Kink of the Week: On the Edge

Found on Tumblr

Found on Tumblr

I have used this picture before, but it was once again fitting for this week. While I have never actually done any knife play myself, it is one of those things I want to explore on my kinky bucket list as it where.

Since I could remember it first popping up some time in High School knives have turned me on. The way they reflect everything as you are looking at them. The cool touch of the steel against the skin. The way the point of it reminds you even when you are using the dull side that it’s still so very dangerous. It makes my breath catch in my throat and my heart start to beat double time. The fear of the blade nicking my skin just spiking my arousal. Honestly, it’s the kind of kink that makes watching horror movies and anything with a killer just a bit crazy sometimes as I blush during the most inappropriate times.

To think about someone behind me, holding the knife to my throat or anywhere else on my body as they pull me back towards them. Whispering about how I can’t move too much or I could end up cutting myself. It sends my stomach into glorious little knots of fear that mix with the ones that are loving the sensation of the blade. It sends me to that part of my brain that just wants to give in for a moment or three, not think and just let things happen. To trust the person holding that blade to do whatever they want. Teasing my skin and knowing they are going to make me squirm when it runs over certain spots. Feeling the slight bite of the knife as it scratches my skin just enough that it brings up that dotted line of blood. Knowing that they are no more harm than a cats scratch or a paper cut, but feeling that adrenaline rush through my body because my senses have made it feel like so much more.

Even writing this has made me shiver a few times, to stop because I keep reading my own words over and over. The scene playing out further in my mind then I could share here. Though perhaps one day when I can really bring quite a few of my kinks to play in one big story.

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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5 Responses to Kink of the Week: On the Edge

  1. Oh I hope you get a chance to accomplish this on your list, it is amazing. One of my favorites for so long now.

  2. Molly says:

    I hope you get to play for real, there really is nothing quite like knife play in my opinion


  3. Jade says:

    I’m not into knife play, but this story gives me anticipatory shivers. Well done! and welcome to Kink of the Week!

  4. It seems like both you and I are yearning for some knife play 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Penny says:

    Like Molly said, I hope you get some knife play as well. 🙂 I am attracted to knives also, but haven’t tried knife play yet.

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