Review: Njoy Pure Plug Medium

20130315_173818The Pure Plug is a stainless steel anal plug by Njoy, that can be used by any gender. It can be worn comfortably during sex or any other time you might want to wear it. The base and size allow it to sit still, but the weight gives you just enough feeling that you will know it’s there while no one else will. The size and shape make it perfect for anyone, even beginners after using another toy to warm themselves up before moving on to the Pure Plug. The one I am reviewing now is the Medium but it also comes in a Small and Large version as well.

Because it made from stainless steel, the Pure Plug is also perfect for temperature play using cool or warm water to change-up how the plug feels. Though never with boiling hot water other than for cleaning as the steel gets hot enough to give a slight burn or in the freezer that can be far to cold for the sensitive skin of the anus.

Made of medical grade stainless steel, the Pure Plug will never corrode or discolor, it is also non porous. There is also no taste or smell to the steel, not that this is something that should be going into your mouth.

The texture is super smooth, which makes it easy to insert. Though even without a texture, the tapering of the bulb is perfect for those who like a little feeling when it is inserted into the body. It is very rigid and has no give to it when pressed against either, another thing that I love about it when inserting nothing trying to move around.

Starting from the bottom up, the Pure Plugs design is made to fit anyone’s body type. The base is a thin vertical oval shape that also serves as the retrieval ring. Once inside it sits perfectly between your cheeks so that you can wear this plug for a good while.


There is a good weighty feel to it as well, as this is 1lbs (pound) of steel. So you will always feel that it is there, but it doesn’t pull itself from your body.

The curved end is angled, so that you can choose to stimulate the prostate/g-spot or angle it down. Either way it stays in and provides a great full feeling. I found that it stayed in place while standing, sitting, kneeling, walking, running and even lying down with out the least bit of discomfort.


Total Length: 3.5 inches
Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
Diameter: 1.25
Head Circumference: 4 inches
Neck Circumference: 1.5- 2.25 inches
Base Length: 2.25 inches

The head is tapered, starting out bigger and then getting smaller towards the base to the small neck. I found the size could work for those who are used to slightly larger plugs, but I would also recommend this to a beginner if they use another toy to warm themselves up.

Because of the size, one should be able to use this for quite a long time before feeling like they need to perhaps upgrade to a bigger plug, depending on how often they are using it. This plug unlike other toys did not leave me with a feeling that I wanted to get it out quickly, or that the base was cutting in to me. Which gave it a big plus in my book. I have a slightly larger butt, so rounded or very flared bases never allowed the toy to sit right no matter what I was doing. This one I am able to do just about anything with the toy inserted.  Overall the performance of the Pure Plug, exceeded my expectations and it’s just amazing in my book.

The Pure Plug is very easy to care for, because it is made of stainless steel you can boil it in hot water or use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it. For every day cleaning, you can use soap and hot water or a toy cleaner, making this toy very low maintenance. Though be sure to not use anything abrasive on it such as a scrubbing pad as it can ruin the toys finish.

For storage, you can keep it the box that it comes in. Which can be easily kept in a drawer or toy box. If you want to travel with it you can keep it in a pouch so as to not have to carry the box with you.

And once again because it is made of stainless steel so you can use any lube that you prefer, it works with Water, Oil and Silicone. Really it all depends on your personal preference. Personally I prefer water, just because for me it gets slick enough that insertion is much easier than with oil or silicone lubes. Though because water based lube can absorb into the skin pretty quick some may find that a silicone lube will work better for them.

20130315_173806The Pure Plug comes nestled in foam that is covered in pink satin-like material and all kept in a nice black box that simply says Njoy on top in silver lettering. There is a small booklet that is also inside as well, that give you information about your Pure Plug, but also does tell you about the other toys in the Njoy line.

I keep my plug in the box because it just works perfectly for storage, fitting nicely in side the drawer I keep all my toys or under my bed when I need to reach it quickly. I also like it because it keeps it from rolling around and coming in contact with say my glass toys, as I am pretty sure if they hit hard enough it could chip them.

Overall, I was super pleased with this plug. Yes it is pricey  (running about 70 to 90 depending on where you choose to buy it) but I know that that because of the material it will last me a long time which means I won’t be spending money on a new plug because the material breaks down. At least until I feel up to moving on to the Pure Plug Large, though that might not be for awhile. So really because it pays for itself in the long run as supposed to a plug made of a cheaper material. Also, its easy to use and looks great on top of it.

You can get the Pure Plug many places, below are links to my favorite vendors who carry them! So you can choose which one you would love to go with!

Good Vibrations     Lovehoney     Pink Cherry     Early2Bed

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