Why we need Dildology

When I started this blog about a year ago, I didn’t know the differences between materials. I believed that all dildos, vibrators, cock rings and so on were created equal! Oh  how every wrong I was, I even remember one of the toys that I had first reviewed and said I loved to death was the Gumdrop Anal plug. Made from a material  called Crystalessence, sounds classy right like it would be safe? It’s really just another name for PVC and Rubber which is about one step up from Jelly. It looked like jelly and it had this sickening sweet chemical smell that never quite went away.  But because of the name I didn’t think anything badly of it, why name it something that sounds good…when its bad? Oh how wrong I was, they said its non-porous that’s a lie. Before I tossed it out during my move, it still reeked of the bacon lube I tested on it. Which was month…MONTHS after and many a washing. I wish I still had this toy to show you how horrid it looks after a year, the shine to it had gotten very cloudy with lord knows what and it was just a mess! I seriously regret ever putting it in my butt!

Those where the days where I was such a sweet summer child about my sex toys as many tend to be when they start to dip their toes into. I just wanted to get the toys I could and get them for cheap as I was on a bit of a budget then. But I learned, I read great articles about how toxic these toys are and watched videos discussing it! Below are just a few but seriously do a Google search sometime for Toxic Sex toys and you will get everything from blog articles to Reddit discussions!

These are toys that we are using in our most sensitive of parts, made with materials that we wouldn’t allow children to use. So what are we to do? The best testing we have had so far is things like ‘the smell test’ or ‘the flame test’ and while sniffing all of your toys or burning them is easy. You would think that companies would test the materials themselves. But they don’t, it’s not cost-effective to find out that a toy that is costing you little to make but a lot to sell is unsafe.

That’s where Dildology comes in, like sex toy ninja’s in the night! (okay maybe not but it sounded cool…)

What is Dildology you may ask?

Dildology is a non-profit group run by three fantastic bloggers (Dangerous Lilly, Crista Anne and X. Valentine Orenda) that the majority of the donations that are received go towards testing products so that we really find out what the toys out there have in them! So that the information we get comes from is reliable, and comes from a source that is unbiased and unaffiliated. The remainder will be spent on fundraising merchandise and incentives, and equipment for experiments and the development of educational resources. Donations are their sole means of getting toys tested for everyone.

There is a perfect quote from their press release that really sums up the heart of this all.

“In an industry that is largely unregulated, consumers have been relying on the manufacturers to disclose the materials used in any given sex toy,” says blogger Dangerous Lilly, the organization’s marketing director. “But the fact is no governing body requires full disclosure, or even any ounce of truth. We think it’s about time consumers have reliable information on the toys they’re using so intimately with their bodies.”

Which is why they are holding a fundraiser now, with bloggers just like myself talking about the project and why it is so important to support it.

But how do you donate?

Well by clicking this little button below or going straight to the main page of Dildology.


There are some fantastic things for donating to help fund these projects such as Donations of $15 or more will receive a 15% off code for SheVibe.com  or 10% off a LoveHoney UK order (for those who donate from the UK). There are also many things depending on your level of donation, but every bit helps.

Currently they are looking to raise $1,500 dollars, which will allow them to test about 3 to 5 items depending on their material. What toy have they currently got their eyes set on?  The James Deen Realistic dildo from Doc Johnson, which is made from PVC and ‘Sil-a-Gel’ so it going to be interesting to see what is in that one I think!

And don’t just take it from me, this whole month bloggers like myself and others are writing about how important this is. Check out the big main post for the Blog Carnival by clicking on the banner below!


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