Bad to the Bone: Costumes from Lovehoney

In my quest to find some great Halloween costumes, was pleased to find some great ones over at Lovehoney! Not to mention that select costumes come with a great gift of a 10 speed bullet vibrator, so its like getting a little treat with your trick.

But which ones did I find that I loved the most?

There was this devilishly sexy costume from Dreamgirl, that just screamed out to me. Perhaps not the best for a costume party, unless you pair it with a pair of leggings/nylons but perfect for some fun at home after all the kids have come to the door.


For a better costume to go out on the town and scare up a good time, I found this bewitching costume!


Plus they have all the wigs and accessories that you might need to add to your costume for that perfect touch! So if you are still looking for that right costume, it might just be at Lovehoney, you never know what just might jump out and say BOO!

Great Offers on Costumes, Toys and Wicked Treats for Halloween!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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