TMI Tuesday: Super

super powers tmi

1. When you were a child / teenager who was your favourite superhero and why?

I was in love with Rouge from the X-Men. I loved her powers being that she could touch someone and take their powers to use I thought it was the most useful. Plus she had that sexy accent and had the charmingly handsome Gambit flirting with her. Not only was she my favorite but I so wanted to be her. 

2. Which super villain is most like you and why?

I had to ask a few people about this because I wasn’t so sure who fit me best. It came down to one of two super villians:

Harley Quinn: I was told this one because I am devoted to those who I am close to, almost to the point that it is a weakness. Plus, I can be a little crazy when I really let myself go. 

Catwoman: This one, was because I am more as they put it I am rather Chaotic Neutral. I have people in my life who I would certainly have no problem being the villain towards, but there are others that I would just leave alone totally. That and I have always had complicated relationships with the hero types in my life. 

3. If you had a super power what would it be and would you use it for good or evil.

I think that if I had any super power, I would want the power to absorb other skills much like Rouge or Sylar. Though with out the downside of harming the person I am taking the ability from. I want to hope that I would use it for good and not let the power go to my head. 

4. Do you own a superhero costume? When and where was the last time and place that you wore it?

Sadly I do not. Cannot say that I have the self-confidence to wear a super heroine outfit sadly. Plus if I was going to dress like anyone, I would dress up like Poison Ivy.

5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a super hero / villain. Tell us about it.

I love comic books, so I have had quite a few in my life time. Though most of my recent sexual fantasies have involved either Thor, Loki…or both! I have been a little bit obsessed with my lovely Asgardians. Loki could get me to kneel any time, and I would love for Thor to show me that the hammer is certainly also his penis (points if you get other superhero reference).

6. Who do you think is the coolest super hero and why?

I really cannot pick just one of this, I think most super heroes are pretty cool in their own way. I just really have never picked any side as to who is the coolest. 

Bonus:  You have been granted the wish of having a threesome with one super hero and one super villain. Which ones do you choose and why?

See above, Loki and Thor…cause um…yeah. And movie version of them please cause Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddlston are just…yum.

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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Super

  1. Matthew Vett says:

    Ooh, I like the Poison Ivy costume idea… Rogue was one of my favorites growing up, too. I think it was the accent and overall badassness… It’s rare to see a woman as the team’s “strong guy.”

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