Adventures in Camming: Trolls and ‘Doms’

(Heads up: Animated Gifs ahead.)

While I am enjoying camming now, it started out a little hard for me when it came to people who come into my room with nothing nice to say. I can be a little sensitive about my looks, especially my weight. So when I had people coming in, just to make some comment about it and then leave it hurt. Made a bit worse by the use of emoticons or gifs that the site allows. Because you know, nothing is better than giving some jackass access to a Jabba the Hut gif that he decides to spam the room with. Sometimes it all together made me just want to log off and not get back on, because it just made it hard for me to focus on wanting to be in a good mood.

However, slowly but surely…I started rolling my eyes at it. Calling them out when they decided to come into my room to act like fools. Because I realized, that room is my own little domain. I am the one that makes the rules, and I am the one that has the power. Yes, I love doing requests for people when they tip, but in the end…what happens in my room is what I am comfortable with. Who are they to make me uncomfortable!? So I just don’t take it any longer, it’s the ban hammer for those asses…after a bit of mockery that I have found the guys who like to talk to me get a kick out of. I even go so far as to give them a chance to leave on their own if I am feeling in a good mood. But at this point with people who want to come into my place and pick at the wonderful person I am, I only have one feeling towards them.


Then there are the assholes who think that the word submissive, means that I am just going to happily follow their orders because they try to take a ‘tone’ with me in their text. That I am just going to suddenly be on my knees calling them sir, and doing whatever they command. The crazy thing is that I have had to ban more of these guys, then the trolls that come into make fun of my weight. I have lost count of the men who think that just because a woman is submissive, that means they are submissive to any Tom, Dick or Harry that snaps their fingers at them. The worst is when I give them warnings, because they then tell me that I am not a ‘true submissive’. Which is just a word I am growing to hate because of this, while I have never been one to really feel like there is anything like a ‘true submissive’, telling someone who because they refuse to blindly follow you because you are being a dick on the internet does not negate how submissive a woman may or may not be. I am just not submissive for anyone…that is all. For me it takes much more than a few orders and such for my submissive side to come out, I have to be able to trust a person. And I currently have that in my life, so I don’t need it in my camming world thank you very much.

Yes I realize I could negate the whole thing by not saying I am submissive, but I actually pride myself on honesty in my room. I did lie about it for a while, trying to be a bit more of a Dom in order to secure more tips. But I have learned that just being honest seems to draw a lot more people who want to actually spend their money towards, rather than a quick fix. They keep coming back because they like me and that I am real. Which is really what my dismissing the haters and ‘Doms’ have allowed me to do in the end. Because in the end its my power and my choices.


About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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