Toy With Me Tuesday: Boxes and Boxes and…

I am not going on lie, I have been lax on getting something out in well the last few weeks for Toy With me Tuesday. Lady Inspiration hasn’t hit in a while but that changed some what when I was packing up to move. It is not the most artistic photo…but it is a realistic one.


Yes that is most of my collection right there, only missing is my under the bed restraint system that I have been testing out for a future review and my floggers! Four whole boxes of…toys/porn/lube/books that I have reviewed/not yet reviewed/need to read/need to revisit and more than likely set on fire.

You guys totally get the picture.

I am sure this is tame to some people. But this is from a girl who last year…her collection would have fit in her purse.

Toy with me Tuesday

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8 Responses to Toy With Me Tuesday: Boxes and Boxes and…

  1. Looks like a good size collection

  2. Love it! I know people who write ‘dildos’ on their boxes when they move house as a joke. I love that in this case it would be true!

  3. AliMc says:

    I love pictures like this, where you can see a person’s entire collection. I just find it so interesting to see which items they have chosen and it’s a great way to judge how big a certain toy is.

  4. Penny says:

    I think quality is more important than quantity lol. 🙂 I see a lot of pink and purple…are those your favorite colors or is that just a coincidence?

    • Oh I agree! A lot of these where from when I was just starting out and the quality has just gone up from there. I am kinda picky about my toys these days. And purple, a favorite depending on the shade, the pink are toys that either they didn’t come in another color or I won it in that color.

  5. That’s a good collection for only a year!

    Love the purple toys. I’m a huge fan. I always try to buy mine in purple too, if possible 🙂

  6. OK, not sure why my name screwed up…

    Hope this one works!

  7. Hmm, my first comment has disappeared, too. Strange. Will try again…

    Great collection for only a year!

    Love the purple toys. I always try to order mine in purple too, if possible.

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