Review: Fetish Fantasy Pink Heart Paddle

20130218_125426Yes it’s another impact toy! They seem to be the toys that I have the biggest opinions about and how well they work. So of course I was curious when Vibrations Direct asked me to review for them, and I found myself looking at the Fetish Fantasy Pink Heart Paddle. I am not the type that tends to go for more feminine toys, but the design looked to me like  it might be a fun toy for use around Valentines Day so I thought why not?


The Fetish Fantasy Pink Heart Paddle, is just that a pink paddle shaped like a heart that has been stitched so that there are hearts that make up the texture of the paddle. It is supposed to be quilted to lessen the blow of the slap. The whole thing is geared towards those who like a more feminine look to their toys.

The only packaging on the toy is a small tag that comes on the end of it attached via a little plastic string. It was easy to remove, and easy to lose so I don’t have any pictures of the toy with it on. It lists that it is from Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy line and does say a few cute things inside of it. Though does not come with any care instructions that I could find.


According to the website and a little searching on my own, I have found that it is listed either as Vinyl or as PVC. To me it feels more like Vinyl because it has an almost soft and satin like feel to it. Rather then PVC which tends to have more shine to it. The upside to this is that it’s a synthetic material, so this is friendly for vegans.


Size and Design

Total length: 10″ inches
Usable length: 5.5″ inches
Usable width: 7.25″ inches
Handle width: 2″ inches
Handle length: 4.25″ inches

Compared to the other paddles shown, the Pink Heart Paddle is rather short and squat, being wider rather than long so it covers more surface area when being used during play. This is also helpful during storage.

The main part of the paddle is in the shape of a heart, that has been sewn so that on the inside there are many hearts that take on a somewhat quilted like texture. They have a slight bit of squish to them, so it gives it a bit of padding when you are using the toy. This stitched pattern goes through the whole paddle and into the handle.

The edge of the paddle is rather hard where the two sides have been sewn together, and I found when holding it by the wide handle in my smaller hand could be painful if I was holding it too tightly because it seemed to bite into the skin. At the end of the handle there is also a soft pink ribbon that you can use to hang it up from.


Now for me, I like a good sting to my impact toys and sadly the Pink Heart Paddle just didn’t really seem to do the job for me.  The edges that bit into my hand on the handle, seemed to be what gave the hardest hit when it was in use. But this wasn’t the good kind of pain, it was almost like being hit with the edge of a hardcover book. The main part of it, just was too padded to really do anything worth wild on me.  Trying to find that balance was hard espically when using it during sex, so while it is small enough that you could…you want to be careful.

Another downside to it, was where the handle and the main part came together is where the toy takes the most wear to it after a lot of use. I can already see it starting to be bent out of shape from trying to use it for harder play.


This perhaps is a nice warm up toy or a toy for people who are getting into impact, but don’t want something that is intimidating would love. Though for me, it just was a little lack luster.  However, if you tend to be the type who needs something harder when it comes to your impact toys it would be best to look elsewhere.

Thank you to Vibrations Direct for sending me this toy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Vibrations Direct is a UK based online erotic store, which offers a wide selection of sex toys, such as hitachi magic wand and a range of male sex toys; as well as sexy lingerie. You can follow them on Twitter (@vibesdirect) and on Facebook.

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