Writing: Dream Lover

So this is part of the story I was working on for NaNoWriMo recently, I thought I would share it because honestly its a rather lovely bit of erotica that I wrote for my two characters.

My heart is beating hard as my eyes meet his. My body heat rises and my entire soul trembles. In his eyes I see his desire for me, but besides that I see his love. This is what causes my heart to beat so, my desire to make love with him does not stem out of lust. But rather out of the love I felt so deeply and the need I have to fully express how much I need him body mind and soul. He is nervous, yet so am I slide easily into his arms my gaze never leaving his. I run my hands up his back threading my fingers into his hair. My gaze slowly slips down to his lips a smile curving mine. He truly did have magnificent lips. Lips had always been a fetish of mine. I loved to kiss, especially this man.

On that thought I rose up pressing into his body and pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back his body pressing into mine. Our lips touched and parted then touched again. I was content just to stand there kissing him. I let my tongue slip out teasing the seam of his lips as his hands slid up to my hair.  I revel in the ease with which he ignites my desire. I can hardly contain the fire that starts low in my abdomen by a mere kiss. My hands slide from his hair down his back briefly touching his buttocks before sliding back up to rest on his broad shoulders. His lips leave mine and slowly kiss their way down my neck. My head falls back my eyes closing as I feel his teeth graze my skin. He kisses up to my earlobe. His breath is hot in my ear sending shivers down my spine. My hands on his shoulders tighten as a rush of need floods through my body. His hands tighten in my hair pulling lightly as he continues to torment me with his lips and tongue. My breath accelerates lost in the feelings. His lips slowly find their way back to mine and I eagerly accept his kiss kissing him back passionately.  His hands leave my hair and slide down cupping my buttocks and bringing me flush against him. This time it’s his tongue that sneaks out and teases my lips. Playfully I suck softly on it rubbing against him. He pulls away a smile on his lips as he suddenly swings me up in arms and lays me gently on the bed. He follows laying down beside me and pulling me into his arms his lips once again finding mine. I moan softy into his mouth my hands roaming up and down his back. I feel his hand stroking my side coming close but not quite touching a place that craves his touch. His hand finds the bottom of my shirt slowly sliding it upwards. I sit up letting him take it off of me smiling almost shyly because I wasn’t wearing a bra. He smiled his eyes looking at me heatedly

“You have such nice breasts.” he murmured sending a bolt of pleasure through me at his words.  His hands slowly slide up my side again as his gaze meets mine. I bite my lips in anticipation wanting him to move faster yet wanting to savor every moment. His hand finally finds my breast, my eyes closed almost reflexively as a slow burning pleasure spread from my breasts downwards. My eyes opened and met his again aroused more by the fact that it was him doing it then the act itself. My chest swelled with love and need so that I couldn’t stop the small moan that escaped my lips.

“I love you” I murmured then kissed him again my back arching pushing into his hand. His grip tightened slightly as he kissed me back his hear beat accelerating. One of my legs wrapped itself around his hips my hands gripping his shoulders.  Soon I was pulling at the bottom of his shirt needing to feel his skin against mine. Needing to touch him as he touched me. He sat up and removed his shirt quickly then returned to me kissing me hard then moving to kiss my neck and shoulders. I ran my nails down his bar back my head tilting to one side. I shuddered when he bit down on the space between my neck and shoulders. His hand abandoned my breast sliding down my body and the leg that was wrapped around his hips. With a soft push he had me on my back gazing up as him as he laid on top of me. I reached up threading my fingers into his hair as he leans down and kisses me. I can feel him hard against my thigh as he rubs his body against mine. His lips left mine once more traveling to my neck but they don’t stop there but continue down to my breasts. A moan escaped my lips as I arch into his mouth. His tongue traced circles around my nipple flicking it lightly with the tip. I shivered with pleasure my hands kneading his shoulders. He sucked my nipple into his mouth drawing a moan from deep inside of me as my body moved restlessly beneath him. His hand found my other breast rolling my nipple between his thumb and fore finger. Another moan escaped my parted lips. His free hand drifted down to my waist fingering the button on my jeans. My hips arched slightly a clear invitation for him to remove them. Instead he slid his hand down further cupping me through my pants. I bite my lip my eyes sliding close as my hips arched against his hand. I could feel him smile against my breast. My head tilts back as my hand pulls at my hair. His name left my lips, full of pent-up need. His mouth leaves my breast traveling back up to my lips. I welcome his kiss with a soft moan as my hands tunnel into his hair tightening. His hand moves slightly between my legs teasing me beyond reason. Before finally his hand left its task to unbutton my jeans. He then sat back hooking his thumbs into the waistband of both my pants and my thongs and pulled them off in one smooth motion. I felt suddenly shy being completely exposed when he still had pants on but that feeling soon vanished when he returned his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. My mind shut down and all my doubts and worries melted away in the fire of my need. Our lips clung together as my body undulated against his. His hand found my breast again kneading roughly yet tenderly at the same time. His other hand was fisted in my hair pulling lightly while he plundered my mouth. My hands shifted down wards anxious to rid him of his pants so I could finally feel his naked body against mine. He complied sitting up and helping me remove his pants and boxers. When he finally laid back down on top of me I moaned with the delicious feel of his body pressed against mine. His hand cupped the back of my neck as he pulled my lips to his in a hungry kiss. My body arched into his my leg wrapping itself around his hips pulling his lower body flush with mine. I could feel the heat of him against my thigh and I felt an ache begin inside of me. I wanted him so badly, I needed him to fill me.

I broke away from his lips my mouth moving to his ear “Please. More.” I whispered my voice husky with arousal.  His lips took mine again as his hands slid down my sides lifting both my legs around his waist as he positioned himself. His gaze met mine His hands cupped my buttocks and with one thrust he filled me entirely. There was an instant of pain then an incredible feeling of fulfillment, along with a burning sensation both painful and pleasurable. My legs tightened around his waist as I moaned at the bombardment of sensations. My nails ran down his back as I kissed him softly savoring this moment. Then he began to move. Slowly at first my movements a little awkward. Yet soon we had a rhythm that seemed as natural as breathing. It all became an instinctive dance. My hands gripped his shoulders. My nails leaving small half-moon marks in his skin as my hips moved in time with his. Soon the pace became faster both of us breathing heavily, a fine sheen of sweat covering both of our bodies. My head tossed to one side my hair flaring out on the pillow. His hand grabbed my hair pulling relatively hard, wringing a moan from my lips as the pain only added to my pleasure. His thrusts became harder and harder. I felt myself begin to fragment the feeling like nothing I had ever felt before. My mouth opened in a silent scream my head tilting back as my orgasm tore through me. I was still lost amid the clouds when he shuddered his hips jerking slightly against mine. Dimly I heard him groan and felt him collapse on top of me breathing heavily. Slowly we both returned to our senses my eyes opening with a shock and I wake back up in my bed. Covered in a thin sheen of sweat and kicking my blankets from my body.

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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    Very romantic I love it!

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