Review: Handmade Vegan Flogger

Having a slight love affair with floggers, being that I love the look and the feel of them (both on my skin and in my hands). Floggers where my first introduction into BDSM so they hold a special place in my heart. So I might have done a little happy dance when Agreeable Agony decided to send me their Handmade Vegan Flogger made by Jesse’s Man Hands. So not only is it totally sexy, but it’s ecofriendly too? Oh yes!

Now I have reviewed a Vegan Flogger in the past, by a bigger company that failed to please. But ogling the pictures on their site for their flogger I knew that this would be a game changer.

My flogger was shipped to me super discreetly, the only way I knew what was in the package was from the note left on the Paypal statement of what was being sent. It arrived to me in a simple brown padded envelope with the return address label to “Green Earth Computers” so it doesn’t scream “There are kinky things afoot in this package!”

Folded inside was my lovely flogger, from the first moment you have it in your hands you can tell its been handmade and handmade WELL. From seeing how the handle is wrapped to actually still having the numbers on the rubber falls, it is for me a treat to know with out a doubt that it is made from rubber that has been reused to make the flogger in my hand.





Flogger Specs:

Handle length: 9 inches



Tail lengths: 19 inches (roughly)


Tail widths: 1 inch (roughly)


Weight: 2 pounds (roughly)


Now I have to say roughly on the length and with of the tails because these are all hand cut from the rubber tubing and folded over so as you can see in the picture I took even when I tried to line them up straight in my hands they came out a little uneven. But this was something that I rather liked about it because stands out from anything that might be perfectly made because it is cut my a machine. The only reason I say roughly with the weight is at this time, I have nothing to weigh it with but in my hands compared to another flogger that is 1lb it feels about double that.

PicMonkey Collage


Now I have gone into detail in other writings about how to use floggers in general so please check that out here!

In using the Handmade Vegan Flogger, I found that this would be great for someone who is looking to start or is even an experienced impact player. I was able to get both stingy and thuddy sensations out of it against my skin and my play partners skin depending on where I was standing. The further way and more of the tips just hitting the skin made a good sting, standing closer gave the ability to give it a good thuddy feeling. It was not hard enough on me to leave bruising, but it did leave some lovely red marks that stayed for about 20 minutes after play before the faded.


The flogger is made from rubber, so it is porous. However because I don’t see this breaking skin the only fluid you have to worry about is sweat. However it does make a little difficult to clean, my suggestion is using a wipe of some kind if you feel that you need to get any dust or lingering hair from it. I only say hair because even though I keep my hair up during play, some of it did get a little tangled into the falls which I only knew cause at the moment of writing my review my hair is bright pink.


On the top of the handle there is some rubber that stretches quite nicely so that you can hang your flogger if that is how you choose to store it. Or it folds rather nicely to fit into any other storage box that you may have.

Final Thoughts

Over all, this has become my favorite impact toy that I own at the moment. I think it would make a great addition to anyone’s collection be they someone who is just starting out or those who are neck-deep in kink. Plus, its hand-made by a single person, you know that each one is being made with pride and passion put into them. I am very happy that Agreeable Agony sent me their Handmade Vegan Flogger in exchange for this fair and honest review, I am certain to be raving about them to any who ask!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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