Review: Tantus Splish

Splish is a smaller sized dildo made by Tantus that can be used for anal or vaginal penetration because of the flared base. The base also makes it harness compatible. It is textured, but because of its smaller size the texture seems almost dulled down, though not to the point that texture lovers wouldn’t notice it. Those who are looking to start experimenting with texture, love texture or prefer a smaller sized toy would all enjoy this.

Like all of the toys in the Tantus line, Splish is made of premium silicone. The silicone that is used is mostly firm, the thicker part of the toy cannot be squished in very much but closer to the base it has enough movement that it can be bent in half.



When moving it around it gives off a floppy appearance but during use it does not. It has a lot more ease and give, which makes it really nice for those starting to try anal as it walks that line between firm and not firm.

This toy is non-porous and phthalates free, it can be boiled to disinfect or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. So this toy is safe for use between partners as well as by one person.

There is a good amount of drag to the Splish, however when lube is applied it disappears. Because silicone is non-porous it doesn’t soak up lube so there isn’t a need to reapply in the middle of play unless you personally find you need it.

The texture of the Splish is obvious. It has various ripples and waves all along the shaft from the head to almost the base. Its looks almost as if someone had taken a thicker oil or wax and let it drip down the length of the toy. Going from a pearlessent white color, down to a lovely shade of shimmering soft purple.

The texture might seem like too much, but because of the small stature of the Splish it seems to minimize the feel. Also those who are looking try their first textured toy would find the Splish a good choice as it won’t overwhelm.

Splish is certainly a smaller sized dildo. The total length is only 5″, with 4.5″ of that being insertable. At its widest point the diameter is 1″ with a circumference of 3.25″. These measurements slowly taper down from there until you get to the 2″ base. For me it literally fits in the palm of my hand.


The design is very artistic, and it doesn’t resemble any realistic shape other then being phallic. The white and purple coloring give it a very whimsical feel to it, and even when not in use it almost shimmers in the light. However it does not make this toy discreet in any way if you deiced to leave this toy out. But because of the small size it is easy to hide and very easy to travel with.

While the texture may look extream on the Splish, it is a lot more mild during actual use. The texture has no give to it but the smaller size didn’t allow for it to push into the skin as much as a larger toy would have. The size is not very filling vaginally, unless you are someone who has a preference for smaller toys. When thrusting or running along the outer edges the texture was felt, mostly the drips at the bottom of the base

Anally the texture seemed slightly more pronounced, and there was a slightly more full feeling though not by much. This actually made the Splish a very good toy to warm up with and stretch the muscles slightly before moving on to bigger things.

Because this toy is made of silicone you can use almost anything to clean it. From soap and water to toy cleaner can be used regularly. When it comes to sterilizing the toy, you can boil it or place in the top rack of the dishwasher. The silicone is a lint and hair magnet, but compared to a lot of my toys this one seems to gather the least amount. Though you cans still give it a wipe down with a toy wipe before use just to make sure its all gone.

Only water based lubes should be used with the Splish, as silicone lubes can damage the material. While you could keep the Splish in the packaging, it won’t last long. A small pouch or drawstring bag works better in the long term for storage to keep it from getting covered in dust/hair.

I have had the Splish for a few months now, and it has become my go to warm up toy when it comes to doing anything anally. I find that the size and texture is perfect for me in making sure that I am ready to take more later on. I have also used this toy as a plug during sex which has worked better for me then some of the toys I have bought that are specifically made for that task. When used like that I have found I can feel the texture just a tad bit more which makes it all the more enjoyable.

While this toy doesn’t get a lot of use in my general rotation, I am glad that I have it for those times that it now comes in handy.

You can of course get a Splish for yourself from Tantus!

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