Using Toys while on your Period

Woman by CorrynGoldschmidt on Flickr.

Woman by CorrynGoldschmidt on Flickr.


I am one of those people, that can and will still masturbate during my period. Why? Well for myself it helps to ease the cramps and other general discomforts. There is also the bonus that orgasms make me happy and I am much less likely to snap at people who may not deserve my grump because I feel like I have the Alien from Aliens trying to claw its creepy little way out of my uterus.  I have found also, that for me it seems to make my periods lighter, quicker which is always a bonus for me. I have also heard that doing so decreases the likelihood of yeast infections because of the increased blood flow to the pelvis. Now during that time, I normally just switch back to using my fingers however…there are just sometimes where you really crave using something more. So I know you must be screaming, oh god the mess how could you let that get to your toys? So I have come up with a few things to be mindful of while using toys during my period.


Toys that are made of materials that can be sterilized are the best to use Silicone, Metal, and Glass are your best friends for insertable toys. Even when it’s just a vibrator with a silicone outside you can use a 10% bleach solution to clean the toy to sterilize it after using. This will also work with plastic but only the bleach solution. If you are still wary you can also use a condom to cover it for extra protection. Because yes they toy is going to get dirty.

Personally, I tend to steer clear of any other materials, especially rubber, PVC, or jelly for my toys as they are unsafe. Though they are also super porous which makes them hard to clean, so if you where to use them during your period you would be risking all kinds of things left over on your toy later.

Another thing is that when it comes to toys I try to stick with ones that have simple shapes to them. Nothing with too many grooves or texture, as I have found those can be rather annoying to clean later to make sure that you have gotten things out of every little nook.

To Insert or Not?

This is a preference depending on your personal needs. Personally, it varies with me, sometimes I just need the direct clitoral stimulation and other times I need both.

Though, either way, you want to make sure that if you do use tampons during your period to remove them. You can always insert a fresh one after. This is again, like with the toy so that no bacterial build up happens. It also is good, because you don’t want your tampon and string to be pushed up further into your body where it could find itself stuck.

What about the mess?

There are a few ways of dealing with it.

1. A Towel

Throw it on the bed and when you are done you can throw it into the wash. I tend to stick with darker colored ones, and I have one that is specifically used for just that situation so that I am not going through all of my towels.

2. A Throe

There are throes out there, that happen to be waterproof and made to withstand body fluids. That you can afterward just toss into the wash afterward and not worry about getting your sheets a mess. While I haven’t had a chance to try them myself, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about them.

Below, are some stores that I know who carry them.

Good Vibrations

Early to Bed


3. Tub/Shower

If you are using a toy that is waterproof this is perfect as everything goes down the drain when you are done and you can wash up right after. Of course, I still sterilize my toys later on, but the soap and water does help to make sure you can get them clean. I also prefer this method because the warm water also helps to sooth the pains that you might be feeling during your period, so its rather win-win.

Really, in the end, it comes down to finding what is right and works for you.  I can only hope that the small bit of information I have put together helps you in making whatever decision that you ultimately choose!

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