Bordeaux Burlesque – Long Sleeve Lace catsuit

Recently I was asked by LingeriButik to review some of their plus sized lingerie and was sent a rather lovely looking Bordeaux Burlesque Long Sleeve Lace Catsuit, which was one of the few options that they had in the way of XXL Bodystockings. Upon receiving it in the mail and opening it, I found that Bordeaux Burlesque is just the name they use for it on the site and that it is actually made by Dreamgirl.

bodystockingThe body stocking is made of 100% nylon, which is a very delicate material and almost felt like cotton against my skin which was a surprise as I tend to find most lace patterns itch like crazy. It may look like it would be too small to cover the whole body, but it has a good amount of stretch to it. You still need to be careful when putting it on, as you don’t want it to snag or rip. Since this is made of nylon you will only want to hand wash this and hang dry it. Machine washing and drying can and will damage the material.

Getting it on is simple, you just step through the collar of the stocking and start working it up making sure that the v-shaped part of it is at the front. I say this because in total honesty I put it on backwards the first time.  Once up to the waist you will want to start slipping into the sleeves and some what tucking everything else in.

The pattern for this stocking have large bows that are connected via bold black lines, with fainter wavy lines as well inside each diamond shape that the bolder lines create. The collar is a simple V neck and is made of a slightly thicker lace then the main body. The back of the collar is scoop necked so it does dip a bit as well. The crotch I find is only really semi-crotch less as there are two flaps of material that spread open depending on how you open your legs, bend or hold it open.



One Size 2 – 14/B – C/32 – 38/24 – 32/34 – 40/60 – 160

Queen 16 – 20/D – DD/40 – 54/36 – 44/42 – 56/165 – 275

The Queen size that I have says it fits up to 275. At just a little under 200 myself, however I have much larger cup size then recommended (EE) so that did change how it seemed to fit on my body type. The top felt short on me, causing it to not come all the way up on my shoulders and instead hung off of them. Which while still rather alluring , leaves it feeling like I am not wearing it correctly. The legs I felt like I had a lot of extra material to play with that liked to get all bunched at my ankles. So it was a
challenge to make. For some reason I was not able to get them to balance out no matter how I pulled and moved the fabric.

Overall, this is a rather nice bodystocking if you think it will fit you. I have worn it a few times and I choose wear with a bra underneath as I think it looks best that way on my body type as there is no underwire. It has a very sexy and simple allure to it.

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