Review: Body & Soul – Adore


In my quest to try more toys for the G-spot,  California Exotics, the Body & Soul Adore in exchange for a fair and honest review.

From California Exotics Body & Soul collection, this is the Adore. It is a small G-spot vibrator, that can also be used for clitoral stimulation. It is whisper quiet, water proof and has 3 levels of vibrations.

This toy can be used by anyone, from couples to solo. The only way this toy can not be used is anally as it has no flared base and it is small enough that it could get stuck. It is very beginner friendly, but experienced users may find it to be simple. The vibrations also might not be powerful enough for those who call themselves power queens.

The Adore has a mixture of 4 different types of materials that make it up, ABS, PU Cote, Silver Plating and Silicone.

The main part of the toy is made of the ABS Plastic with the PU Cote covering it. They are both phthalates free, non toxic, hypoallergenic, hygienic, durable, and odor free. The PU Cote gives the Adore a soft and velvet like texture. While it can be used with out lube as there really isn’t a lot of drag to it alone, it will depend on your body if you deiced to use it.

When it come to the Silicone on the toy, its only used on the control button which is surrounded by the silver plating. Silicone is one of the safest materials that you can use for toys, being phthalates free, non toxic, hypoallergenic, hygienic, durable, and odor free. But this never really touches your body other than your finger so it not really taken into account for the ‘safety’ of this toy.

The Adore has a straight shaft, that at the top one inch curves into a rounded tip. The shaft widens until getting to the end, though it is not overly wide to make a difference. The handle is also the batter cap, which is rounded for better handling. And finally the push button turns the toy on and off, it is like a raised bubble.

The toy is designed to be waterproof as it has an inner ring to keep the water from getting into the battery compartment. So it is possible to take this toy into the shower, bath or even hot tub. Even in the water it is whisper quiet and really only is as loud as your phone may be on vibrate setting.


The dimensions are as follows:

Length: 5″
Insertable Length: 3 1/2″
Circumference at curved head: 3″
Circumference widest insertable 3 1/4″
Circumference handle 4 1/2″

As you can see this toy is very compact, and can be easily stored as well as travel with you. Though I wouldn’t really call it discreet, if someone looked at it they would be able to tell what it is. But because of the size, you can hide it with no problem so that someone shouldn’t be able to find it in your belongings unless you tell them. It comes in two other colors other then the blue that I got, so you can get it in purple and pink depending on your preference.

The Adore has three different levels of vibration. Each one is a simple and steady vibration, going from low-medium-high. They are buzzy, but it doesn’t leaving you feeling numb. I found that they where a lot better when used externally as a clitoral toy. Rather then as a G-spot toy because the size of the toy was too compact for me to hold on to. While it is strong, I wouldn’t say that it is overly powerful.

To get to each of the settings, you have to cycle through them by using the push button. You have to make sure that you get the click each time or it will only pause the setting you are currently on. I found the button to be very stubborn about pushing down sometimes, having to press hard rather then cycling through with a more fluid ease. This made it frustrating the few time I used it, because my finger would be sore from how hard I had to push down on the button.

One upside to the toy, is that it only uses 1 AA battery.

Taking care of the Adore is easy. The material can be cleaned with warm and soapy water. You want to make sure the bottom is screwed on tightly, so that no water gets into the battery compartment. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner/wipes.

Because of the mixture of materials that make up this toy, I suggest using a water based lube. However you can use oil as well. I only say to stay away from Silicone lube because of the button.

For storage, make sure to store out of heat or direct sunlight so the color doesn’t fade and remove the battery to prolong the life. It really doesn’t take up much space so it will fit easily any place you wish to keep it.

Personal experience/Comments

For me this didn’t really hit the spot as a G-spot toy, I am a bigger woman so smaller toys like this with hardly any handle can be hard to hold on to while using to be able to hit my G-spot correctly. So this toy was mainly used for an external vibrator, which it did hit the spot there. I found that the pin point tip was able to really zone in on where I wanted to get the vibrations too.

The button was the only real trouble I had, having to use my whole finger almost to push it down so firmly was tough and gave me a little cramp in my finger cycling through the different settings.

I also wanted to note that when I took this toy out of the packaging I heard a small rattling in the battery compartment. I wasn’t able to figure out what was causing it, but it didn’t take away from the use of the toy. Just was a little annoying when I was using it, not a big downside but not knowing why it seemed to have a loose piece was a little odd.

You can find the Body & Soul Adore at Pink Cherry Toys in a few different colors such as pink and purple if the blue is not your thing.

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