Review: Fairy Rechargeable Wand Massager

So I have been wanting to get my hands on a wand massagers for a while, I thought originally about just diving in head first and getting the Hitachi. But even after I had spent a lot of time reading about it (and watching a lot of porn featuring said wand.),  I figured it was better to test the waters first. Mostly because, while I know I a fair amount of power in my vibrating toys…I have never known just how much power I like. And so, into my life came the Fairy Wand.


The Fairy rechargeable wand massagers, is a powerful toy perfect for clitoral stimulation as well as all over body massage. Everyone whether playing solo or as a couple can use this. Perfect for those who crave power in their toys, or have what has been called clits of steel/diamond (whichever you prefer).

The Fairy wand is made of two different types of plastic. The body being a hard plastic and the head being made a velvety plastic. They are both non-porous and can be used with all lubricants if needed.

The head it self it slightly ribbed towards the bottom. It is not very noticeable to me, and I am rather sensitive to textures so those who dislike texture shouldn’t be able to feel it during use.

20130304_134112The design of the Fairy Wand is very simple and easy to use. The body has a good grip to it, so that it makes the multi-speed wheel easy to control with your thumb. The head has a flexible neck, which makes it perfect to position the head.

With the pink and white coloring, and the small fairy on the body of the massagers, it gives this toy a feminine feel.

Because of its smaller size, the Fairy wand is seriously travel friendly. And unlike many other wand massagers the Fairy wand is rechargeable, so it does not need to stay plugged in to function.


To control the Fairy Wand, one only has to use the multi-speed wheel on the main body of the wand. It starts on the lowest speed and is increased by scrolling the wheel up wards until it will not allow you to scroll further. On the highest setting, the wand is seriously powerful, even when you are not touching it to your body you can see the vibrations with your eyes and know that it’s not fooling around. Though even on the lowest setting it has a great kick to it. For those who are power-queens or have a clit of steel are going to find that this is certainly a wand with them in mind.

The wand is rechargeable, which is the best saving on having to load up on batteries and not having to worry about only going as far as the cord will allow you. The wands adapter is small and fits well into the toys travel-friendly aspect. The prongs folding into the adapter so you can adjust it for any outlet that you have around the house. When it is charging the Fairy Wand has a small light on it that will turn green as it is in charge mode that will turn off when the charging is compleat. Once it is fully charged you have about 45 to 30 minutes of continued play time. I found that the time depends based on what setting you keep it on, the higher the setting you are using the time shortens just a bit.

The only thing that might be considered a ‘downside’ about this, is the Fairy Wand is loud. Unless you are seriously blasting music while you are using it, it is going to be heard by people in other rooms. The only way that my partner was not able to hear it, was when he was wearing his noise canceling headphones for gaming. So this is not a very good toy if you have roommates or need to be discreet for any other reasons.


Because plastic is non-porous the Fairy wand is fairly easy to clean. You want to use warm soapy water, and be sure to not let water get into the product as it is NOT water proof. Because of the ridges and the underside of the head being rimmed, I honestly suggest using a small brush tool to make sure that all of the little nooks are totally cleaned out. I personally just have a toothbrush designated for it these days.

They toy comes with a pink pouch that you can keep it in and use for travel. Both the toy and the adapter fit perfectly inside, so no needing to keep the adapter in another pocket.


For me, this is a great toy when I need a lot of power though I am starting to think that I should be able to handle more. The only downside for me, is that when it’s at the highest power it only lasts about 30 minutes if I have been charging it and that is not enough time for me depending on what I am doing. This is not to say that it has to be that way all the time, but sometimes you just can’t get off in a specific amount of time. I think I plan to use my Fairy Wand for travel the most, because it is so compact that I don’t have to worry about space. Plus I love that it is rechargeable, so that gives it another big plus in my book despite the time factor.

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