TMI Tuesday: Masturbation Month 2013

1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ?

That is one of two places for me, either of course in bed cause that is just comfortable or I have taken quite a liking to the jet tub I now have access to where I am living. Just bubbly joy!

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?

I have quite a few times, normally the have been things that have spontaneously happened while talking on the phone with people who I was in a relationship at the time. I have done it on a train car, outside in a park and outside in my backyard. I find it to be exciting to be honest especially in those situations where I could have gotten caught. 

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?

I really do like mutual masturbation, its listening and hearing the other person while you are both going at it that gets me going. Knowing that I can look over and watch or vice versa, which is always something that makes my head spin. My favorite is when my partner does it while standing watching me on the bed, watching their movements change as they watch me getting closer to my orgasm. 

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

This afternoon. Which led to a very nice nap, I call it napsterbating. 

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?

I have quite a few times, mostly while being on the cam site I am working on. 

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?

Yes I do, I love watching people though for me it’s mostly watching faces. I love seeing the changes in someone’s face when they are masturbating. 

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?

I haven’t filmed it yet, but who knows when I do maybe I will be sneaky and change this answer to a link. 

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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5 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Masturbation Month 2013

  1. Penny says:

    Napsterbating. I love it. 🙂

  2. Scarlett says:

    Yes Napsterbating is brilliant! lol I have the same problem after a good O! 🙂

  3. Silverdrop says:

    Napsterbating needs to be added to the dictionary.

  4. Anna Sky says:

    “napsterbating” – best new word ever!

  5. Geek says:

    Ooh the standing while watching one is super hot! And the jetted tub! While that’s not for me, Sexy loves the jets in a tub! Thanks for sharing!

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