acetate – Antioxidant; Skin-Conditioning Agent
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Skin-Conditioning Agent
Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate – Emulsion Stabilizer; Viscosity Increasing Agent (This is what gives it its thickness)
Crosspolmer – couldn’t find any results in the Cosmetics Database I use
Disodium EDTA -Chelating Agent; VISCOSITY CONTROLLING (keeps it all mixed together)
Fragrance (Parfum),
Sodium Hydroxide – Denaturant; pH Adjuster
Colloidal Silver

I am very impressed with how this worked, even after reading the reviews I was worried that it wasn’t going to work for me because of how badly my body is effected by the Houston weather sometimes. But it has made me feel a lot better going out and even wearing some of my more expensive bras other then for special occasions with out fear of sweating too much on them. I am also very happy with how it has worked in other places, as I have a bit of a tummy sometimes right around my hip bone for some reason has this strange reason to sweat so it has kept that part of me nice and dry as well.

I may need to get a second bottle as my partner has admitted to using it as well and he loves it because he sweats while working the grill at his job, and it keeps him as he put it “Dryer then anything I’ve tried for men.” He just wishes the bottle where more discreet.

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