Toy with me Tuesday: Knock Knock


My Pure Wand, which is slowly becoming my favorite toy that I haven’t written about yet has also become my most photographed toy at this point. This is one of the more simple pictures I have taken with it, as I was inspired by what The Boy said about its weight one night.

‘You could use this to knock someone out in the middle of the night’

Yes I know, it’s not using it as a weapon in the photo but instead using the word knock in another way. I have to say that the Pure Wand makes my very drab door on a rainy day look rather lovely.

Toy with me Tuesday

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4 Responses to Toy with me Tuesday: Knock Knock

  1. Blacksilk says:

    That’d be a heavy door knocker! Ace shot!

  2. Honestly, I love your door. It doesn’t look drab to me. I rather like the colors and textures. ^-^ The brilliant silver of the Pure Wand looks great against it.

  3. Penny says:

    The Pure Wand looks lovely as a door knocker; great, creative idea!

  4. Beautiful. The way the light is shining off the Pure Wand is just so pretty. Love them all but I think number three is my favourite. Jane x

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