Review: Posh Petite Teaser 3

20121217_142031The Posh Teaser 3 by Cal Exotics, is a silicone vibrator meant for use on the G-spot. Though it can easily also be used as a clitoral toy as the tip comes to a nicely rounded point and the vibrations travel all the way through into it.

The Posh is also able to travel into the shower or tub as it is waterproof, and does have a rubber ring to seal it up tightly so that you are able to use it even if you are submerging it in water.

Because this toy has no base, it is not recommended for anal use. he round end on the bottom could cause your hand to slip if you are using lubrication and it could become stuck inside of your body due to how small it is.

The size has an upside as it is able to travel easily and be hidden so that you can travel discreetly.

The Vibrators is made of a mixture of a Silicone outside and a plastic. The silicone part is what you come in contact with the most when you use the toy, it is Food-grade material, hypoallergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. It has no smell or taste to it.

The feeling of the silicone is almost velvety, I found that it had a slight bit of drag to it along my skin but not enough that it pulled and you could not feel it when use used lube or in the water. It is however a serious lint/dust/cat hair magnet.

While there is texture to this toy, it is not noticeable unless you are very new to using textured toys. The three ridges run along the sides and back of the toy in a small wave-like pattern.

The top of this toy, is shaped much like tulip coming to a slightly rounded point which makes it a good shape for hitting your g-spot if you so desire or using it against other parts of your body to stimulate them. To turn the toy on, there is a simple button on the bottom that you press with a slight click noise that reminded me of the sound a dog clicker makes. When the toy is on there is a light at the bottom around the on/off button that lights up and flashes in sync with the different patterns of vibrations.

The head has a small amount of give to it, but it stays very firm during use. The vibrations are able to travel all the way through to the tip which is a huge plus in my book. However I found the toy over all a little too short in the length department for what I prefer in a G-spot toys.


Length: 6″
Insertable length: 5″
Circumference: 4″
Diameter: 1-1/4″

While I found the toy to certainly be petite as the name states, this makes it excellent for travel. Though the design itself is not discreet from the shape, down to the awesome orange color that stands out.

I know it looks pink here…but its seriously a great shade or sherbet orange!

The Posh has 10 settings of varying vibrations/patterns, though on its highest setting it’s power is only very moderate in comparison to other toys. They have strength and go through the length of the toy rather than focus in one spot. Even on its highest setting it is quiet enough that I could barely hear it under the covers or when I was in another room.

1. High constant vibration.
2. Medium constant vibration.
3. Low vibration.
4. Flickering pattern
5. Intermittent pattern.
6. Surge pattern.
7. High surge pattern.
8. Even pattern.
9. Escliating pattern.
10. Pulsate, a pulsation pattern.

To go through the patterns you have to keep pressing the order to get to which ever you want to use. If you turn it off (which you do by holding the button down for three seconds), when you turn it on again it will go to the next setting rather than stay the same or go back to the first setting (High Vibration). To get it to start on the first setting you need to uncap it and then recap the toy first.

The toy is quite waterproof, as it has a rubber ring to keep any water from getting into the mechanical parts when you tighten the top. So you can use it both in the bath and shower. Though when it is submerged in water, I find that it is slightly louder than normal use.


The ripples are not only from the water running into the sink but from the vibrations as well.

Because it is made of silicone and plastic, it can be cleaned using either soap and water, toy cleaner/wipe, or wiped down with a 10% bleach 90% water solution. You can not boil or put this toy through the dishwasher as it a vibrator and has mechanical parts.

It is non-porous so you don’t have to worry about bacterial building up, though will want take care in making sure the spot where the button and where you cap it are clean or things can build in there. To store you can use the box or plastic bag it comes in, or use any other storage that you have. You just want to keep it out of direct sunlight as the plastic could be degraded by exposure to it.

Only use water based lubricants with the toy, silicone or other lubrication can degrade and deform the silicone that the toy is made from.

The Posh Petite Teaser comes in a medium size white box, with a picture of the toy on the front. While it does not scream ‘sex toy’ by any of the wording on the front in my opinion it still is not the most discreet of packaging. Inside the toy is wrapped in plastic with a slip of paper to tell you how to use the toy and insert the single AAA battery which is not included. Be careful, as there is a slip of plastic inside the slot where you put the battery at first, if you do not remove it you cannot use the toy.

poshpackagingOverall for me this toy was not something I would call my go to toy, it was a little short for me and didn’t hit my g-spot as well as I would have liked it to. As a clitoral toy, it was weaker then I need but I found it to be great as a warm up before moving on to something more powerful such as one of my many wands. Or a toy that I want to use in the bath or shower, and not have to worry about not being able to move later.

The biggest downside in my opinion was the LED light, when the light was steady it was fine but while using it in the dark of my bedroom one night it was rather distracting to have the flickering light going off. Which kind of made me feel like I was masturbating at a rave and all I was missing was the techno music.

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