A New Year

Last year had its ups and downs, that is for sure.

On March of last year I started this blog, since then I have come to accept more about myself and my sexuality. I have thought more about the things that I am into and the things that I need sexually as well as in my life in general. But most of all I have had a place that I could write be it a post about safety or whatever Erotica is coming from my mind at the moment.

My big downside, I lost my job. But I am not upset about it, honestly I was losing my passion for the job. I don’t think I was being utilized to the best of my abilities no matter how hard I tried to promote those abilities. I am not miffed about not being there any longer, I am just miffed about how I let them see me and didn’t let them see who I really was because I chose to follow the things they wanted in a person.

As for the New Year and what it is going to bring, I am hoping it will bring more things that I can review for my readers. I have a few that got lost in the holiday shuffle that I know I will be posting slowly as they kind of piled up. Which does include a my favorites/dislikes from the year before, a little late but I am not stressing deadlines at this moment.

When it comes to my personal life I am not making any huge resolutions  If changes come I hope that I have the sanity to accept them and know that once the dust settles that I will be happy and that change happens for a reason. I know I am going to write more here about myself personally and open up more about the things on my mind. I am going to be working out more but I realize that I am human, there are going to be days that I miss or times when I slip. That is okay, I am working out to yes lose some weight but because it has been so long since I have done a lot with that, I am not going to go crazy with it.

The biggest thing that I plan to keep doing in 2013 is I am going to keep writing, I don’t ever want to stop doing that. Writing is what makes me happy and keeps me going even when I am feeling low. So I for those who read it, they are ready to read whatever comes out of my mind this coming year and I hope that everyone one of you has a fantastic year ahead of you.


About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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