Packing Sex Toys

As it has been no doubt seen here, I have been packing to move. Which includes packing my sex toys up. In this I have found a few little tricks of my own that really seem to work for packing.

Glass Toys

Now we all worry about dropping a glass toy or catching it on something. While they are made from materials that normally need a lot of pressure to break, it still happens. While I don’t own many now, the ones I do own didn’t come with little bags that I could just keep them in for safe storage. But I was able to find a good alternative that I know everyone has access to.

Socks! (I know. A shock from the sock obsessed woman.)

I was able to take matching pairs of socks, and just slip one toy into each. Because they where very long socks, I deiced to give more padding to them by twisting at where the end of the toy came to and then just folding the remaining part of the sock back over. Now they are not only safe from any harm but hidden.

Hiding the Toys

Now I have read in other places, people joke about writing ‘Sex Toys’ on the boxes to freak movers out. But I have also read a handful of stories about boxes getting nicked because of this, why anyone would steal someones used toys is crazy, but it happens. So instead, I just name it something else. The boxes I have are labeled as ‘Books/Bedroom’, that way I remember what is in them. Plus I know they will go to my room when I unpack..and no one will offer to help.

Toys with Packaging

I have a lot of toys that have lovely boxes for storage, such as my Pure Wand, Pure Plug ,Lelo Lyla 2 and Fairy Wand that comes with its own pouch. Because these toys have storage that either holds them safely or makes sure you have all the parts, it makes sense to store them inside said boxes.  I found that putting them all in one box together was the best thing, that way you don’t feel like you are taking up space with other toys or items.

Storage Cases

I only own one case now, but if you have these use them. Most are made to hold quite a few toys depending on how big they are. So they will save you on having to use more boxes than you want to. Plus they are normally a good size that you can carry them with you rather than relying on putting them on the truck with the rest of your belongings. Another way to just know that your personal items are safe with you.


This is the only thing that I don’t pack with my toys, I have a huge fear of them spilling because it has happened to me in the past. So not only do I pack them with my bathroom items. Take off the top and put plastic wrap over the opening, then placing the cap back on. This will form a seal and keep it from accidentally spilling (I also do this with my shower gels and shampoos for travel). As for some of the smaller packs that I have, I just pop them all into a sandwich bag together. So if for some reason they bust at least they bust in the bag and not on my things.

Clean Them

My only other tip, clean your toys before you pack them up. When you are packing most of your toys are going to all go into one box, so when you think about it. If you leave just one of those toys unclean, then when you take them back out they are all in a way going to be dirty. I know this may seem like an unnecessary step to some, but if you take the time to clean the ones you KNOW you have used and need it. You won’t have to spend time after you move cleaning all of your toys, which will take you much longer in the end.

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2 Responses to Packing Sex Toys

  1. adriana says:

    When I packed mine, I left some in my dresser in hopes of swapping them off. I forgot about the drawer. I had left to pick up my keys and drop off cats.. and my friends and family all found them. Everyone was really cool about it, luckily.

  2. David says:

    This would certainly help those who are going on a tour where the accessibility of these toys are unimaginable. Take for instance, the lube spoils the toy. Nice article.

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