Why we can’t have nice things: Video Game Edition

I like gaming, and while my choice in video games tends to be limited thanks to a lot of them being from a first person vantage I still enjoy watching The Boy play his FPS’ (First Person Shooters) while I am on the computer doing other things. I would personally love to pick them up myself and let out a little steam now and then. Seeming he wears headphones I don’t have to be subjected to the rather annoy trash talk that can come through them. Which is fine by me, I would rather just avoid that shit all together. However, lately something else has been bothering me that I finally had to say something about someplace.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch Studios, has an option to create your own emblem. It’s rather neat to seewhat some of the other gamers come up with. The boy has been working on his set of Lantern Corps emblems and one of his friends that he plays with regularly has a really great emblem of Jake from Adventure Time.


The Boys emblems

I have seen a lot of things from Kirby, various NFL logos and other artwork. I think it is an interesting way to add a nice chunk of customization to the game.

Some of the Good!

Some of the Good!

But this is of course where it stops, almost every time he plays, I end up seeing at least 2-3 emblems that are sexual in nature. While I don’t find sexuality offensive, it’s what they are choosing to make as their emblems. I have seen half-naked women, half-naked women getting cum on, women performing Fellatio and the one that finally drove me to write this…


That’s right, a woman with balls descending into her mouth.

Now the servers allow players to mark something as offensive. But it makes me scream why even do these things at all? People know that these things are in the rules, it is even stated on the community website for Call of Duty.

Offensive Emblems
Any user who creates an emblem with sexually gratuitous images, racially offensive material or foul language is subject to penalty.

Minor offense: User will be temporarily banned from using the Emblem Editor, and all emblems will be reset to default.

Extreme or repeat offenses: User will be permanently banned from using the Emblem Editor, and all emblems will be reset to default.

It makes me question just why in the world would they risk their account just to show off some immature, sexist emblem. Risking their account for a game that they spent money on and continuing to alienate gamers who are female on top of all that, just so that they can ‘look cool’ in a group of gamers. I am the kind of girl that would avoid a game just for that reason alone. I realize I could continue to report every user I see, but that gets tiring. There is part of me that wonders if they have people who go on the servers from the company that made it, that can check these things out now and then. To prune the offensive rather then wait for a player base that half might not say anything about it, to the other half that will just be giving them an internal high five for a cool emblem. Though the other thing that confuses me is why Offensive Behavior has repeat offenses being that you get banned from the game entirely, but the worst they do for emblems is to just take away that option.

I hold more respect for those people whose emblems I have shown above because they took the time to make some honestly good artwork instead of trying look cool by just continuing to perpetuate stereotypes about male gamers who play shooters. And even more for any gamers of any gender who takes the few moments to report these offensive emblems.

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2 Responses to Why we can’t have nice things: Video Game Edition

  1. Maxwell Tate says:

    Yesterday, a post went up on the official Black Ops forums from JD himself about a new “Black Ops Security and Enforcement Policy”, detailing, among other things, the new stance on the issue of offensive emblems the community has come up with. This comes shortly after Microsoft announced that they were going to be cracking down on offensive emblems.

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