TMI Tuesday: Making Sacrifices and Resisting Temptation

1. What did you give up for lent?

I used to give things up for lent, because I was raised catholic and it was what was done in my household. Even after I had started studying paganism in High School, I went along with it because I could see and respect the idea behind it. Though this year, I have not given up anything, mostly because I lost track of time that it was even that time of year again.

2. What sexually could you never give up?

Giving oral. Don’t care about receiving it all that much, so I could give up that. But to give up the act of getting to do it? Nope.

3. What act would you like to do for 40 days and 40 nights?

Oooh! Spanking! My thought is this, each night/day it goes up by one. I think that could be rather fun. I can only imagine how happily sore I would be come day 40, but I am sure I would love it. 

4. What sexual sacrifice have you made? Why?

While I wouldn’t personally classify it as a sacrifice, I would say that giving my power to another would fit. Being Submissive can be seen as a sacrificing your pleasure for an others  though because I do gain pleasure from the one I am submitting to being pleased. It is not that much of a sacrifice for me. Though is the only thing that I do give up that could fit this.

5. Have you aver been tied to a cross or anything else?

I have been tied to a bed, that is about it. Though I wouldn’t say no to a cross if I or someone I was playing with had one.

6. What part of your body do you like worshiped?

Hands down that is my favorite part that if worshiped just right can make me into a little puddle of happy.

7. What can your partner do to you that makes you feel true bliss?

That is simple, all it takes for me to feel that bliss is normally being told I have been a good girl. Makes my head spin!

Bonus: Tell us about a time you were tempted. Did you give in or resist?

As Oscar Wilde once said,“I can resist anything except temptation.” So I will let you think what you will there.

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