Sultry Saturday: My Exxotica Experiance


A few weekends ago, I got attend the EXXOTICA Expo in Rosemont, IL I had originally been told about it by my father of all people who saw the billboard on his way to work and he thought it would be something that I would be interested in checking out because of what I do on my blog. So I wrangled two of my friends together, whom for the rest of this will be referred to as Mars (female) and Grim (male). The three of us drove up together and had a good time getting Mars into her corset before we went. Already the three of us where having a great time because we where all friends going to this.

Truthfully, I was excited. I have been to a number of conventions in the Donald E Stephens Convention Center so I know the layout pretty well. I had recently been there a few months back for the larger of the many Anime conventions held there. So as we walked in I was surprised that the Expo was set up in the smaller of the exhibit halls and that it only took up maybe half of the hall itself. Mars and I quickly took the lead, like two kids in a candy shop as we decied which path to take through the weaving rows of vendors and other set ups. Which is where we ran into are first issue, creepers.

We went on the second day, which to my eyes had more males who came in then females who certainly had to come in on the 1st and 3rd day of the convention thanks to women getting in free on those days. So with the male to female ratio we where a little out numbered, and this wasn’t taking the many female performers into account of course. But we where quickly singled out as both not performers and seen as there alone so the two of us had men just trying to talk to us suddenly. I even had a guy take my hand to shake it without asking for much in the way of permission first. So quickly the two of us curled up to Grim as close as we could and walked with him.

I was super impressed with the dungeon area which is where we ended up first (is that a surprise, not really, its me…I could smell the leather!). There where some lovely vendors who sold large furniture and the like that I looked at longingly, wishing to have a place of my own at the moment. But also some that sold impact toys and the like, some of the softest handmade floggers I had ever touched. I had come with an empty wallet, but I got their card so I could contact them later. We did a few circuits around the small expo, checking each thing out. Many of the booths where set up for various adult or cam stars, and less so for actual vendors.

When we did stop at a few of the vendor booths, I frowned a bit at the selection with the bigger ones. Filled to the brim with Cal Exotic and other questionable retailers, sure they where in abundance but the good stuff…that was limited to one small table when it came to most of the vendors. I was answering a lot of questions that Mars asked me concerning an allergy she had so it made me feel good that I could steer her in the right direction on what to get.

Then, we heard something I never expected to hear at an adult expo…

So of course, I am on the other end of things…and I HAD to follow the music. Grease is one of my favorite musicals and it just drew me towards the stage. Where the three of us got to watch the last half of a male exotic dancer thrusting and moving what he had to a whole grease medley. I will never, ever listen to my soundtrack in the same way. As we watched I went on about how picky I can be about my male dancers. I loved that he had tattoos, but they didn’t have much in the way of  coherency so I got a little turned off. Plus from our place near the back of the crowd, his back tattoo looked like he had a tattoo of a back..on his back…that also had a tattoo on it. It seemed like back-ception, though we did find out afterwards when I saw him up close that it was an amazing piece that tricked the eyes when looked at from far away.

Then we got to watch the last dancer, he came out so very smooth in a suit and tie with the fedora as well. I will admit, I was enjoying watching him dance for the four ladies he had up on stage. He moved between dancing and straight up mimicking sex positions on stage with them. That was until he grabbed the belt he was wearing, I could see him ask her if it was okay if he used it and she did consent. He started to just hit her ass playfully, clearly pulling his swings so that no real damage was caused. But then he took the belt and wrapped it around her neck. She was freaking out but he didn’t see it as he had looked to the crowd as he thrust his hips into her ass. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach watching it and listening to everyone else who didn’t see the distressed look on her face. When the belt came off, she bolted from the stage upset. I did see her later and she looked fine, but I didn’t speak to her personally.

That was enough to turn me off from watching any of the other performances that the particular group may have. So we went to go sit down, drink some way too expensive drinks and just hang out. None of the small seminars really interested us, nor waiting in line for a moment to see porn stars who we weren’t big fans of. Sure Ron Jeremy was there but…I will be honest he just isn’t a big pull for me. The seminars where mostly directed towards couples things like Beginners Guide to Swinging and How to Make Love Like a Superhero. I felt like that day the seminars where more directed towards males while the ones on the ladies free day where going to be more the type that women where going to get in on, such as of course that made sure to cash in on using 50 Shades in its name. We did get to check out a few great non-profit groups as well which I plan to write about a little more in their own posts later on. But the best part of the whole thing was getting to just talk with my friends and point things out to one another, answering questions and playfully poke one another. We had a good time seeing who could get who to blush. Spoiler alert, it was me…cause they both played poke the submissive. 

Overall, it was meh. If I had not gone with good friends who I could enjoy that time with I would have not have stayed too long. Though I think it would have been better if we had been able to stay the whole time, to check out everything so maybe I will go back next year with a little more planning and get a nice hotel room for the weekend. Get in on the VIP after parties and really just dive in if I have the funds.

Sultry Saturday

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