Wicked Wednesday: Follow Me

dark alley

“Do you trust me?” He suddenly asked as we walked down the sidewalk, his hand in mine giving it a squeeze as he glanced over at me. I could already make out the look of mischief in his eyes, even though it had already gotten dark outside. The light from cars that passed every few moments and the street lights making them seem more shadowed and wicked. Brushing some of the hair from my face I nodded my head and his lips curled into a smirk that made me shiver inside. “Good. Follow me.”

He pulled me away from the road, his hand still in mine as we made way into the shadows of empty lots filled with trees to one side and the back of businesses closed for the night to the other. While the alley way was darker than the main side-walk had been, I could still see the cars driving by. My mind began to wander, wondering what was going through his head to lead us down this way rather than just walk the next few blocks back to the apartment. My heart already starting to race as I felt his arm wrap around my waist pulling me towards and into a small patch of fence that connected two buildings walkways. His lips suddenly pressing into my neck, as I felt my back press into the metal. I was certain that he could feel my pulse having quickened, especially when I heard the sound of another car passing by echoing against the walls of the alley. I stiffened and managed to speak then. “What if we get caught?”

His lips pulled away from the flesh of my neck so that he could look me in the eyes, running  his fingers down the side of my jaw. The same wicked look still shadowed but shining ever so slightly from the moon light, making his brown eyes look almost black. I licked my lips as I could feel my mouth get dry, seeing now that this was more than just a spur of the moment thing. The evil bastard had planned to do this all along, when he could see that I figured it out it only made him smirk even more before opening his mouth to speak. “Just follow me, and we won’t. I promise.”

Even as I nodded, I swallowed hard enough for him to hear it and he laughed as his lips went back to my neck. Hands running over my body I knew he could feel me tense up ready to bolt every time I heard a car, each time it seemed to make my adrenaline run even harder. But his lips and hands stayed attentive, kissing and touching me as they melted down the reservations I had about being outside in a place that was hidden but still felt so very public to me. We had talked about something like this months ago, to me it was a silly little fantasy brought on by seeing a picture online while blog browsing. I didn’t expect him to remember, other then maybe the sex that took place after talking about it. It had been all I expected, the fun at the thought. Though the real thing now, was making my head spin as I felt his hand slip under my skirt, now able to feel just how excited the real thing made me. His fingers pulling aside my panties, able to slip against and into me with ease, breaking my thoughts of the past and bringing me back to the present.

As he started working them into me, my own fingers started to fumble with his pants wanting to even things out. I could feel him already as he pressed into my leg to keep me against the fence, hard and already throbbing it seemed as his fingers started to push deeper inside of me. I let out a groan, muffling it against his shoulder so as to not bring any attention down our alleyway, though at that moment I wasn’t sure if it was from want or frustration at getting his jeans undone. I heard him give another chuckle as his fingers slowly slipped out of me and I heard him say, his voice heavy with the same want that I was drowning in currently. “If you wanted it, all you had to do was ask…”

All at once he spun me around, my hands grasping at the holes in the fence to catch my balance, and making me bend as to try to keep my feet in place. My lips opening to say something before I felt the cool night air on my ass from him flipping up my skirt, and once more pushing my panties to the side. Not even bothering with removing them before I felt his cock, hard as cool metal my hands now gripped press into me in one swift motion. A loud moan bubbled up from my throat and it bounced off the walls for a moment before his hand came up to cover my mouth. A stern ‘shhh’ coming from him before he started to rock his hips into me, not letting my mouth go. He was moving quickly, not taking the time like we would have at home. This was about being quick and just letting it all happen in a matter of moments. His body laying into mine hard and fast, making me groan into the palm of his hand as his fingers gripped into my hip so tightly I knew I would have bruises in the morning. All at once I let the whole situation flood my mind, suddenly thinking about how it had to look on the outside of things. Pressed against a fence in a dark alley, getting fucked hard and fast with a hand over my mouth to keep from letting anyone know what was going on.  Sensation and adrenaline fueling my climax to come quickly as soon as I felt that first throb of his cock inside me. The two of us giving into our orgasms faster than we would have at home.

It took him a moment to move his hand letting it run along my jaw again as he pulled out of me, sliding my skirt back down along my backside. He had let me go for the most part to get himself settled again and I found myself turning so I could lean back into the fence I had just been holding on to for dear life. I watched him, quietly catching my breath as I heard a car pass by once again and this time I didn’t tense, just smiled as I heard him say “Aren’t you glad you followed me?”

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9 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Follow Me

  1. Hot! I’d be glad I followed. 🙂


  2. WOW, that is hot! The combination of adrenaline and excitement must make for a delicious experience!

    Rebel xox

    PS: Welcome back to Wicked Wednesday! 🙂

  3. Sexy and well written. What more could we wish for. Pure wicked delicious mischief.

  4. Gemma Jones says:

    Hot! I love the thrill of fucking in places where the public could see. If only they looked in the right place.

  5. Mia says:

    So sexy and I remember a similar situation that I experienced and the adrenaline I like nothing else!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. KaziG says:

    I so want to do something like this 🙂

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