Review: Fairy Baby Wand

fairybaby1The Fairy Baby Wand is a rechargeable vibrator and the smallest of the Fairy line by Media Craft Inc. It can be used to stimulate almost anywhere outside the body from head to toe. Because it is so small it should not be used internally at all no matter where. The small size makes it perfect for travel, solo or use with a partner. Though it for its tiny size and cute looks, its loud and packs a buzzy punch.

The body of the wand is made of plastic, but the head feels like it could be silicone. As the silicone head is what comes in contact with your body, it is good to know that the material is body safe. Which makes it latex free, phthalates free, and hypo allergenic. Because the plastic and silicone are non porous its safe to share with others. Also while the head does have some ridges they do not add any texture during use.

The baby fairy is small, coming in at just a little under 3″ and has only a circumference of 2 1/2″ at the head. The head itself is only 3/4ths long with a very skinny neck, which makes the body of it 2″. The body has a slider switch in the middle, and at the bottom is a place for the key ring to go with a string loop. On the other side there is a port for the USB cord to attach to, but it has no cover.

Left: Nintendo DS Middle: Baby Fairy Right: Little Pony Best size comparisons I had!

Left: Nintendo DS Middle: Baby Fairy Right: Little Pony
Best size comparisons I had!

The size makes this a great toy for travel and perfect for direct pin point vibrations on the body.

The baby fair is rechargeable via USB and comes with a 22″ cord to charge the wand with. The end of the cord turns red so that you know your wand is fully charged.

There is only one speed to the wand when turned on via the slider switch. It is buzzy and very intense which is perfect for those who love that kind of vibration. But it is far to loud to be discreet I found, unless you are using your hand to slightly muffle the sound. But even then it can still be heard slightly through the door and under covers.

Because the port for the USB cord does not have a cover this toy is not water proof, so the best way to clean this toy I have found is either toy wipes or as I have used is a tooth-brush sprayed with a small bit of bleach solution. This way I know I am getting out whatever might have gotten into the small ridges on the head of the toy.

Because of the silicone head, its best to use water based lubes. Though you really don’t need a lot because of how small the toy is.

Thankfully because of how small it is, the Fairy Baby can be stored anywhere that you want to put it. It also makes it awesome for travel as well. Though I keep mine attached to my purse when I am not using it (and I have cleaned it) just because I think it looks so dang cute. Though most people when looking at it are going to know just what it is, so you want to be prepared to answer questions or get a raise eyebrow or two out in public if you go that route.

Overall, I love my Fairy Baby. It’s a cute and mostly discreet toy that I think anyone could get a kick out of owning. Both as a rather amusing novelty item and one hell of a powerful vibrator. For me it blows all of my other bullets out of the water when I need that oomph during my play.

Disclaimer: I personally own this toy, I was not sent it via Vibrator Kingdom nor am I getting any thing back from them for linking to their pages. I just know they are an awesome site that carries the Fairy Baby

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4 Responses to Review: Fairy Baby Wand

  1. Scarlett says:

    Loud huh….can use that in the bathroom at work then huh. Darn!! Still want one of those cities for my purse though! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  2. Heaven says:

    Ugh, I have always wanted this but one speed and loud just turns me off. I need something discreet but these are still so cute.

    • I agree the loud sound can be a serious turn off, I kind of figured how to dampen it with my hand during use but its still really loud.

      I will be putting it up in a few days or so but I found either the Salsa or the Mia 2 are powerful enough but are quiet at the same time with many settings. Though of course the Salsa has been discontinued…so that one will be hard to find at some point.

  3. HAHA! I love that you put this next to a my little pony!

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