Review: Jackboot Over the Knee Paddle by Icon Brands

The Jackboot Over the Knee Paddle by Icon Brands, is a wooden and rubber paddle made for light to heavy BDSM impact play. This paddle can be used for just a good firm spanking to consensual punishment and in between. Because of the design it is rather masculine looking, but any gender can use it. Though those with smaller hands may want to find a paddle with a thinner handle.

Though you do want to be careful, this paddle will leave marks! So always talk with your partner about how far you and they want to go before play. If you are not into leaving bruises you will want to look for a different toy, even when used as light as I could manage it still left some marks on my body. They where just very red marks when used lightly but when it was a hard hit, it left bruises.

Bottom, Side and Top view of Jackboot Paddle (Click for larger picture)

Bottom, Side and Top view of Jackboot Paddle (Click for larger picture)

The paddle is made to look like the underside of a rubber boot made to the measurements of a size 12, one side having the sole which is attached to a long plank of wood. The wood is very sturdy even if it seems on the slightly thin side. It really looks like someone took the sole of a shoe and glued it to the paddle. Which when being held just right looks very intimidating in your partners hands.

The paddle has a hole that has a loop for hanging the paddle from, it looks to be leather from what I could tell. The same leather seems to be used also on the handle of the paddle, but because there was no other packaging information other than a tag it gave me no indication as to what this part of the paddle was made of.


Size Comparison: Jackboot Over the Knee paddle on left, Slut Impression Paddle on Right

Length 47.6cm (18.75 inches)
Width 12.28cm (4.8 inches)

The boot side when you take it out of the package, does smell very heavily of rubber. Though I have found that it does die down after a bit of an airing out when you take it out of the simple packaging. But when you hold it up to your nose it will always have a faint smell to it.

Both the wooden and rubber side of this paddle are totally able to be used on your partner.

The wooden side like most wooden paddles gives a nice stinging sensation when used. But its the rubber side that really packs a wallop. The tread on the boot can and will leave marks on the skin. The rubber does make it far more thuddy then stingy to me when in use, like it is taking some of the impact. But even after a couple of good swats with that side you can see the skin getting nice and red. I bruise rather easily and it only took about 10 to really bring up some serious redness that turned into some lovely bruising later on. But having the dual sides allows you to switch things up without having to resort to another toy which is nice.

I found that the two sides are also wonderful for running over the body. The wooden side is very smooth and glides evenly over the body, while the rubber has a slight bit of obvious texture and drag to it. So it really allows you to not only to get impact play out of it, but you can really get a lot of good sensation play as well.

Close up of paddle texture.

Close up of paddle texture.

To take care of your paddle, you simply need to wipe it down with a damp cloth and hang it to dry. Or leave it in a place where it can dry fully before you store it so that nothing has a chance to grow. I am a little crazy about my cleaning so now and then I take a damp cotton swab in between all the grooves to make sure it’s totally clean personally.

For me this paddle was a hit (no pun intended, maybe.), as someone who not only enjoys spanking but who is totally like the harder the better this worked like a charm for me. It leaves just the right amount of marks on my body that I can feel it for a few days after. Not enough that it is painful but just enough that I can enjoy it. It leaves my backside looking like someone literally put a boot to my ass which when I see it in the mirror makes me smirk just a bit. Overall, I adore this paddle.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, I suggest checking it out at Uberkinky that was the only place I was able to find the Over the Knee version of the Jackboot.

Stockroom does have a slightly larger version of the Jackboot Paddle that is not the over the knee size, which while I have not tried out does match the look of the over the knee version it just about the length and width of a size 14 shoe instead.

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  1. Heaven says:

    Nice I need a boot in the ass LOL. I am glad you enjoyed this paddle. It is neat.

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